Sunday, December 28, 2008


I posted on Sonar's blog too but That was just a rambling rant thingamagig...which I don't think I could repeat on your blog. So I won't.

I just wanted to say HIIIII EVERYONE. Just stopped over here to say hello and Thank you for the carmel shortie pie thingy and the beautiful note/poemthingy. I loved BOTH. How much you wanna bet Sonar's carmel shortie is gone now? I still have half of mine. (It's called Self control) Lol

LOVE YOU STORM!!!Thanks again

THE IS ECHO by the way


Thursday, December 25, 2008


sorry, my combination of Chanukah (i spell it the right way), Kwanzaa, and Christmas.
Neko-chan: dvds (Mamma Mia and Prince Caspian)
Radar: a plushie loon from cabellas!!
Sonar: the world's first ever caramel-shortie-mini-pie!
Echo: the world's second ever caramel-shortie-mini-pie! and a note-poem thingy.
Silence: sedatives. in the form of cookies. just in case...
Jewel: GIANT RABBIT PLUSHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Riyu, Jess, Soichiro, Cruz and Balmung: i'm sorry, but i have nothing for you but my cybercookies and hugglsnugglz. but i do lub you guys *gives stacks of cyber-caramel-shorties with bows on them and best hugglsnugglz i can*

plushie bear and blue snail keychain (plus candy-canes and a beautiful card) from Echo and the Coven
heart pendant and 'dream' stone from Radar
hugs from Jewel
cookie from Sonar (by the way, usually chocochip+icing is nasty, but it was surprisingly good! and that was intended as a compliment...)
a coupon for one hug from Silence (i photocopied it just to annoy him)
pair of awesome stereo headphones from Neko-chan
and one of the best things ever from everyone that reads this; your friendship.
I am truly grateful for all of the love I receive from all of you. I don't know what I did to deserve such great friends as you, but I honestly don't know what I would do without you, your support and understanding, your humor and your kindness. I wish I could repay you for what you give me, but I can only repeat what I say so often, the words "I love all of you." And I do. I know very little of your personal information, and yet I feel like I have known you forever. Your joys, your sorrows, the daily goings-on in your life, I cherish hearing about them every time I read here. Funnily enough, I think I know more about all of you than I know about what my friends at school do daily. Tis the season for nostalgia, and I've come down with it. In this season of corporate greed, this holiday of receiving and materialism, I wanted to tell you that you are all stars in my darkness, lights not to show me the way, but to illuminate my path and show me how truly beautiful is. I wanted you to all know how much I cherish you, and that I think about you everyday. Whether we live in the same city, or even in the same country, our friendships just show how similar we are, but also how different. Embrace your uniqueness and spread your own wings, I know they're the most beautiful in the world.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

>.> <.< YAH!!!!! *slaps random person in back of head with fish*

Hi people!!!! ok this was GOING to be a short post because i'm technically breaking and entering someone's house and stealing their internet, but they're in bermuda for christmas anyway and they can afford it. So Cruz tagged me and i have to post these rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Blogger s that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their 8 things.
4. At the end of your blog,you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don't forget to leave them a comment,telling them that they've been tagged and to read your blog

Ok so my random facts:
1: I can NOT make jewelry. seriously, today i tried to make earrings and bracelets for people, and all i could make were the earrings! and i think i'm only good at that because it involves both pliers AND wire cutters... i like tools.
2: I WENT TO CABELLA'S YESTERDAY!!!!!! and i'm also not sure if i spelled that right... but yeah. i got; fishing line (handy for tripwire-i-mean-bracelets), some random fishing lures that looked cool and were cheap enough to buy them for their coolness, a pair of under-armor-ish gloves, Radar's christmas present (which i'm NOT telling), and a clasp knife. don't worry, it has a lock so it won't fold while i'm using it!!! very safe, i assure you...
3: i've NEVER killed someone. intentionally. no seriously, i've come close, but i've never killed or grievously injured someone on purpose. although i read in a book that by the time you die your actions either directly or indirectly killed five people...
4: ok since Cruz put something about love here i'm going to as well. i've been in love. once.
5: i took a quiz on some random website and it said my IQ was at genius level. like 170 or something...
6: i'm still not sure what college i'd like to go to or what i'm majoring in specifically. i'd like to do something in biology, though...
7: i don't like cream soda. stop laughing!!! i swear! neko-chan invited me over for pizza at her house once and her stupid brother shoved an orange cream soda in my face and it was in a bottle so i thought 'can't be that bad' and took a sip. I THREW UP!
and finally numbah 8: as sad as it is, not counting neko-chan, the flock, and my friends i stand at the bus-loading place with, you people are the only ones i talk too. i don't talk in class at all, and i think most of my classmates think i'm a mute. i just sit there and pay attention. maybe that's how i ace the tests...
so yeah. I TAG: Balmung, NOT Cruz (since you already did it!), Riyu, Jess, Soichiro, Echo, Radar, Sonar, and Silence!! HA!!!!!! (oh, and the slap-with-fish thing is something i got from deviantart. that's how they tag people.)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Neko-chan's first post!!!

Hi everyone!!!! Storm's not here at the moment, she would like me to take her messages and relay them to her. As to her whereabouts at the present time, all I will say is that she is in a city at the moment. Earning money for christmas shopping. Whether legally or not is up to your imagination. So yeah she also wants me to ask what YOU PEOPLE want for Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza/any other celebration you can think of presents! So comment with your gift requests! (and she also wanted me to tell you that anyone who doesn't say what they want will get a SURPRISE present!)
Oh and pertaining to the poll, congratulations to the people who said 'mahn-guh' because that's how you're SUPPOSED to say it!!! Yay you!!! *hands out cybercookies to correct people* oh fine... *hands out cybercookies to EVERYONE*
ok my parents still don't know about Storm's blog (they just think she's a normal, lovable girl who happens to have parents with really good jobs that are out of town a lot and let her do whatever she wants) and they're looking at me strangely. Maybe I should turn the music on my laptop down... nah, Simple Plan's supposed to be loud... especially Take My Hand. It sounds so much better when its blasting your ears out!
ok buh-BYE!!!! *hugglsnugglz for everyone times two!* (one from me, one from Storm)!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

hmmm... what to post...

ok so Radar did a 'flock' version of Jingle bells, so i'm thinking of one for myself... (its to 'oh holy night')

oh holy crap,
Radar has sugar!
and Storm just got
a bunch of dynamite.

run Sonar run,
and take Echo with you!
the world's end
this night will surely come.

faaaall on your knees!
oh Cruz! don't hit the but-ton!
oh gawd!
put down 
the grenade gun!!!!!

ok so there it was!!! i hope you liked it!!!!!!
on a completely different note, my latest obsession (other than manga, music, and baking christmas/holiday cookies) has been making cocktails. i read this like 10 chapter manga on onemanga called 'Bartender' and now i'm OBSESSED! i mean, SERIOUSLY! its like 'chemistry at work'!! even the difference between aerating the drink with a shaker versus a blender makes a distinction in the taste! (just to clarify for the more impressionable people reading this blog; i do not drink, and neither do i support underage drinking. i make cocktails for OTHER people to drink, and make NONALCOHOLIC drinks for myself.) i prefer the shaker myself, the blender seems a bit like cheating... but i do use the blender if i have to.
ok my rice (for my dinner)'s boiling, so GTG PEEPS!!!
*hugglsnugglz for eberyone that wants them*

