Tuesday, September 30, 2008

too impatient to type title!

hi everyone FESTIVAL STARTING..... NOW! i am currently waiting for Yuukou and Sasu at the school gate. they didn't necessarily say wait on top of it, but i'm sure they'll find me. Now where are they..... HEY ITS RADAR!! don't worry, i won't tell your costume, but silence looks GREAT! where's jewel, i don't see her? is she with echo and sonar? oh by the way, i combined all my ideas together! i'm dressed vampiric (no need for fake fangs! i gots ma own!) with some of my ninja weapons, have (real) wolf ears on my head (hopefully everyone thinks they're fake...), and my wings are out. so basically the only thing not normal for me is the clothes. hey, i see the twins! woah. they look awesome! i will describe everything LATER. now, I MUST HAVE FUN!


WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! festival in like TWO HOURS (starts at dark)! GET OVER HERE FLOCK (AND BALMUNG)!!!!!!!!!!!! SONAR WHAT ARE YOU GOING AS?!?!?!!!!!!!! echo=shadow (btw how? all in black flowy clothes?), silence=ninja, balmung= disguise, radar/jewel/me=mystery! thanks for your suggestion by the way balmung, i will consider! 
heehee. i just came back from shopping with the twins. i survived the death glares!!! woot! YAY ME!!! the twins are going as vampires, so i don't wanna copy them, though. maybe i'll be a WINGED vampire! and everyone will be like "OMG Arashi where did you get the wings?!" and i'll be like "uh.... internet?" so then they'll all laugh and say "no seriously." i'll shift around nervously and say "they're real!" then they'll laugh again and be about to say something but i'll use my awesome ninja skills and knock 'em all out! or run away... or FLY away... then get hit by a firework. BUT ECHO WOULD SAVE ME!!!! hey echo, can you heal a twisted lump of ash? must find out.... HEY SONAR!
don't worry i'm too busy to do that! i gotta make dinner (for everyone not just me), decide on my costume, GET my costume, get money to get my costume, make something to give to my roommate (sick, can't come to the festival), AND find out where to meet Sasu and Yuukou! ALL IN UNDER TWO HOURS!!!!!!
heehee thank god for energy drinks. i just chugged like three....

Monday, September 29, 2008

STUPID SKYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, for once, i am NOT happy about the weather. WE HAD A FLIPPIN' TYPHOON TODAY! so the festival's been delayed to tomorrow. i guess that's good since you guys have off school for rosh hashanah, but I WANT FESTIVAL! but today was pretty good... except i spent the day inside. so no rain for storm. sadness... but no sadness because i also spent the day with Sasu and Yuukou. they were... surprisingly nice. well, to me. to everyone else, they were kinda... stand-offish. i guess that i can understand, but seriously, they WONDER why they don't have many friends! actually... they don't. i do. they don't care. so yeah. oh, radar, the festival's not specifically FOR halloween, but everyone's coming in costume so Silence should fit in ok! oh that reminds me. some annoying anonymous is asking what silence's job is. please tell them! ok so our costumes are: A SECRET! so HA! sonar, can you come? balmung too? *puppy dog face* p-please? (i know sonar will mock me, but if balmung comes NO MATTER!) actually, i haven't decided what i should be... hmmm. maybe ninja? or vampire? or wolf/cat girl? or flying-mutant-freak-with-wings-and-fangs-and-powers? so many decisions... so little time. (shopping also delayed 'til tomorrow. wonder what they're dressing up as...) ok, so mainly finished. except oh yeah, if you have a date (or two^^) with a fan club, you WILL receive death glares. beware. 
ooh! gotta go rice's ready! (making japanese dinner for one!)

