Tuesday, June 9, 2009

not sure what to put here...

Hey everyone, I missed you soo much!!!!! *huggs everyone* I'm sorry if I'm not as happy as I normally seem, being sacrificed does that to yah. I'd love to mesmerize and enthrall all of you with a tale of my time on the Other SIde, but I... can't. I don't know how much time passed, but after a while all at once everything was black, and I saw a shining figure. When I opened my eyes, I was on the moon again! Sonar was there too... and on our way back home, he explained everything to me, that the moon people sacrificed me and that he saved my life (thanks for that by the way, Sonar).
I wanted to tell you that, like Sonar, I am ending my blog. This will be my last post. I want to thank you all so much, but I can't go into all of that now or it will go on forever, so here's my message:
Everyone- Whether you end your blog or not, I want you to know that I love you like the family I never had and that I wish you success in all things. I won't wish you eternal happiness, because without dark, what is light? and those low points in your lives will teach you to value all that you have after them. I hope you regard me as a friend, and, if you don't, I accept that.
To each his own. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, my friends, and I want you to know that you didn't  change my life. You were my life, and still are. Don't stress about the big stuff, and let yourself find the magic in the little details, like the color of a flower or the music of a windy day. Every once in a while, take a second and breathe in the sweet air around you, feel the sunshine or the rain on your skin, and notice what it means to be alive. I could give you advice like this forever, but I only have one more thing to say:

Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway.

Storm X3

Ok, I lied. This is my last thing to say. This is a quote by John Monton, who writes 'Life's Challenges' in my blog list.

sometimes I wonder
why sunset is more 
colorful than sunrise

I guess it's an irony
of life.

"Sometimes, better
things could really
happen in saying


And there she stands. As tall and flowing as the day i met her.

I did it. I don't know how but i did. Yes, it finally happened. She has come back. Storm... is ... is ... alive. Its a great a wonderful sight to see her and yet, something is different, as if she knows she left, but that's ridiculous. The moon people were offended by us leaving yes, but we made it home fine. We are now back on earth, and have given up on basically everything.

i have changed the course of history, well on the moon anyway. the world seems like a darkened colder place to me now. Everyone is leaving, and death is not a sight i want to see again, and yet, i know i will, and it is something we wish upon each other(or other people) everyday.

I might say i wish people dead, but i really never mean it. and after this i never will.

So here I return Storm to her rightful place on this planet and blog, and i leave you all for this shall be my last post on all blogs. I will comment from time to time and i will pass the admin privileges to someone else for save the world... or i won't. My blogs will stay, but i will not. Good bye forever(or at least a while)


Sunday, May 17, 2009


An update on the whole save storm thing.....
So now it is time for a good news bad news moment.

Good news: i have finally been able to rewind time. the whole how i did it... not important

bad news: i need quite a bit more energy to be able to do it to the point i need to. but i have tricked the moon people into throwing me a feast.... so i will be able to get more energy and i will let you know when this actually worked


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Check out ... VERY IMPORTANT



Storm, as we all...........have known her.... is now...............................dead.

That festival, on the moon...... Her special ceremony, they sacrificed her to the god of all gods. Apparently, they believe that space represented the evil half of the universe, while time being opposite, was the good half, sort of like yin and yang.... so they destroyed the evil half in order to try and bring about the age of enlightenment, where they would all be transformed and be able to choose their own destinies, and finally be able to live in the light. She has now been sacrificed, and i am also trying to work on my time powers to rewind this horrible mess.

Fly on to the stars my friends,
ps. read this with a depressing mournful mood.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

message from storm (again)

Hi everyone! Happy Cinco de Mayo, National Teachers Day, and Children's Day (in Japan)!!!!! sorry i haven't been on much lately, one of my clubs in school is making me UBER-busy. Ok so i sent this post and the comments to storm on the moon via mah cell-phone and here's her response!!
HERRO EBERYONE!!!! I lubs yuuuu!!!! *hugglsnugglz eberyone repeatedly* 
ok so down to the comments:
riyu- even if i've never seen a pic of you, i know you will be beautiful no matter what your hair looks like!
cruz- ur welcome ^^ *hugglz back* and it's AWESOME! it's kinda like a kimono, and the tie around the waist is silver, with meteor-steel bells on the cuffs of the sleeves!
moonwolf- yeah it sounds amazing. well, it must be, we spent like forever on prepping for it! apparently there's going to be some big event at midnight, I can hardly wait! and i'm still so happy for you and cruz! i agree with anonymous there!
radar/saphire- lol i will! and STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR RAY!!! do you remember what happened last time?!
flying trapeze- grr! please be nice!
genera- i agree. BE NICE OR SHUT THE HECK UP!! oh wait that doesn't sound right...
flyersrule- um... o-k? and you felt the need to tell me (and everyone else) that... why? and just because he likes anime doesn't make him gay... stereotypes are kinda destroying the world like that... and, judging from the coven's and radar/saphire's reactions, i don't think you're a very nice person. please leave. if you continue to read this post, i will insult you.