Friday, December 12, 2008


ok Sonar said that i had to make a post and then i can get i virtu-pet. so HERE I AM!!! of course, i'm also posting so i can talk to YOU PEOPLES!! *hugglz eberyone*
I MISSED YOU EBERYONE!!! *hugglsnugglz again*
ok so neko-chan MIGHT be getting a blog IF she can convince her parents. and she's staying over tonight, so i'm going to turn the post over to her:

HIIII EVERYONE!!!!!! i like colors... ooh, i do too!! Sto-orm, you said this was MY time!!! okok!! i'll get away now!!! stop whining! *sniff* do you really mean that? no, of course i dont *hugglz*
ok so not its ONLY neko-chan. i like... well, basically everything. except sarcasm. and conceited people. (SONAR). ok so yeah. i have the same classes as Storm, including envirothon. although she's INFINITELY more athletic than i am. and that's disregarding her ninja-skills. yeah... she's trying to teach me some, but i... fail epically. well, not EPICALLY, but i'm not good. but i CAN speak three languages and break any code or lock you throw at me! (well, that's AFTER i throw it back at you... but yeah.) 
ok STORM'S BACK! aaaannndddd


Oh, and we just went on Cruz's blog and found out our fairy names!!!
Your fairy is called Hex Goblinfly
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in places hexed and tainted by black magic.
She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears black feathers and rose petals. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.


Your fairy is called Feather Snowshimmer
She is a cleansing force and a peace-bringer.
She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth.
She is only seen when the first flowers begin to blossom.
She wears pale blue like the sky. She has delicate pale blue wings like a cicada.

ok i can understand about neko-chan... but me? seriously? 'peace-bringer'? i'd think more 'chaos-bringer' myself... but yeah I LIKE BLUE!!!

and noowwww (drumroll please!!! *neko-chan throws drum down stairs*) OUR WOLF NAMES!!!
Neko-chan's real name: Silver Wind
Neko-chan as Neko-chan: Moonsong
Storm: Storm
how cliche...
ok, BUH BYES!!!!!!! *hugglsnugglz from both*

Sunday, December 7, 2008

hee hee... i lubs mangaaaaaaa....

manga is niiiicccceeeeee......... oh, sorry. i went to a bookstore with my friend yesterday and since it was closing i got AMAZING PRICES ON EBERYTHING!!!!!!! i got like twenty books... and i'm about halfway done them... of course like ten of them are manga and i can read one manga book in one hour... actually i timed myself once and i read volume 9 of fruits basket in 57 minutes 13 seconds. exactly. i was boooorrrreeedddddd. and volume 9's my favorite one. but now i'm not bored!! because i have BOOKS!!!! i have this ubercute one called 'Ion' and i just finished it like five minutes ago!!! its about this chick with latent psychic powers who has a crush on this guy that's researching psychic powers because he REALLY looks up to this TV superhero 'psychic man'!!! and then... stuff happens. but i am not telling!!! go onto and READ IT!!! its a bit of a chick series, but its UBERCUTE!!!! and Sonar read twilight anyway... its no worse than that. actually, its about the same level... yeah.
ooh, and i'm ALSO reading this really good series called 'dragon knights'. i am happy. but i am also sad. i thought it would be a short series so i got volumes 1-3, but then i saw another one and it was volume TWENTY-SIX!!!!!! and they're like ten bucks apeice so probably no dragon knights for me... i'll read it online somewhere. ooh, i'm reading this OTHER series online, called skip beat!!! i think i talked about it in another post a while ago, but i'm going to say this again; READ IT!!! its up to chapt 130 now!!!!!!!!! wooootttt!!!!! ooh, i'm reading this OTHER series online (yes i'm reading a lot of manga online. last time i counted it was like 5 or 6 series.) called 'eyeshield 21'. its pretty neutral girl-boy wise, so i recommend it to EBERYONE!!! although it IS about football, so i think guys might enjoy it a leetle more than girls... but i for one like to see people (be it guys or girls) beat the stuffing out of eachother under the guise of a 'sport' so i LUB IT!!!!! and i lub all the characters... but HIRUMA IS MINE!!! MINE I TELL YOU!!!! MIIIIINNNNEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
ok fangirl rant OBER!! yeah neko-chan stole my manga that i just read... T.T   oh well. she lubs manga just as much as i do. in fact, i think she might be online reading E21 right now... one sec *pulls out cell phone and calls neko-chan* she IS online!!!! ok, she'll be the FIRST COMMENT on this post (she already knows about the bird-freak thing. i... accidently almost pushed her out a window and saved her and she saw and wouldn't buy any of the 'hallucination,' 'fallen angel,' or 'dream' stories. my neko-chan's so smart!!)
ok GTG!!!!!!
LUB FOR ALL!!! *hugglsnugglz eberyone*

Thursday, December 4, 2008

yo internet-peoples

hi peoples! i'm actually kinda tired right now... but yeah. Sonar yelled at me today for not bringing caramel shorties to envirothon. meanie... oh well. at least he's not calling me a traitor anymore. ok, so i have this human friend who wants to make a blog for herself, but her parents won't let her! how unfair is that? but yeah, i'm trying to convince her to make one. she and i are like exactly the same; we have the same randomness quality and everything! we think we have this whole elaborate story involving our past lives and everything which she will put on her blog when she gets one. so yeah. we even have the exact same schedule at school! how strange is that? the only really big difference is i'm a birdfreak and she isn't. but sometimes i swear she's my clone. really. i do. she even makes caramel shorties too! (for internet purposes, i'll call her neko-chan, that's her nickname anyway.) mm hmm. so that's all about her i'm going to post, i'm going to respond to comments on my last post and posts on other people's blogs:
Silence: wow. you're like a calmer version of Radar! (i mean with the whole point-of-view thing). not taking sides or anything, she does feel neglected. but Echo does seem just a little frazzled. ok response over!
Cruz: yaaaayyyy i rock!!! you rock too Cruz!!!! \m/ >_< \m/ (and yes i stole your emoticon. you can have it back now!) *huggle*
Balmung!: COCONUTS!!!!!!!!! the sparrows could grip them by the husks!! not european swallows of course, maybe those big african swallows. although they ARE non-migratory. or are they? i'll have to ask birdman. anyway as Cruz said YOU ROCK!!!! *snuggle*
Echo: tongue-twisters rock too!!! peterpiperpickedapeckofpickledpeppers!!!!!! purplesmileyworm!!!!!!! hahahahahahah *falls on floor laughing uncontrolably*. sorry. i have sugar!
Lilac: yaaay!!! Tilla's not antisocial!!!!
Tilla: yaaay!!! You're not antisocial!!!!
ok i'll stop annoying you now *hugs Celadae*. sorry, you're just so huggable and sweet!!! but not pluffy-feathery like Echo is according to Lilac. YAY FEATHERIES!!!!!
ok byebyes!!!!!!
lub for eberyone!!! *hugglsnugglz* and yes 'hugglsnugglz' is my new word. no stealing without credit to moi, s'il te plait!!!
comment? je suis parle en francais!! non, anglais, ne te departe pas!!!!!! je te dois!!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