hi everyone! dochirahe? (how are you?) i'm great! (just so you know, i'm editing my post instead of doing a new one) heehee. i'll just repeat my comment, then add. ok so it was basically:
balmung, no licky raw bacon! unless a wolf stomach you has... 
stupid anonymous
why in disguise? plenny ninjas around to protect. *gasp* unless... you're a from a RIVAL SCHOOL! O.O sensei would not approve of my associating with you. then again, sensei would not approve of me being a mutant bird/wolf freak. BAH WHO CARES! yes. radar, costumes for jewel? echo costume? sonar COME, let alone costume? balmung costume? no, balmung DISGUISE. yes. still not sure what to be... maybe poll? no, no time. hmmm just decide later. post now! yes. heehee. i like japanese sweets (british!). especially dango. and those little fish pastries that have the sweet red bean paste in them. and japanese versions of western pastries. somehow, they just seem... better. maybe 'cause your still hungry from trying to eat with chopsticks before. no i'm kidding. i actually eat fairly well with chopsticks. (and i have yet to threaten someone with them). sorry radar, had to say that. so yes. oh must tell you; if you're ever short on money, and have no street-talent to speak of, head to the red-light district! especially if you're a girl... no one expects you to be that strong! and if they DID know, they're to drunk to do anything about it! (gleeful storm)
CRAP!! i just remembered. notgoodnotgoodnotgood. not good at all. ummm... hey guys would you mind if the illusion disappeared tomorrow? we have physical exams tomorrow, and my wings look like two black-and-red tattoos on my back when i fold them in. and they would expel me if i was disrespectful enough to get a tattoo. from normal and ninja school. so no festival! and no twins! O_O must not let that happen! illusion go bye-bye! see ya! ok so illusion gone. now how to get out of exam... fake sick? *looks at raw bacon* no, that means no festival. note from doctor? no my japanese's legible. flat-out refuse? no, suspension from school activities (festival's officially for school, but much bigger than you think). go psycho and threaten to kill the doctor? no police involvement is always a bad thing. illusion normal skin on back? no too easy. appeal to chairman? no i hear he has no soul. former with tears? perhaps... must think more.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

too tired to type a title... oh yeah i just did.

wow. people are crazy. this is real/ninja-storm here. ok, so i better tell you about the notes before radar destroys my illusion with curiosity. *sigh*, today's weather was so nice... i wish it would rain... 
ok so the notes... the first one from the judo-club guy was kinda weird. apparently he was the best student/athlete at the school before we (transfer-ninjas) showed up, and woo-wee, he wasn't too happy about us making him look mediocre. me being the closest to him (apparently it was him i flipped in gym and we're in the same english class and homeroom. according to him), he decided to challenge me. to.... something. it was today. so yeah. he must've put a lot of thought into this, because he had the student council as judges/task-setters, cheerleaders (for him of course), and about two or three hundred spectators. officially, there were three individual 'tasks' that we each had to complete, and the person that won two out of three events would do what the other said. so before the first event (an obstacle course. fastest wins), he sidles up to me and says that if he won, he would make me go to the festival with him! (is EVERYONE that wants to go with me a complete creep!?!) so we do the events (obstacle course, item-seek, and judo match) and i won the obstacle course and the judo match. he only won the item-seek (kinda like a scavenger-hunt but with only 1 thing thats usually REALLY hard to find) because my item was a boyfriend! (*sniff*, i have no boyfriend). his item was a shoujo manga book. 
what did i make him do you ask? well, three things: kiss my shoes in front of the school (i was wearing pants), ask my roommate to the festival (she has a crush on him. no accounting for taste), and oh yeah, wear the girl's uniform to school on monday. not gonna be pretty... but it should be interesting.... even if he starts to hate me. actually no, i don't care if he hates me. that should at least make him leave me alone.
oh, the other note. well, the two guys wanted me to meet them on the roof at sunset. so i of course go (still in my outfit from kicking that guy's butt), but before, i did a little research on them. apparently they're twins, and they're in the same year as me (first year in high school, aka 10th grade). and their names are- get this- Sasu (means basically the same as Hikaru) and Yuukou (synonym for Kaoru) !!!!! AND they're identical twins, Yuukou's the older one. a lot of the girls that i talked to (the ones that don't hate me) said that they're cruel, though. apparently (i'm using that a lot in this post...) , they don't acknowledge anyone besides themselves. so of course when the girls inevitably asked why i was so curious and i told them, they were astonished and most thought i was lying. so now i'm the 'violent-genius-transfer-girl-that-likes-the-twins'. so that's great. so i go to the roof, and MAN, are they strange. they even LOOK like Kaoru and Hikaru! and act like them. except this school, despite being private, is not for the super-rich. so they're a little less eccentric than them. but STILL. 
hee, i don't have a date for the festival. i have TWO! yay. except they are upper-class, so they 'despair' of my clothes. so they're taking me shopping after school tomorrow. on second thought, they aren't that different from Kaoru and Hikaru.
its... kinda weird. everyone else seems to avoid me, but they don't. still, i wonder why they decided to talk to me. i mean, with their looks/money, i bet they even have a fan club! wait, just remembered, they DO. i talked to a few of them. although they told me i am the only one that can tell them apart. Sasu's hair is half-a-shade lighter than Yuukou's, and Yuukou's eye's are a little darker than Sasu's. so Yuukou's basically a little bit darker than Sasu. wonder if their characters are the same...  oh, so i guess i'm the only one that can see the difference. that's weird... that and their smell is different. you're all probably thinking 'crazy wolf chick' but its true! everyone has their own smell. like echo smells a little like shadows (probably the intolerance-to-light thing) and jewel smells like different flowers and radar smells like fire and sugar! hmm... thinking now, they're smells are kinda like their personalities... well radar's definitely. except sonar smells like fruit. does that make him fruity? and does he TASTE like fruit? echo? 
so back to my story. so the twins are taking me to the festival, and also shopping tomorrow. hmm. i wonder if they heard about me flipping the 'judo star' and just want a bodyguard? must find out... and decide which weapons to take. probably not katana. kunai yes, shuriken probably, hmm what else? must decide. and get money to pay for clothes... i wonder where the red-light district is... most people around there are too drunk to keep hold of their wallets properly. and we can't have them just walking around, can we? 
*licks lips*. someone could get hurt...