flyersrule ONLY. not any of you NICE people.

that is all. lubs you all! i'd write a longer note, but i gotta go the festival, it's starting!!!
Storm X3

Sunday, April 5, 2009

message from storm a la neko-chan

hey everyone! thanks sooo much for your supanice comments on my poems!! i lubb you guys! *hugglz and hands out cookies*
ok so i got another message from storm, here it is (unabridged, so it's pretty long):
Hiiiii everyone!!!!! i missed you sooo much!!! i would have sent a message a long time ago, but i was uber-busy! the moon peeps are preparing a festival!! it's kinda weird because they're all pale and look kinda drained of color, and the only way they get their clothes is from this one kind of plant so they wear a kinda purplish-color, but now they're all wearing their ceremonial robes and they're red and now the easiest way to actually SEE them is from the color. but I get to wear BLUE!!! and i get to wear it ALL THE TIME!! (just another benefit of being a 'goddess'!)
the preparations for the festival are going great, apparently there's going to be a ritual that involves me! ok now for personal messages:
cruz- ZOMG i saw your picture!! you're soo pwetty!!!!! and neko-chan told me about you and moonwolf, i'm so happy for you!!! i lub you and miss you soo much!!! *hugglsnugglz*
moonwolf- u be nice to cruz!! if you make her sad i'll push you down a elevator shaft!! aside from that CONGRATS you have a great girlfriend!! (i would hugg you but i'll let cruz do that!)
balmung- WHERE THE HECK DID YOU GO!?!?! COME BAAAACCCKKKK!!!!! III MISSSS YOUUU!!!! u make me sad, balmung...
neko-chan- you already heard from me, but I LOVE YOUR POEMS!!!
the coven- i lub you guys and miss you soo much and tilla i lub your poems they make me want to hug you and echo PLEASE DON'T HAVE ANYMORE OREOS!!!!!
saphire/radar- um... where'd you go? ohwell, i miss you and you better come back soon!
riyu/soichiro/jess- good luck with jake! i miss you guys!!

ok i gotta go they need me to fit my ceremonial robes! (they're gonna be blue and have pieces of steel from meteors as ornaments! i feel so speshul...)
Storm X3

this is neko-chan and i love creed!!!

GO CREED!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

... i'm sorry...

hey everyone... it's neko-chan... 
so i guess i was right, that poem did stink.
i only have two more, so, if you want to see them, just keep reading.
if you don't want to read them (as i can understand), just stop here.

  she was...

in love

in love for the first time

she couldn’t keep her mind off of him

especially his eyes, bright aquamarine blue, her favorite color

the boy next door

she was...

afraid to confess

afraid of the awkwardness

that would follow rejection

of the inevitable confusion if he could ever accept her

they had too many memories shared

too much to lose 

they were too close

too close for love

and yet...


day by day, she changed

tried to be more noticeable

more kind, more interesting

more anything that would earn his approval

she straightened her hair

ignoring her own Linkin Park and Simple Plan style,

 she drowned herself in classic rock and jazz

remembering him mentioning in passing

that he liked them

she tried to be more outgoing

dedicated herself to finding out more

more about him, his likes

and committing them to memory

bright jewels against her uniform gray surroundings

she made it her mission

to talk to him everyday

at least once

she planned out conversations

that would never happen

a year passed, uneventful,

yet highly colored, charged with meetings and words exchanged

she became a junior, and he,

a year ahead, 

became a senior

time, running out, became more precious

she tried harder and harder to be remembered

at the end of the school year, she tried to tell him

tell him what he meant to her

what he had always meant to her

too late

the bus came to take them home

she wouldn’t see him again

Linkin Park’s ‘Faint’ reverberating in her head

she smiled, tears making her eyes shine

and followed him

her life was a soap opera

not even one of those good ones with actual story lines

just some cheesy, probably spanish soap opera

watched by housewives and mocked by everyone else in the world

she can just picture the opening scene:

it would be a soft fade in, of a girl sitting forlornly at the kitchen table

dispiritedly shuffling through stacks of letters addressed to her

all from colleges, all simple templates with her name edited in

the girl takes a bite of her green apple and adjusts her ipod

turning the music loud enough to drown out the rest of the world

a door bangs open, her younger brother arrives

blue eyes scowl at her from under a curly mop of blonde hair

wrinkling her nose at him, the girl looks through the mail again

there’s one more thing for her, a pink envelope for an all-girl’s college

and it’s in Colorado she remarks to herself

it wouldn’t be so bad to get away from everything, especially her family

she sighs and gets up, throwing the rejected envelopes into the fireplace on her way upstairs

suddenly, her ipod died, her favorite song shutting off abruptly

cursing under her breath, she continues up the stairs to her room

closing the door behind her, she opens her window and steps out, standing on the roof below

moving so as to be hidden from anyone not looking specifically for her

the girl closes her eyes and basks in the warm sunlight, singing to herself softly

the song ends, and she lays down and curls up

allowing the gentle wind to caress her, she slowly, softly falls asleep

only to be startled back into reality by a screeching voice

“Katherine! Get down here!”

the girl sighs again, getting up and stretching

going back through her window and downstairs

only to be faded out again

ok, so maybe it wasn’t that bad, but still

she tried to list the soap opera-ish characteristics of her life

and lost count, running out of paper

disgustedly, she threw the paper into the fire, watching it turn from gray graphite to black ash

the most important things were:

her mother hates her

her brother thinks she’s a ticking time bomb and tries constantly to set her off

her father thinks she’s in love with someone she’s not

her friends keep trying to pair her with different people, senseless combinations

one friend insists that she is going to find her a prom date

the other was asked to prom by someone the girl almost had a crush on

two of her best friends were going out, and everyone knew

she might be asked to prom by a girl simply to ‘protect’ that girl from a couple

her grades were dropping

her brother was failing english, and her parents were taking it out on her

and, perhaps worst of all

she found out that the boy she loved had a girlfriend

and that he thought of her as nothing more than a friend, if even that

and, she added, feeling her stomach

her mother might have poisoned her smoothie, the only thing she ate that day in an attempt to lose weight

she sighs and lays down on her bed, letting her imagination carry her away

disjointed scenes, predominantly red and black, flickered across the back of her eyelids

drifting to sleep, her wild, macabre, sadistic, merciless imagination formed a cohesive dream

it was of her suicide

eyes still red and puffy from crying herself to sleep one too many times

the girl knelt in front of her window and gazed up at the full moon

she shed one tear, then softly, lovingly, ran the knife blade over her left wrist

she was found with an ethereal smile on her face

and no one cried at her funeral...

Monday, March 9, 2009

thanks so much.... you guy's are too nice!!!!!! *hugs everyone*

ok, so either my poetry's so good (*looks disbelieving*) or you guys are so nice as to encourage me. i'm posting another poem. here it is:

Laying on my living room floor

Elbows on a pillow


Ipod in my ears, tapping my feet to the music

Home alone

Stretched in front of the fireplace

Doing my english homework

Question 2: What power does love have?

‘Viva la Vida’ in my head

I think

Think about my experience with love

Or lack of, that is

6:59 and I have an answer

Put my dull pencil to the paper’s creamy face

Ready to write, spread graphite in a pattern of my choice

and I wrote:

Love can...

make people happy beyond anything else

 break their hearts

rock someone’s world

bring it crashing down around them

bring out the best in people

the worst in others

bring comfort in any situation

inspire confidence

enthuse worry, fear

open the doors to joy and pain


But beyond anything else

Love changes...

7:45 and I’m on the last question

‘The End’ blasting in my ears, I look down and read

Question 10: Can a person ever escape their past?

Oh Mrs. Gambrill... 

i wrote this in like five minutes because i was bored and didn't want to do my homework... so it's not as good as my others...