NONSENSE!! they could be carried!
hi eberyone! i lubs u!!! *hugglz eberyone* sorry i'm in a really huggy mood today... and a really lolstormspeak mood too (lolspeak, teh language of teh intertubes!) yesh, lolstormspeak= lolspeak storm style!
awwww balmung. ur bak! *hugglz speshul* lub u balmung... ^^ and NO SUCH THING AS PIE OVERLOAD!!! pie gud. bery gud!
cruz- lub new format! yesh there's enough pink! 
COMMENT WHAT U WANT FROM JAPAN!!!! i is already getting balmung a robot!
m'kay gtg (still have ebil homeworks)
lubs u all!! *hugglsnugglz*

Thursday, November 27, 2008

succumbing to peer pressure and saying What I'm Thankful For:

I am thankful for books to let me escape reality
I am thankful for music to connect people together
I am thankful for Skillet for writing Comatose which is currently entertaining me
I am thankful for Bon Jovi for writing You Give Love a Bad Name which I am currently obsessed with.
I am thankful for Caramell for writing Caramelldansen which I am also obsessed with
I am thankful for Blogger for letting me get my thoughts out
I am thankful for ALL CHOCOLATE (which i stole from echo but i don't think she'll mind. chocolate is awesome.)
I am thankful for Radar for leading the flock
I am thankful for Silence for keeping her under control
I am thankful for Jewel for reminding me that innocence exists
I am thankful for Echo for giving me insight
I am thankful for Sonar for giving me an excuse to bake
I am thankful for Cruz for being my friend even though we practically live in different worlds
I am thankful for GUNPOWDER!!!! and the beautiful explosions it creates....
I am thankful for Balmung for being my first internet friend
I am thankful for Balmung's ball of string for making me smile no matter what
I am thankful for Riyu and her wonderful story for re-connecting me to normal life
I am thankful for Jess for finally understanding (and for offering to be my homecoming date)
I am thankful for Soichiro for making Riyu and Jess remember they're still young
I am thankful for Catch and the Misfits for always making me laugh when I read your comments
I am thankful for everyone else that reads my blog for taking the time to think of me
I am thankful for for letting me read all the lyrics to songs I like
I am thankful for Hayatebune for doing an awesome rock cover of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme and becoming my fave band
I am thankful for modern technology in general for connecting people together
I am thankful for cardinals for cheering people up when they see them
I am thankful for the people on Save the World for caring
I am thankful for Groove Coverage for doing an awesome remix of Poison
I am thankful for Fright Rangers for making an awesome song
I am thankful for the world in general for making living fun
I am thankful for my powers and wings to protect myself and others
and strangely enough, I am thankful for the scientists and the school, for letting me meet all of you!

*sentimentality at max setting*
I love everyone, all you people *hugglz*
and yes Sonar I did get the 'hint hint' and I did make some caramel shorties. Here *passes out among EVERYONE, slapping Sonar's hand when he tries to take six* ONE AT A TIME!!!!!
>.<  ^.^ ok I have to go, I have a wonderful chocolately souffle in the oven and it just went off! (I'm making JUST DESSERTS for my thanksgiving dinner, and I'm thinking about selling them off a card table in the lobby of a five-star hotel. think that would go over well? well anyway I'm hitchhiking to New York anyway. just because it sounds fun.)
Catch: you lead an AWESOME flock/group thing. and you make me smile ^^
Cain: you really calm the group down, and that's NOT an easy thing to do. ROCK ON!!
Ozzie/Heart: you don't appear much, but when you do, you're EASILY the sweetest things on the internet!
Jinx: your baking is AWESOME! and your generosity makes it even better
Erin: you totally rock the bad-boy thing. jinx is lucky to have you!
and last but not least SHADOW!!: shadow-shadey-shadshad-shadcat-meow!!! lub the snugglz and the yarn-play!!! 
*hugglsnugglz u all*

Monday, November 24, 2008

HI PEOPLES!!! sorry about the lack-of-posts thing!

HIIII!!!!!!! i'm SOO SOOORRRYYY about not posting!!! *hugs everyone and gives them cybercupcake with a sorry-face on it* all better? so yeah. RADAR SAVED ME ON SATURDAY!!!!!! she visited me when i was working and i dropped like A WHOLE tray of stuff and she helped me pick all the stuff up and put it away!! then after work i went to her house and we had fun! we listened to 'caramelldansen' like five times and did the dance!!! oh echo, i really like the music-thing! wooow, you like a lot of music. i really like the hyper one, what's it called... nope, just forgot. but it's by 'fight rangers' or something like that. the one before 'poison'!! yeah. 
BALMUNG!!!! HIIIIII!!!! wow. nerd-cult!!! ooh cult. wicked-cult! twilight-cult? yes. more like robert-pattinson-cult though... i like jasper better anyway. well, atleast in the book. yeah. HII CRUZ!!! *runs over and hugs* RIYU!!! *runs over and hugs again, trying to steal next chapter of story out of pocket* dang. its not there. oh well! YAY JESS AND SOICHIRO!!!!! *runs over AGAIN and hugs them* jess! you're not acting like a jerk anymore!!!!
O.O GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! *everyone: what storm?* I'M GONNA- try and remember what i was going to say. one sec!
*sits down on floor and meditates* oooooommmmmmmm 
i got it!!! ok GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! *everyone again: what storm?* I'M GOING TO JAPAN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! and legitimately this time!!! i'm going for a school trip! we're going for three-and-a-half weeks! and three of those weeks i'm gonna be with a host family!!!!!! i hope they're nice... i can just see me getting this uber-orthodox japanese family that would make me sit the proper way and speak japanese and wear kimonos and do tea ceremonies and stuff. although i really have no problem with that stuff... but yeah. i can see me getting a family like that and my friend-whos-also-going getting a family that's really westernized and lets her wear jeans and stuff. but yeah we're going to attend a japanese highschool and everything! i'm REALLLY excited!!! hmm... should i act all newbie-tourist or should i actually show my knowledge of the culture... or should i be all ninja-Storm or be all uber-japanese myself?! so many choices... what do you people think?
so yeah. i want cereal...

Monday, November 17, 2008

MORE responses!