oh, and to radar and echo and sonar and silence and especially YOU, balmung; you are all invited to the festival too! so please come! radar, jewel could come too! and you all (except balmung) could get here just by hanging onto radar when she flies hypersonically-fast! and balmung, we will find a way to get you here! be it radar and everyone picking you up (please guys!), or me (or my illusion-double) 'finding' you a plane ticket, you WILL come if you want to. PLEASE!! there'll be fireworks and booths and games and food and candy! and i'll translate for you! i'll even introduce you to the ninjas and they can translate for you! you'll all be perfectly safe! (at least twenty ninjas aka the 'transfer students' will be there, and i will personally rip anyone that thinks about harming any one of you in any way to shreds. of course, you don't need all that protection...) but it'll be so fun! sonar and silence can use one of the empty boy's dorms, and my roomie's on vacation the entire week so radar and echo and jewel and me can share my dorm and the empty one next to us! please guys! it'll make me so happy and i'll never ask for anything ever again and i'll stop annoying sonar and i'll take care of all the furries for the time you're here and i'll do anything else you can think of! please!

hee. i's up late.... or early for that matter...

hi everyone, Storm here! i got bored... so i decided to talk to you people! except no one's on... so sad. so i'm gonna talk to no one! ha! 
ok, so i'm reading this manga 'ouran high school host club', and i really love it. my roomie chucked it at me when i tried talking to her. it was only 1am?! i mean, who DOESN'T want to talk at 1am. oh yeah. her. ok so back to the manga. i lubs it! i'm on chapt 21, and my current favs are: everyone! i love them all! especially kaoru/hikaru! and hani! and kyouya! so yes. ummm... still haven't found a date for the festival yet. HI BALMUNG!!! I TOLD YOU I WAS AN INSOMNIAC!!!!!!!!!!!! grr vampire storm!! ARE YOU UP NOW?!?!?! I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (obviously) ooh, cynical! (illsion here. i'm editing the post) so did you smack that guy down yet? (no, right now i'm lying in bed listening to the rainstorm) awww, you had a storm? (yes, with thunder and lightning. it hit around 2am) dang. did anyone else listen to the storm? 
holy crap someone's tapping at my window. oh its only a ninja. WAIT who is it? dang. its not a ninja. its some guy from judo club. i wonder why he's here. is he a stalker? assassin? hmmm. can he see me? (no, the laptop doesn't give off any light, remember? you changed that) oh yeah. still, i wonder what he's here for. hmm. he seems to be opening the window. one second. *flies silently to top of nearby wardrobe, then continues typing*. huh, now he's taking out a flashlight. and he's shining it around. now he's shining it on my (currently empty) bed. and now he's putting a note on it. and now there's MORE tapping outside my still-open window. and now two people are coming in. hmm, i wonder what'll happen when first-dude notices them. (they haven't noticed eachother yet). oh, oh well, first-dude just left, conveniently passing right by the other two. without either party noticing. hmm, wonder what that note says. and what the other two will do if they see it. now they're doing the SAME THING he did. with the same result. good thing the first note fell on the floor, they're just putting it on my pillow. and now they're leaving. good thing too, my roommate's starting to wake up. that won't be good.... 
see ya must pretend to sleep!
Arashi (/Storm)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