Neko-chan X3

Thursday, March 5, 2009

a poem by neko-chan. please be nice.

hi everyone! i have one of my poems i promised to show you people, but i don't think it's very good, so please be nice! >.<  ok here it is:
She looked through the glass

Studying the person who stared back at her

She blinked owlishly, cocking her head in perplexity

This girl had changed, changed almost too much to recognize

Gone were the colorful t-shirts, the well-worn sneakers

Gone was the slightly frizzy brown hair

just long enough to put in a ponytail

All gone...

In their places were candy-colored sweaters, designer skinny jeans

Shoulder-length, straight blonde hair framed a face

whose freckles were neatly concealed by foundation

Gone was the tattered black backpack, in its place a pink purse

She looked through the glass

Remembering seeing the girl before

Sitting in the lunchroom, laughing with her friends

Crying alone, the ‘friends’ nowhere in sight

Smiling bravely, striding out to meet the world

Laughing in the arms of one boy one night

Smiling and snuggling close to another the next


She remembered...

Seeing the girl before she changed

Smiling, happy to be with her one best friend

Her one true friend

Reaching out, crying, when that friend was gone

She saw

The glimmery pink lipgloss, the tight pink sweater

denim miniskirt, black leggings and Uggs

Bag carefully carelessly over one shoulder

A tear left the girl’s eye

For what was lost, what would never be

She saw one on the other girl’s face too

And realized

The glass was a mirror...

i'll probably post another soon... i have like three

Saturday, February 28, 2009

um... it's neko-chan. sorry...

hi everyone! i need your help! no cruz it's not to save storm! PUT THE GUN DOWN!!!!!! no don't hit the big red button! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
----a few minutes later----
sorry about that. storm's completely fine, she sends me emails like every day. the only bad thing that happened is someone asked her to find the time god...
ok so enough about storm!
wait that sounded mean... i'm sorry, what i mean is; I assure you that Storm is ok, but can we please get back to the topic at hand?
i'm commissioning you people. i know you're all creative (most of you have blogs, no?) and you most likely read at least a bit (if you have time. those with jobs are excused). well, i need help. i'm writing a mini-story, and i can't for the life of me think of a name for one of my characters. he's about seventeen, an albino, and oh yeah he's also a vampire. he's pretty sadistic and mean, but he has a good heart if you can force it out of him. oh i almost forgot, he's also prince of a kingdom that's a rival to my main characters right now. he's not nice to them and steals... important things... from them to either use as a hostage or to gain power over them (i know they're both practically the same, but i haven't decided yet). the time period's pretty old, like...ummm.... harry potter? like the muggle world's all modern and stuff, but they're still using torches and fires to cook on. my main character was in the modern world (probably england, if that helps you with the names), but she got abducted by this other vampire and now instead of cell phones and ipods it's all 'have the servants entertain you' and tourneys!
thanks so much, i don't know what i would do without you people!

oh, and storm says hi!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ok MY ADVENTURES!!!!!!!!!!