Radar: oh NOES!! Leggy is wet!! hee, dry him off a NEW way!!! i'll let you think...
Cruz: don't worry, i won't. unless he kicks me. but i would probably wait until the fall is only ten-twenty feet. heck, he's a vampire, he can handle it!
Catch and everyone: they are BOTH hot. but personally, i prefer people i can actually get within TEN FEET OF without having bodyguards all over me.
Balmung: ur welcome! ^^   but NEVER DISAPPEAR AGAIN!!! ok all better! *hugs again*
Jess: YOU FINALLY CARE!!! thank you! and yes, you WERE stupid and acting childish and immature, but you're forgiven. ^^ (at least, by ME you are... by riyu, not so sure...) *attempts to hug space where thinks jess is*
Riyu: NOOOO!!!!!!!! RIYU COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone, its RIYU that's missing this time!!! if she doesn't show up by this time tomorrow, we're organizing a search party! everyone that wants to help, sign up!! *stands straight and salutes, placing sign-up sheet on nearby table*
ok so yeah, that's my comment-response. oh wait! there's one more!
Jinx: you and erin are so KAWAII together!!! (hee, she called him 'batty'!! does that mean you think he's crazy, jinx?)
ok there it is. oh wait HERE'S ANOTHER ONE!!!
Shadow: shadowshadshad!!! *snugglz, then gives cybertunacookie* new recipe!! how do you like it?
oh and balmung, um... *looks down ashamedly, then brings ball of yarn out from behind back and holds out* g-goodbye... old friend. ...i knew ye well... *sniff*
Echo: echo no splode? yaaay!!! 8D (thanx for letting me borrow the emocon, shad! *hands cybertunamuffin*)

ok nevermind riyu's fine. we dun need a search party. although that was a good idea... and we have so many people signed up too! *looks at paper* *reads: storm... storm... and storm* wow i didn't know there were that many storms! but yeah! we needs someone ELSE to rescue! (how 'bout peach? sorry youtube vid quote.) ideas and sign-ups STILL BEING ACCEPTED!!!
*hugs everyone. including jess because he finally realized how he was acting*
*goes back and hugs everyone again* 
i luv you guys... ^.^

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Response to Comments: (in order the comments appeared)

hi people! BALMUNG YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!! *starts crying in joy, then runs over and hugs tightly*
Riyu: *hugs* are you feeling any better? you seem happier... *skips over to jinx's comment, then skips back and gives Riyu a cybermuffin*
Soichiro: 'NOTHER HUG!!!! *glomps*
Jess: get over it... you deserve everything you got.
Radar: indeed. i like them (howl's moving castle and spirited away) better too. i love all miyazaki movies, though. i have: Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Howl's Moving Castle, and of course Spirited Away!!! *sigh* i love them all so much... and another anime movie i have, called 'Escaflowne'. its REALLY good.
Balmung: *pulls out of hug* *sniff* YOU BETTER NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!!!! you made me worry so much!!!!! *smacks in back of head, then hugs even tighter*
Echo: glad you're feeling (physically) better. remember!: smacking your head against a wall does NOTHING. and hurts a perfectly good wall that you may need someday. (emergency exit, anyone?)
Catch and Misfits: I WANNA HIGH-FIVE TOO!!!!!!! i lubs howl!!
Erin: i agree. *glares in suspected direction of ALMOST homecoming date*
Cain: you seem sleepy... heehee. PERK UP!! LIKE SHADOW!! *looks at shadow rolling on ball of yarn* ok, maybe not THAT much... but don't fall asleep on my blog! i dunno how much it can hold!
Catch/Shadow: *steals balmung's ball of yarn* *transforms and starts playing with it with you guys* XD
Catch: yup! well, at least I do. i have a leetle christmas tree in a pot, and i decorate it with popcorn and peanuts and crasins all strung up! (what? eco-friendly!) and of course i hang lights from every surface known to man outside my apartment. 
i dunno. i like the 'cold' smell. you know, like how it smells when there's snow on the ground and even more is falling, especially at night? i'd have to say that's one of my favorite things... that and you can see everyone's tracks in the snow! yeah snow's probably my fave thing about winter...
Catch and Misfits: aww.... i wanted to be in the talent show!!!! i can juggle!! *grabs eggs and attempts to juggle* *drops eggs* oh well... *tries again* several tries later... ah heck with it *dumps egg carton out window* *car alarm goes off*... what?
Jinx: ZOH. EM. GEE. I LUBS YOU JINX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *supermegaspecialawesomeglomps* *looks at cybermuffins and cybercakes* 8l ... 8) ... XDDDDDDDDDDDD
MINE!!!!!!!!!!! *stuffs three cybermuffins in mouth, then looks guiltily at remaining pile* *sheepishly gives everyone one, then happily resumes eating, all guilt gone*
I LUBS YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! *hugs* (well, everyone except someone who i would really like to push down an elevator shaft right now...)
X3 Storm

Friday, November 14, 2008

Merry Emo Christmas, everybody!!

merry emo christmas, happy that you're here
merry emo christmas, happy emo new year
christmas feels like christmas, now that you are here
merry emo christmas, happy emo new year!
sorry. inside joke. for explanation, read the next paragraph. if you don't care, skip to the following one.
I and Sonar were wearing green today, and at the lockers (my locker's... three away from Sonar's) Echo saw and said 'I should've worn green" or something to that effect. So Sonar takes off his green jacket/sweatshirt and has a black-and-red shirt underneath. I saw the red and said "Its christmas!" and after looking at me funny he pointed to the not-red and said 'Its black." So of course I cross my arms and say "Emo Christmas." and everyone laughs. We were talking about it on the bus, too...
Ok explanation OVER.
Balmung: NOOOOO!! you disappeared again! saddniz... i haz it nao. TT.TT :*( 
*attempts to hug empty space where balmung was* ....... *sniff*
ok sadness over. being sad won't change anything... and i ran out of sad emocons...
Cruz: ooh, black tank! funfunfun! remember though, NO PUSH BIG RED BUTTON!!! push big green one!! *happy hug, then skips off to answer comments*
Riyu: are you feeling any better? *hugs* now you get to bed now... don't get any sicker.
Jess: LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeez! i thought that you trusted her!! GET OVER YOURSELF AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT SHE DID ALL SHE COULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Soichiro: thanks for sympathizing. *hugs* its better than some people's reactions *glares over Soichiro's shoulder at certain TRANSPARENT someone*
Echo: are you feeling any better? you still seemed kinda... out of it at school today. just a little.
Radar: you Ok? you didn't seem... like you usually are at lunch. is something (other than sonar) bothering you?
Sonar: Sonar's an EMO!!!!!!! but not ty because ty's too cool to be emo... (inside joke. on the bus.) actually, you're not cool enough to be emo... i took a random test and it said i was semi-emo, so that means that emo's way too cool to be you. XP

oh YEAH my continued adventures! ok so after i saw the play and talked to radar after, i called echo and we talked on the phone for ALMOST TWO HOURS! it was nice... so yeah the next day, i was bored so i decided to use my new power and visit the glen! (if you don't remember, the glen's my name for a world-between-worlds; it has doorways to different worlds in it.) after frolicking for a while, i got bored and used my tremendous intellect to decide which door to go through. NO! it wasn't eenie-meenie-miney-mo! HA!! i span around with my eyes closed and went through the one i pointed at! that world was weeird. it was all underwater! and the people looked like merpeeps! it was cooool. and you know what the best part is? as soon as i go into a world, my form changes to match that of the dominant species of that world! so i had gills and a tail! funfunfun. i frolicked there for a few hours, then i got bored (again) and left. well, the boredom AND the fact that i was attacked a lot. apparently black hair isn't normal for a mermaid... it makes you a target...
so yeah after i came back her i fell asleep and got up just in time for the sun to set! i did my homework and watched another movie (Princess Mononoke, by Miyazaki), then went to school as normal.
woow its kinda late! and i have work tomorrow...
hugs for all! *hugs everyone except certain big-headed, selfish TRANSPARENT person*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Storm is HERE!!!!!