SAT-UR-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo!

illusion- no woo. today sucked too. (heh, it rhymed. sorry, a little cynical today). ok just a warning: NEVER come to a shop right before they close to avoid crowds. EVERYONE DOES THAT. a human chick i know from work (vegas casino. she's a waitress, i deal cards at the tables) part-times at a boutique and got sick, so she called me and i subbed in for her. NOT FUN. everyone came in in the LAST TEN FLIPPIN' MINUTES the store was open and either wanted something tailored or returned or to TRY ON EVERY FRIKIN' THING IN THE WHOLE FRIKIN' STORE! so of course i had to smile and say sweetly 'of course you can try on items 3 through 58, it would be no problem whatsoever.' oh well, at least they pay good in vegas. and they for the most part left me alone (90% women anyway). except one guy who came in with his girlfriend. he must've gotten lucky at the tables or the racetrack or somethin', cause he brought her in and said she could have ANYTHING she wanted. but as soon as the hussy walks away, he sidles up to me and starts flirting with me! grossly! then he LOOKS DOWN MY SHIRT and says something so VULGAR that i refuse to post it! i was about to smack him down right then and there, come what may, when the fat ***** (sorry, can't think of anything else) comes out and starts yelling at me for 'flirting with her man' !!!! I was soooo ready to kill BOTH OF THEM when manager-to-the-rescue comes out and says politely 'we're closed now, could you come back later?'. so the guy WINKS AT ME and takes his bleached-blonde COW out with him. well, at least the manager took me to a jewelry store and let me pick something out for my 'tolerance'. so now i have a sparkly necklace. and anyway, the joke's on that guy. i got his wallet! so now his cash, id, credit cards... all mine. oh, he will PAY... this should be fun....
real me- wow. illusion turning evil. of course, that's exactly what I would do, but still. oh well, today was my first day at normal japanese high school! heh, english-sensei got a shock today. she decided to pick on the new-girl-who-was-looking-dreamily-out-the-window (aka ME), so she out-of-the-blue calls on me for translation. you know how in all the anime/mangas the teacher calls on the student and they stand up and recite something usually from a poem? well, that's what i was supposed to do. except i was bored, so i had turned to the back of the book and was reading some of the poems that were there, and i stood up and started reciting from one of those! oops. we were on lesson 4, but i was reading something from lesson 22. the last lesson in the book. that even the teacher had trouble with. not good. so now i am apparently the 'genius transfer girl'. AND i did good in math. and music. that was fun though... oh, and i joined a bunch of clubs! like judo and kendo and archery and- wait, probably shouldn't get started. might not finish for a while... you know, a lot of guys were acting weird around me today. not just the creep-guy-that-asked-me-out, but the rest of the 'transfer' students from the ninja school and even a lot of the normal-school guys. and now some of the girls seem to hate me. wonder why... oh well, so i STILL haven't found a date yet for the festival, so i gotta work on that! yes. 
thanks a lot balmung, now i want a marshmallow!
anonymous, WHY DID YOU ASK!! ok, i guess i have to answer. i'm 5'7'' and pretty thin (hunting/foraging for most of your food does that to ya). i have long, currently-black hair that's pretty straight. my eyes are usually green, but i like to change my appearance a lot, so my hair- and eye-color changes frequently. umm... i have pointed ears, but they usually are covered by my hair and under an illusion to look normal. oh, and i guess i would have kinda... cat-like features, if you know what i mean. like- well, you know. so yeah. back to ninja story.
so i THINK i just survived an assassination attempt. someone was running towards me in gym class, so i kinda... flipped them. don't worry, it was a guy! no violence towards girls! (unless they deserve it or attack me). mysteriously, the coach yells at me! we were playing soccer, and i had the ball! that was it! what's the big deal!?! its not like i killed the guy or anything! although i could have.... oh, so now i'm the 'violent-genius-transfer-girl'. brilliant. oh well, at least they didn't search me. i don't think they would've taken kindly to me if they found the knife i had. for self-defense only, i swear! ok better go. we're staying in dorms, and i think my roommate is coming.