hi everyone!!!!! *waves wildly* 
hi echo and radar and sonar and silence and cruz and balmung and riyu and jess and soichiro and EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!! XDD
heee, but before i tell you everyone has to say 'teh moon!' ok, now everyone: Teh! Moon!! isn't it awesome-sounding? yup, it is.
so my moon adventures:
they sent me up on the shuttle. it was smallish and smelled funny. like... new car smell without all the plastic and like twice the metal. but i gotta tell you, null-g is AWESOME. i did the thing with the coke (except i only drink clear soda so it was sprite) and it formed into perfect little globes! then they started ORBITING around me!!!!! I HAD GLOBES OF SODA ORBITING AROUND MY HEAD!!!!!!! it was awesome.
then i got to the moon and GUESS WHAT i didn't need a space suit! all i needed was this pill that i took and that transported oxygen directly to my bloodstream, so i didn't need to breathe! those scientists ARE good for something, after all..... ooh and GUESS WHAT ELSE?! there IS life on the moon! there are three different types (only three. well, three animal-like things and then like ten or twenty different plantae-thingamabobs.). the lowest form is about the size of a large dog and a quadruped. they reminded me of cows, herbivorous and rather dull, but sweet. they have browny-purplish short fur, and no horns. but they have clove feet, like goats! they ate most of the various species of plants i saw. ooh, then there's a second form of life, they're like orangutans! they're about four feet tall, and look like thinner versions of the orangutans you see on earth, except they have shorter, coppery-colored fur. ooh, and they have WINGS! their wings are battish and a little too small to work for their bodies, but they're coooollll. they eat the cow-things and a couple plants, but they're mostly carnivores. they also take care of the cow-things and do a lot of other stuff, like for the last kind of life i'm going to tell you about next. they're like humans! well, they're a little taller then most humans, i think the shortest is like five foot four. they're also built... well, for lack of a better word, longer. they have longer limbs in relation to their body. ooh, and they have wings too!! they have feathery wings, like me and the rest of the avians!! but you know what's weird? they all have blonde hair, blue eyes, and white wings. hee, they kinda look like what you think angels would look like! their language is kinda weird too, it sounds like a mixture of french and chinese, with a little italian mixed in. they use a different language than the orangutans, but they seem like they communicate between themselves. the humanoids are a lot less numerous than the orangutans, there's like twenty orangutans for each humanoid (so that means about two hundred humanoids).
they're nice! and yeah guess what else. THEY THINK I'M A FRIKIN GODDESS TOO!! (see one of my older posts). see like the first day or two i was on the moon i got bored and started converging a bunch of the ice around me (there's a lot of ice in space) and melted it, then formed clouds and made a mini-rainstorm. they thought it was some 'divine' thing that i, their 'supreme goddess' had come to do. they're calling me either 'Goddess', 'Lasheetana (lah-shee-tah-nuh)', who i've gathered is the name of their chief goddess, or 'Aishutaratsu (eye-shoot-ah-raht-tsu)', the goddess that apparently 'worked with the god of time to create the universe'. i wonder who the time god is.... ok well i've pretty much exhausted this subject. i'm gonna be going... 
see yah!!!!
Storm X3

Saturday, February 14, 2009

sorry this is right after my other post... and its kinda depressing....

Well, so it comes again. Just as Christmas is for family and New Years is for friends, the day for lovers has come. February 14th. St. Valentine’s Day. Its times like this, with the spring blossoms in full bloom and sweet winds blowing, that my greatest insecurity comes out. Radar has Silence, and Echo and Sonar have each other. Who is for me? I have...no one. Well, I have the best friends ever (do I even have to say it?), but while that may be enough for some people, and was enough for me for a long time, I need someone to share things with too. Those precious memories, the ones that you guys will cherish forever, I have yet to experience. Even the simple pleasure of a touch of the hands, the sing of emotions when your eyes meet, the knowledge that all of your feelings are returned; these are denied me...

WANTED: Single guy. Preferably tall. Willing for a long-term relationship. Must love animals and be tolerant of wind, rain, and occasional lightning strikes. Patience necessary. Helps to love music, the outdoors, and traveling and have a knack for languages. SEA/AIRSICKNESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. oh, and preferably be at least 2% bird. any kind. including erasers. if they’re nice.

Friday, February 13, 2009


(if you can't tell, this is Storm)
HIII!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you all soooooo much!!!!!!! *super-hugglsnugglz for eberyone* wwwooooowwww i have a lot to tell you people, but i'm kinda.... pressed for time right now. i'll talkk later!!
lub and cookies for everyone!!
Storm X3

PS- awesome poem neko-chan!! i know i talked to you on the phone like ten minutes ago, but i still wanted to put something on here!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

neko-chan's back!

hi everyone! sorry i was gone so long! ok i didn't get any notes from storm, but i wrote a poem, will everyone give me their opinions on it? here it is: 
what are people made of?

are they flexible, maleable, like clay?

or hard, set in their shape, like stone?

is it a combination?

are they like steel?

strong, but able to change, flex

if enough pressure is applied

able to change completely with enough heat

are they like wood?

less strong than steel, but more flexible

but able to crush if there is too much pressure

and burn with too much heat

are they gold?

precious, rare

but soft, maleable

easily changed by other metals

 what about cloth?

strong when pulled, made of different fibers

twisted and woven together for strength

able to change shape but still retain its identity

do people change with age?

like grapes, vibrant and sweet in their youth

but with enough time allowed

change to wine

depending on their conditions

is people’s material different?

does it differ completely, or 

is it a different cut on the same gem?

different materials have different properties

different strengths, different flexibilities

just like people

what are you?

Thanks so much!!!

Neko-chan X3