sorry people!!! i is here!!!!! wow i didn't post for a LONG time. like almost FOUR DAYS!!!! heehee there's an interesting story i gotta tell you about that... but first i will respond to comments!
Catch- ZOMG HI!!! you haven't been here in like FOREVER!!! *superspecialawesomemegahug!!*
Shadow- O.O she DOES have a really strong voice. like a super-strong violin!!! hee, i LIKE violins.... they sound pretty... and have a very good octavial range. and they are fun to hit people with. ^^ you KNEW i had to include that in there SOMEWHERE. *hugs! and cybertunacookies!!*
Balmung- ZOHMIGOD you're the one freaking out this time!!!! don't worry i'm here!!! *hugs* and gimme back my stuff *snatches back coffee cup, sees that Balmung drank it, and throws it at a random passerby* YOU OWE ME A STARBUCKS!!!!!! but i'm not mad. thank you for worrying ^.^ *hugs again*
Cruz- DON WORRY!!!!!! i is HERE!!!!!!!!!!! i is back!! no worry!!!!! i has prezzies, too! *pulls santa bag from empty space behind back and starts rooting through* hmm for Radar no Echo no Sonar no where's Cruz's?! HERE IT IS!!!!! *pulls out teeny-tiny box, wrapped in sparkly red-and-gold paper with a twirly green ribbon around it* HERE!!!! OPEN!!!!! *Cruz opens box and pulls out what looks like a house key* (my impression) *says 'storm what is this? will it explode?* NO SILLY!!! its a key to a TANK!!!!!!!! forget your mom's car!!!!! no pole will hurt THIS thing!!!!
*roots through bag again and gets bored* i will give people their presents interspersed throughout the post...
i was reeeally bored friday night, so i... stuffed myself on icecream and watched sad movies. titanic was my favorite... leonardo dicaprio... and the big shiny heart thingamajig.... but yeah. a superfast metabolism ROCKS. so the next day i had work, and it was actually almost boring. sure everyone (except me ^^) got tipped lousy and i had some guy harass me, but i pushed him down an elevator shaft and took off early. he was ok, by the way. the elevator was only about a floor down, so he only fell about ten feet. they took him to the hospital and he was muttering something about becoming gay... so yeah. saturday night i went to the play (which ROCKED by the way) and absolutely loved it. i mean, who doesn't love kind-intentioned old ladies who run a boarding house and poison old men who don't have families (in one gallon of elderberry wine, then put a teaspoon of arsenic, half a teaspoon of stricknife, and just a pinch of cyanide! and yes i remembered the recipe exactly) and have their nephew who think's he's FDR bury them in the cellar. i still have homework, so i'll probably post the rest of my adventures tomorrow!

Friday, November 7, 2008

elytS mrotS tnemoM ehT ni gniviL

hi people!! i just read Echo's post and she is COMPLETELY RIGHT!!! LIVE IN THE MOMENT PEOPLE!!! the moment just might be your last!!! woop, sorry. got a little macabre/sad there. but LIVE LIKE THERE'S GONNA BE NO TOMORROW!!!! seriously, have fun! go a little crazy! go a LOT crazy! (hee hee YES!!!) run outside and scream your head off!! dance in the rain!! sing like no one's listening! who cares if people look, they're most likely wishing they could do it too!! seriously, everyone go out in the street (if no cars are coming) or your back yard and yell your thoughts at the sky!! scream to the neverchanging neversame stars that glimmer coldly against the blackvelvet sky!!! sing to the moon in her silvery brightness, sing like she's the only one listening!! dress like you've always wanted to and go to school!! dye your hair some crazy color!! go into the mall changing room and yell 'ZOMIGOD THERE'S NO TOILET PAPER IN HERE!!!' call mall security and inform them of the lack of toilet paper!! audition for a play!! audition for a musical!! smack someone who deserves it silly!! eat toothpaste!!! eat everything with chopsticks!!! 
ok, some of this may be a little extreme (if you're not me... i've done everything her and more...), but seriously people, LIGHTEN UP A LITTLE!!! 
you can't change the past, but the future's set in concrete!! WET concrete!!! as i said in a comment for Echo, take a stick and mix it up!!! leave your handprint or your initials on the future!!! heck, leave your footprint on the future, or even the initials of you and someone you love in a heart!! 
remember the past, live in the moment, prepare for the future!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hi people!!!

sorry about the lack-of-posts that went on for the last few days, i was super busy. i have, not only a science project, a social studies project AND we're reading a new novel in english!! and i had to sub for someone at work, a waitress friend. she gets sick a lot... but yeah, so i've been basically in either school or vegas for the last two days. i did get time to comment on you people's blogs, though! so i didn't completely disappear... 
Cruz why are you going to try and put me in a microwave? too late anyway, i already tried... the microwave was unplugged though! i swear! i'm not suicidal. hey, is it considered suicide if you kill someone that looks a lot like you? and is it narcissism if you fall in love with someone who looks like you? sorry, i was thinking about the twins today. they would love vegas... selfish little brats they are they would probably be incredibly lucky at the tables. but not if i was their dealer, oh no. or if i was playing against them. hee, that reminds me of work again. i was waiting on a table when one guy (very intoxicated. i'm surprised he could still sit upright) pulled me down in a seat and gave me some of his chips, telling me to play! as i mentioned in an earlier post, i am... rather talented at blackjack. i won. a lot. and then he got mad and tried to take my chips, but i stomped on his foot and called security. i must say, i used to really hate the waitresses' uniform, but i realized that the stilettos they make you wear come in handy! heh heh.
oh, breathe Cruz! i checked my jacket! it was a bunch of letters and numbers which i will not say here and then some internet server. is it his email address?
HI BALMUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you disappeared again!! sadness... but you're back!!!! yay!! did the concert go good? love the new format by the way. Radar i just thought of someone that we can add to our army!!! all our blog friends!!!!! seriously, with Jess's ghostliness, Soichiro's, well, soichiro-ness, Riyu's sword techniques, Cruz's driving skills, and Balmung's ball of string, WE WILL BE INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwahaha...
we are taking volunteers. comment to tell if you wanna sign up! (Echo and Sonar, you guys were drafted, so you don't need to.)
see ya! i still have english homework...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

its gonna be a long one...