Friday, September 26, 2008


illusion at home: well... not really. today kinda.... sucked. not fun. i had driver's ed and the teacher was so BORING. and i sit in the front so i can't fall asleep! then (skipping over the boring parts) i had math and it turns out i did WORSE on the retest than on the first one! my life stinks.... and then (once again skipping) we had a partyin french class, and i wanted to FRIKIN KILL most of them. some of us were TRYING to make a house of cards (i can do almost 7 stories!) and they just kept RUNNING AROUND SCREAMING! GOD I WISH I COULD USE MIND CONTROL. or just kill them silently. that would work too. and NOW i have to WORK tomorrow!
me at ninja school: today was pretty fun! i got a katana..... heehee. don't worry i didn't kill anyone! yet.... no don't worry. even though there's this creepy guy student that keeps flirting with me. he asked me to the festival! i kinda... panicked and said i was going with someone else. so now i have to find a date that doesn't completely scare me in LESS THAN THREE DAYS. balmung will you go with me? please? even if its in japan! i will fly with you! you have wings anyway! heck, i'll even go with SONAR (and that shows how desperate i am). no offense. i just would prefer going with someone that actually speaks the language. and doesn't belong to echo. (mainly that one). oh and VICTORY!! i can go on the stealth-mission-training-at-normal-high-school thing! it starts tomorrow, so that'll be fun... even IF the uniform's skirts are short. at least everyone else'll be wearing 'em too though. well except the guys. oh god. i just remembered i'm the only girl GOING on that mission! crap. *gasp*! maybe i can find a date at the normal school! there's definitely more people, and i bet the ones there don't spend years practically LIVING with the same girls and suddenly see someone different! yes. that's what i'll do. don't worry balmung! you don't have to fly to japan for me! but POST SOOON!!!! *puppy dog face*. please? 
cyberonigiri for all!!!!!! (sorry, that's what i had for lunch today. it was surprisingly good.)
and GUESS WHAT! everyone in my class (actually its most of the school. there's about twenty people here. six are girls. well, i'm number seven.) chose their main weapon for training the day before i came, so now i'm training with them ALL. its kinda fun! especially the hand-to-hand fighting. and the shuriken. and the katanas. actually, its all great!
ok, gotta go. must attempt to sleep to seem normal(ish)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

normal post now!

GRR WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE POSTING TODAAAAAYY!!!!! oh well no matter i won't let it get me down (tohru attitude!)!! my day(s) today, first the illusion's, then my REAL day at ninja school! (i'm just gonna use 'i' in both though, to avoid confusion)
illusion day: ok today was... random. ECHO DIDN'T COME TO ENVIROTHON!!!!!!! neither did birdman or fishname. so radar and i just tormented sonar along with the freshmen that sonar roped into coming. one was ok (the one that actually showed up ON TIME), but the other was.... really annoying. we call sonar 'bubble-boy' to annoy him, and she just WOULDN'T LET UP with it. it annoyed ME! we must arrange something for her..... oh and i brought cookies and the teacher left about ten minutes into the thing, so we just got hyped up on sugar and wandered around the school. well, between two classrooms. sonar's backpack went missing quite a few times... of course i didn't see the first ten minutes of envirothon because i was retaking a math test (i got a B on it!) so yes. that was my day. oh wait! something ELSE annoying! sonar and i were arguing as per the usual in homeroom (we sit diagonal from eachother) and the guy behind me just comes out and says "just date him and get it over with' !!!!!!! OH. MY. GOD. i REALLY wish i could have BLOWN HIM TO BLOODY LITTLE BITS right then. or ashes. and i just might.... i wonder if anyone will miss him... so of course i begin gagging and he looks at me funny (sonar's zoned out). i say 'one, EW. two, DOUBLE EW. and three, he's dating echo.' but i was surprised, so my illusion turned colors! (mostly reddish) and the moron probably thought i was blushing! so that was great. don't you love school?

real me: I DO! ninja school rocks! even if today was just my first day and they made me go through all these tests. i can't tell you much cause i swore secrecy, but they were mostly physical skills today, like endurance (aced) and strength (aced). then we practiced with weapons! i got to use throwing stars and kunai today, but tomorrow they say i can use a katana! i like swords... heehee. oh, so today was good! i can speak the language (love my powers!) and i think that i have a new friend! (i'll call her yuri on the blog, but that might not be her real name). so yes. the only downside is that i had to dye my hair back to black 'cause its a sign of disrespect to have unnatural hair colors. even they know i'm not japanese. and its also not good because... well, a few other things. 1- group bathing. not fun when you have to hide your wings! (i can't do good illusions since i'm concentrating on my home one) 2- kimonos not fun. very tight! (gotta learn traditional japanese stuff, so traditional japanese clothes). 3- there's some festival coming up, and i have NO IDEA what its about. thank god for the internet. even though technology's not allowed here. (i sneaked my laptop in) hmmmm..... what will my ninja outfit be..... gotta choose soon. and balmung, i WILL get back at those Polish jerks. CURSE YOU POLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAPAN IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay i actually got balmung to be crazy! like me! yes. going back to my japanese adventure, i wonder if they'll let me skive off for a few days and go to a normal japanese school...? WAIT! i remember! there's a training thingamawhosit in a few days and ITS to a japanese high school! (stealth training or something) MUST GO! even IF i have to wear one of those stupid way-too-short uniforms! so yes. oh, then after weapons training we meditated for like THREE HOURS. didn't like that much. actually, i didn't mind it. the sun was still up and i was sleepy, so i zoned out and eventually dozed off. sensei didn't like that too much. a hundred laps around the town really makes your legs sore! and your arms... (i did about ten on my hands. you get bored just running!) 
ooh, what was that! gotta go, i think sensei's doing one of those middle-of-teh-night headcounts that yuri told me about!
(even though they call me 'arashi' here. it means storm in japanese)

PS- anonymous i WILL NOT MARRY YOU. you scare me.
naito! (night!)

normal post later. awesome vid now.

the title says all

the song's in japanese, so here're the lyrics in romaji and the english translation:
ok nevermind just the english. 

"As my tears keep overflowing one after another,

I can't see your last smile through their blur.

Please don't go, please don't go... Stay here.

Light bursts through the sky.

Even this insignificant me

loved you more than anyone, with all my soul.

Thank you for all of

the precious feelings

you've given to me. 

"When you took off, I was 

watching for a long time as the vapor trail disappeared."

Please don't forget

You're not alone.

Even if we're apart, we can still carry on hand-in-hand. 

With my first love, I first realized

that there could be such sorrow.

Even if something lapses away, something will

live once again.

When you gave me a smile as we parted, it was

your message for me

to truly live with all my heart. 

I just know that we'll see each other someday.

If we're together,

even if we're far apart, we can gaze in each others' eyes

Let's bet everything on all our hopes and dreams.

Let's promise each other

that we'll hold on to the intensity we felt

that day,

and live the future that blooms

in tomorrow.


after the first vid, go to 'mr. wonderful' its the last one on the bottom. KAORU/KYOYA/HANI= MINE!!!!!! ESPECIALLY KAORU!!!!!!!!!!