hi peeps!! wow did i really just say that? i must REALLY be on sugar high. or just getting off it. so yeah HALLOWEEN:
was semi-cool. we turned my apartment building into a HUGE haunted house, and i got to 'rappel' off the roof and scare people! i dressed up rather elaborately, i had a black dress on with a long black cape over it (and tons of cool jewelry) and my wings and fangs out. according to the loud lady who ran the thing, i was supposed to be a falling angel, but i was more like the grim reaper... or an avenging angel. i had a scythe!!! it was fuuunnnn. but i was nice to the little kids. i had a bowl of candy and i would come off the roof and they could get it that way!! one of them (she was dressed as a princess) gave me a piece of candy in return!!! i hugged her. and gave her two pieces of candy instead of one. so yes. but then a bunch of stupid teenage boys came and were going to go in, and i swooped down from the roof and started swinging the (veery sharp and veery shiny) scythe and laughing. then i said in a scary voice "you have just crossed the line. you broke the rules, and your lives are forfeit. THEY ARE MINE!!!!!!!!!" heehee, they ran like girls. no offense, but they ran really awkwardly and dropped all their candy. MAN, did they have a haul. it took me three trips to get it back to my apartment!! then i ate a lot and collapsed to 'the little vampire' playing on the disney channel. dunno why my tv was on that... i didn't even know the channel number... odd.
WORK THE NEXT DAY!! it was 'halloween' night, so all the waitresses/dealers had to wear costumes. i wanted to be what i was for the REAL halloween, but my boss made me be a cat! so i wore a headband with cat ears on it for EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT!!! it was NOT FUN. but i did get a whole lot of tips and lots of extra money, so it was semi-okay.
THAT NIGHT: my friend's youth group took me to this christian rock concert, so that was fun. i liked three bands, called; run kid run, pillar, and kutlass. that is how they were spelled. except the lead singer guy in kutlass drained like three bottles of water and then threw them off the stage! people were fighting for two of them, but he threw the third one right at me and i caught it. yeah i threw it back. it hit him. that- wasn't good. i almost got 'escorted' out, but he came up to me and asked why, and i... got up on stage and yelled 'DON'T LITTER!!!!!!!!!' they all laughed. i hope you're happy Sonar, YOUR BLOG (save the world) GOT ME LAUGHED AT!!!!!!!!!! but i didn't get kicked out, so that was good. except the same thing happened with pillar. but the guy wouldn't let me get off the stage! he was weird... but the run kid run bass guitarist guy saved me. it was their turn, and he said something about that being his spot to play in and could we please get off the stage. but then he put something in my jacket when i was walking away and i still haven't checked. should i?
TODAY: is not going to be fun. i have... let's see... 31 lincs cards to do before tomorrow. and i have my final test on mockingbird in english on monday. not gonna be fun. 
oh Radar, thanks for the Jett info. wonder where he went.... one of these days we must organize a search party. is your head any better?

PS- HI Echo and Riyu and Jess and Soichiro and Cruz and Balmung!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

GRAH!! stupid sports!! hurts ma earz!!!

grr stupid phillies. THEY HAD TO GO AND WIN THE SUPERBOWL, DIDN'T THEY?!?! well i for one am NOT HAPPY about it. my neighbours are so FRIKIN LOUD and i can't sleep!!! and Storm needs her sleep, oh yes she does. otherwise she is NOT happy the following day... and we have envirothon tomorrow. grawr. not that i can sleep anyway... but my insomnia was better when there weren't ignorant people RINGING BELLS and SCREAMING outside!! GRRRR!!!!!!!! how would they react if they suddenly were all hit by lightning. blue lightning. if only because it's cool. i, for one, would be rather OVERJOYED!!! now if only we had lightning... where oh where could we get some of that? any ideas?
oh and now i will respond to comments. my rant is done (for now).
cruz, indeed. i am probably the only one who would make that big of a deal (or a post...) out of insignificant things like that. but LITTLE THINGS MAKE BIG THINGS AND IF YOU DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THE LITTLE THINGS THEY WILL NOT BE HAPPY and they will destroy you. and then they will laugh...
radar, really?! Jett's your... twin? how's that work? we must talk.
oh well i gotta ATTEMPT to sleep now.
maybe after i destroy them... or just make hail the size of minivans FALL ON THEIR HEADS!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


hee, the north wind is blowing the cold air is flowing the north clouds are snowing and Storm has much joy. its cold (for normal people) out and the wind is almost forty miles an hour!! hmm i wonder if i could get it to sixty *smiles to self* ok i'll try later. but yeah. today was... interesting. ok randomest moments:
a girl in my english class (1st period) left her bio book on her desk, and i was the only one that sees her AT ALL in the day, so the teacher asked me to give it to her. yeah i see her at lunch. 8th period. and i already carry my bio book, so i carried TWO for almost 7 PERIODS!!! and those things are HEAVY!!! Sonar will testify. so i try and give it to her and it turns out ITS NOT HERS! i carried around a superheavy book for someone i barely know and ITS NOT FLIPPIN' HERS!!! needless, to say, Storm's not-happy dance came out. you know, that's the one that involves slamming the not-happy-fying object to the floor, preferably out a window, and having it oh-so-sadly (dripping with sarcasm. cruz quote.) being destroyed. painfully. hee i hope that girl didn't need it anytime soon... or that she can read ash. nevermind there's none left! the wind blew it all away!
ok and THEN! yesterday and today there was a new girl on our bus for the ride home. yesterday she sat in Sonar's seat so he sat with a human friend, but today she sat in MY SEAT! my anger from the book-episode was gone (as was the book...), so i just decided to sit with the same human friend who was currently sitting behind Sonar. except since it was cold and raining (i like it, but he didn't... so strange) he asked for a hug! not only me, that would have been semi-okay and he might've gotten one, but first HE ASKS SONAR! i will never forget the look on Sonar's face... i didn't want to hug him, so i just sat with Sonar instead and talked about him. but then he pitched in to the conversation and i (with him. actually it was mostly him) decided that Sonar was cheating on Echo with him. no Echo! don't kill him! it was just a joke! so yeah then he said 'no it's just a one-sided affair' and that got Sonar back into the conversation talking about how it was impossible for him to have a girlfriend (the human. not sonar.) or something like that. Sonar will clarify. 
radar said:
... Jett?

zomg. i think that was it! yeah now i remember! he was nice, always talking to me when the other peoples made fun of me for being different. now what was HIS dna... oh well i gotta keep thinking. but he was nice. we were kept in cages that were next to each other, and one time he broke the barrier between them (with my help) so we could have more room! that was good... until the scientists found out. they tried to separate us, but i bit him! the scientist, not Jett. hmm... come to think of it, i was kinda wolflike even before i met the pack. which probably saved me a lot. yeah i bit alot of people. i gots sharp teef! *taps them, then finger slips and cuts self on canine* stupid teeth... crap i'm bleeding onto my keyboard. i wonder what happened to Jett... he kinda disappeared before i was 'set free'. hmmmm
gotta go i wanna stand on my roof and feel the wind

Monday, October 27, 2008

all is merry and all is bright on this day of gladness

sing and celebrate with delight, goodwill and cheer
goodwill and cheer!
all is merry and BRIIIIIIIIIGT!!!
hee, sorry. HAPYNIZZ: i haz dem.
i finished all my homework and even downloaded a bunch of music onto my laptop! legally, of course 0.O heehee
no seriously. i borrowed like four cds from my human friend and just downloaded the music into itunes. i'm giving the cds back tomorrow. right now i'm listening to 'when i'm gone' by simple plan. i really like them. but if you don't like rock music, don't listen. leetle bit hardcore. 
ooh 'take my hand' just came on. i like this one too... but my favorite songs will always be 'welcome to my life' and 'me against the world,' by them at least. 'dance dance' by fall out boy is pretty good too. and 'poison.' at least by groove coverage. and cascada's really good to. even IF alot of her songs sound alike. sorry. where sonar's ADD about music, i'm just obsessive. i love ALL music. except a lot of rap. but i don't really consider that real music, so yeah. 
apples are good. especially granny smiths. especially when they just came out of the fridge and they're all fresh and crisp... ow. (just bit into one) *looks at apple*
well that's not good. there's blood on it. hmmm.
ok so yeah. rascal flatts is really good too. i love their songs 'cool thing' and 'stand.' both rock a LOT. and that makes me think about a different song, called 'fly away' by sugarland. that's also one of my fave songs. that and 'baby girl,' also by sugarland.
ok i gotta go. i will depart with a song lyric!!
gonna leave this world behind me gonna take what's mine tonight
cause every wasted day becomes a wasted chance (when i'm gone; simple plan)

ok i'm not really gone. i suddenly remembered something about the school. i remember whenever they gave me food i would split it with the boy in the cage next to me, then watch him eat it and see if he did anything. they must've tried to poison me A LOT. cause he got sick a lot. hee, one time they gave me candy corn and i didn't want it so i gave it all to him and he ate it all in like ONE BITE and then he almost passed out! guess he didn't have much of a tolerance for sugar... he was really my only friend before i escaped. what was his name.... i think it started with a 'J'.... oh well please comment with suggestions!
thanks, and HAPPY EASTER!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

winter wind, blow the leaves away... autumn cannot stay... winter wind

i suddenly remembered that line from a chorus song. if you wanna know how to sing it, its in major scale and as far as i can tell, its
do mi mi fa
mi fa mi re mi
mi fa mi re mi
(quarter rest)
re do mi
at least that line. 
hee, now i have ANOTHER song stuck in my head. its a different chorus song. man i am chock full of 'em today.
hey sonar, you SHOULD remember. its that one that you said you'd get the boy's solo for but the stupid music teacher eliminated the solos!!
and that is all i will say about that.
heehee here comes another one! (you people better know this)
i see trees of green
red roses too
i see them bloom
for me and you
and i think to my self
what a wonderful world...
i see skies of blue and
clouds of white
the bright, blessed day
the dark, sacred night
and i think to myself
what a wonderful world.
the colors of the rainbow,
so pretty in the sky
are also on the faces
of people, goin' by
i see friends shakin' hands, 
sayin' 'how do you do'
they're really sayin'
'i love you'
i hear babies cry
i watch them grow
they'll learn so much more
than i'll ever know
and i think to myself
what a wonderful world...
yes i think to myself
what a wonderful

god bless us, everyone!

wonderful lovely caramell speedycake remix vids...

(Vild Och Galen MISHEARD!!!!)

Caramelldansen wif kirby and other random person who i have no idea is

Spelar Ingen Roll 

and finally CARAMELL MEGAMIX!!! (its up there^)
i hope you enjoyed my random swedish pop videos!!!
(i made none of these and will happily worship the people who did. well, not WORSHIP, but you get hugs and cookies!!)
you get hugs and cookies for watching anyway!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


no its not a kind of candy. its a song!!!! (well... technically its a genre. BUT WHO CARES!!!!)
caramelldansen!!! i love it so much!! no longer loving people and jess and soichiro just got me back into it, though.
hee i love the adorable chibi dance!!!! and the swedish lyrics!!!
have you seen the metal version on youtube? it's actually not completely pathetic!!!
(by the way, clappen einen handen is swedish for 'clap your hands.' if you needed a translation...)
dance only dance
clappen einen handen
i'm yours only yours
dunno a single dance step
this whole life
people in the club say
NEH thanks for lettin' me CARAMELLDANSEN!!!!
dance only dance
clappen einen handen
i'm yours only yours 
dunno a single dance step!
this whole life
people in the club say
neh thanks for lettin' me CARAMELLDANSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i also like all the speeded-up versions of their songs. the band's called 'caramell' by the way. they're on itunes. I LOVE SUPERGOTT!!!!!!!!!!!
my faves:
caramelldansen (well DUH)
caramell megamix (so wonderful!!)
spelar ingen roll (i love the first like ten seconds! and the rest too of course!)
vild och galen (there's this awesome misheard lyrics vid, i have to post it/a link)
*violently slams head into pillow, 'caramelldansen' coursing through head*


*puts 'supergott' cd in stereo and puts volume all the way up* 
*dances along to awesome swedish speedycake music!!!!*

Friday, October 24, 2008

response to comments and ELABORATION!!

anonymous said: alkatraz closed years ago
that's what they WANT you to think... they reopened it for the really bad criminals. like me!
NLLP- aww, why can't i blow stuff up? its fun... but thank you for your yay! *hug!*
cruz- thank you for trying, but it doesn't work like that. NOT TO FEAR!! i will tell the much easier/more fun way to pray to them later
ok easier method of praying to wellness fairies for balmung:
fill your mouth with candy/cookies/anything else loaded with sugar until you can barely close it, then spin around until you fall over. face the sky and repeat the person's (balmung's) name until the world stops spinning. repeat this as much as you want/can. MUCH EASIER THAN THE OTHER WAY!!!! please everyone try!!
ok ELABORATION from bus! sonar, i was mouthing 'PRISON.... JAIL!' don't go. NOT FUN.
ok elaboration that sonar left to me:
one of the stupid guys in the back called up 'hey brit, is that your boyfriend!' and she points to the busdriver and some other guy, and when he said 'no' she said 'then WHO?!' he said 'the guy you're sitting next to!' and she looked at sonar and was like 'oh him?' then she PUT HER ARM AROUND HIM and starts flirting with him outrageously. then when he was all nervous and pushed her arm off, saying 'i already have a girlfriend', she PERSISTED in flirting with him. no echo... don't kill her. even a little. she got what she deserved from the bus driver... and from me and sonar. well, at least me... she hurt my ears! and SONAR I AM ANGRY AT YOU! YOU LEFT ME WITH THEM!!! grr. GRR MOST!! so ha.
oh, i suppose you want to hear about my new power. its COOL! but you have to have an imagination to use it. sorry sonar. no offense, but yeah. ok it has 2 parts. 
one: remember when i was trying to make a portal in space so i could come from japan? well, now i can! it takes very little imagination, so sonar can come too! all i do is make a portal big enough to walk through and go through it! and other people can come too! we just have to hold on to each other, like grabbing sleeves or something. so YAY! i can also make a little portal and it works like a video phone! (i used this one to get out of jail)
two: MWAHAHA!!! i can go to DIFFERENT WORLDS!!!! only the semi-realistic ones though, like england with harry potter! and people with lots of imagination can come too! but it takes A LOT of imagination, so its kinda hard. but yeah! where do you people want to go?! oh yeah, we have to be asleep to do this one though. you know how 'dreams are portals to different worlds'? well, for me, they really ARE!! yay. and i don't have to go to the realistic ones when i'm alone! i can go ANYWHERE!!!
well, technically, this power takes me to a 'world between worlds.' its like some place and it had different doors that go to different worlds. depending on your imagination, you can go a set distance from the 'this world' door. i think it would be fun to play hide-and-seek in! except only i can bring people to the world between worlds. i just call it 'the glade' though. it looks like a lovely sunny glade with wonderful green grass and wildflowers and everything, but it has all these doors that look like they lead to nowhere until you open one and go through it. the one's closest to the 'this world' door are most like this world. but yeah, anyone can go through the doors, its getting back that takes my power. though it is kind of annoying to have to fall asleep to use it. and when we go back to this world, we're in the exact same place we left! grr. oh well i'm hungry. talk later!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, we are free at last!

as the new name says. MAJOR QUOTAGE!! and yes i did make that word up. so HA! (this will be a VERY long post. just warning you)
ok i'm out of jail. ESCAPE FROM ALKATRAZ!!! and for once, i'm telling the truth. it was alkatraz. man i hope i'm spelling the name right. but who cares! if you want to hear my tale of daring risks and near-misses, i suggest you skip to the part titled PRISON ESCAPE or something like that, because i'm going to rant about school first. BEGIN RANT!!!
send me back to jail!!! i don't like school. i'm going to recount my horrific schedule in lavish detail now...
homeroom: ugh. I HATE MY HOMEROOM TEACHER!!!!!! she's a german teacher, and its apparently oktoberfest in a few days, she wore most HIDEOUS dress today. and she DIDN'T STOP TALKING to us!!!!!
1st period, english: so apparently we weren't 'participating' enough in class, so she had us make index cards with 'i participated' on one side and 'i did not participate' on the other side. once we got called on for something, we were allowed to flip over a card to make it say 'i participated' !!! whooo
2nd period, euro studies: actually wasn't all that bad. i have the STUPIDEST girl EVER that sits diagonal from me, and she can't talk. oh no, she YELLS! you know the conventional 'blonde' jokes? SHE EMBODIES THEM!!!!! we were looking at renaissance art, and she WOULDN'T SHUT UP!!! i was seriously prepared to go back to jail JUST TO KILL HER!!
you get the trend, gym: whoo. gym. my favorite. (sarcasm if you can't tell). yeah we ran suicides. for ten minutes straight. then we did a further 'warm-up' which consisted of lunges/knee-to-chest/hamstring curls halfway across the gym, then jogging the rest. then the gym teacher made us do 'kick-skips' down the entire gym. if you don't know what they are, think 'rockettes' you know the knee-up-knee-down-leg-out-then-again thing? we had to do that IN MOTION. then we played football. gym sucks.
biology: i had to present a stupid thing and i got TERRIFIED and probably ruined my and my partners' grades for the marking period.
math1: ANNOYING. i'm in stupid math because the school hates me, and i was ready to kill someone! i did the worksheet we got in less than five minutes when everyone else asked the teacher for help on the FIRST QUESTION!
lunch: another person joined our table. just for the day, but it took some MAJOR EFFORT to get people to move so Radar could sit down.
math2: also annoying. the worksheet we were supposed to do today in class i finished for homework, so i had 45 minutes of free time.
french: also annoying. we went over the usage of the pronouns 'y' and 'en'
then i went home and all was good.
ESCAPE FROM ALKATRAZ!!!! actually was at about midnight last night. that funny feeling i had was a new power coming!!!! and it's AWESOME!!!! but i will wait to tell you. TOMORROW, I PROMISE!! now, i will rant about the gym locker rooms.
you know that really high-pitched sound that certain things make? like the PA system or a tv when you turn it on? that REALLY annoys me. like, that coupled with the running in gym almost made me pass out. i can't get away from it!! it messes with my sense of balance and coordination and basically everything else needed to play football, and some guy on the opposite team slammed into me! i fell down! and it was only the STUPID NOISE that kept me from destroying him on the spot! now you KNOW that's not normal. normally, i would just trip him the next time he came near me or something. but then the LOCKER ROOM!!! ohmygod. i have a reeally sensitive nose (wolf) and the blast of like EIGHTY different perfumes and deodorants hit me like a brick wall. i literally couldn't breathe in there. and almost passed out AGAIN! probably one of the reasons i screwed up the bio presentation...
ok gotta go. i'm kinda... wanted and have a rather large bounty on my head, so i have to lead people away from my house.
see ya! 
oh wait everyone must pray to the wellness fairies for Balmung!!!! to do this, sit traditional japanese-style facing west and chant the name of who you want to be well until you see three stars appear. if enough people do it, he will DEFINITELY get better faster!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the nargles took my shoes... CONTINUED!!

if you were at the sleepover from like three months ago you know what that means. so i was wrong, jail IS fun. when you know what to do... here's a summary of my day:
i was shunted around a lot today. i went to like 8 different cells! seriously. first i was in a lower-security cell, and when someone asked me why i was here, i said 'i'm an assassin' and the warden heard and moved me up a security level! 
so yeah, i got bored in the next few cells, so when someone asked me the same thing, i started quoting 'chicago.' awesome movie by the way, a little racy, but TOTALLY worth it. so my opening always was: 'he was cheating on me. and one day i caught him at it.' and after that i said: 'so he ran into my knife. he ran into my knife ten times.' then 'so i fixed him a drink as usual. you know how some guys can't hold their arsenic.' then 'i fired two warning shots. into his head.' and my last one was 'i guess it really was the difference in how we saw him that drove us apart. he saw himself as alive!' and then- oh crap the warden's coming. its lights out and they won't be happy. i'll post tomorrow!

ok so continuation of post (including today's stuff!)
so every time i said stuff, they moved me up a security level. i ended up in this cell with four scary-looking guys. one takes one look at me and says 'how'd a little girl like you get in here?' so i play it cool and say 'well what'd you do to get in here?' and they all tell me what they did. it kinda reminded me of how in school on the first day they make you stand up and say something about yourself. one was unhappy in his marriage, so he killed his wife and her entire family. the next one killed his business rival and his family, and the third was a serial murder-rapist. he scared me. but then the last one stood up, and i could tell he was the boss. he was a pretty tall guy, about 6', and boy, did he look tough. he was here because he was an assassin. when i said what i did (i just kept it to the assassination), he looked so freaking astonished that i almost killed him right then and there. but i had my revenge in the yard that day. oh yes i did... i set an illusion of a guard RIGHT BEHIND him the entire time, so he couldn't slack off like he normally did! the other guys caught me laughing and they... weren't happy. they attacked me. and so did the assassin-dude. the guards were, to say frankly, pissed. not happy at all. but they put me in solitary today!! wheee! heehee, its not solitary when you can have illusions talk to you! except the guards caught me taking some metal from the bed frame and molding it into a knife, so they put me in a straitjacket. not happy. the only reason i'm posting now is that i escaped from it and managed to sneak my laptop into my cell. ninja skills rock. and NO i will say NOTHING about prison food! i didn't eat any anyway... i don't trust people i don't know. so yeah. that was my day. whoo. i'm planning on escaping tomorrow... i feel funny. radar, what is this?
ok, see ya after i break out of maximum-security prison!!