(ouran host club) LOVE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


hi everyone! this'll be a long one today, i'm gonna reply to ALL the comments on my last post and tell you about my day. it was RANDOM! ok so replies
catch- stop denying it! u+cain=kawaii!!
cain- go for it!
shadow- don't worry! cybertuna is only bad if it has viruses. i dislike viruscybertuna, so no prob!
erin- you evil little bat! but i support your choice. its kinda like me leaving the sonar/echo flock to give them space!
sonar- do not fear. i will bring chocolate-chip cookies tomorrow. to bad birdman can't eat em though...
echo- do not worry. storm/sonar animosity over! (for now... mwahaha...)
radar- WHEEEE new puppy!!! so fuzzy and cute!!!! (and orion too!!!!)
tilla- thanks for valuing my poems enough to put them on your blog! it means a lot....
lilac- what can i say. keep kicking butt.
and last but not least BALMUNG!!!- you are still awesomer than sonar, don't apologize for it! hee i looked up //.hack on wiki and balmung(character) looks awesome. he has wings! O.O maybe one of us!!!!!! JOIN OUR FLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

in response to the 'vampire storm?' thingamacomments, that would be AWESOME! i do have fangs..... and i am pale..... and i like red..... and my eyes are usually red...... but i do NOT drink blood! cranberry juice yes, bodily fluids no! but the owl thing from radar..... plausible.

on a completely different note, i just saw karate kid! superspecialawesome fence-painting skills! now i wanna be a ninja!!!! T.T (crying emocon. i think. saw it on youtube) hmmm where to find secret ninja schools in japan 'cause they're the best ones.... TO THE INTERNET!! 

later (just editing post so i don't have to do a new one)- YES! I FOUND ONE!!!!! don't worry, i will still come to school normally, but it'll be an illusion! an illusion with cookies! i will come back when i am a ninja. hmmm 'Storm-san'. i like the sound of that... TO JAPAN!!!!!

on a different different note, I WORE CAT-EARS TODAY!!!! (don't worry it was just a headband). you see my human friends made a bet, and if one lost, i would have to wear catears for the entire day. and she lost. so i was STORM: NINJACAT today. so yes.
gotta go must attempt to sleep

sorry for the randomness. i ate the leftover cookie dough. as balmung knows. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

so HA!

guess what sonar! I DON'T NEED YOUR STINKIN BOOK!!!! MICHAEL'S FRIEND'S GONNA LEND IT TO ME!!!!!!! (michael's a human i know) and balmung is SOOOOO cooler than you. he reads manga! and plays the bassoon! do you even know what a bassoon IS?! so HA! HAHAHAHAHA! 
and to be honest, i really don't think birdman will care. i see him in the hallway everyday, and he doesn't seem to be reacting to anything lately.
on a different note, i think i have insommnia. i can't sleep when the sun's down! NOT GOOD! 
ok, i'm gonna try and sleep now... night.

new friend!!

Hi y'all. i gots a new friend!!! his name is Balmung, and his blog (which can be seen on my fave blogs list) is called 'The Bassooinst'. he reads manga! and Agatha Christie! so yes. for a human, he's cool! (are you sure you don't have some other set of DNA?) in fact, he's cooler than YOU, Sonar. i bet BALMUNG would lend me brisingr! so balmung gets brownies! so does everyone else! EXCEPT SONAR (sorry echo, i know i'm being mean, but sonar was mean first!) so how do you follow a blog anyway? grr sonar still angry. ok, so i'll post later. i still gots homeworks to do!

PS Balmung, my fave lolcat pic is '- well, i really don't know! i love all of 'em, especially the comments!
oh, and i just listened to 'fortress' it rocks! i wish our school band did stuff like that! (but 'manhattan' only has two 'ns' not three. you spelled it 'mannhattan'. it confused me!) but its ok. you still get more cookies than sonar.


To Storm: AWESOME POEM (You should keep writing...hope you don't mind but Tilla has been posting them on her blog...she's has a poem fetish...)

To Sonar: DON'T DIE. You don't need THEIR sweets. I have brownies. *sticks tongue out at Radar* I love you!

**Lilac: *cough* get over yourself *cough*
~*~Tilla: I am so NOT getting into this...*looks at stars*
~~Celedae: HEY RADAR!!!!!<3

To EVeryone else:


Celedae(who hasn't been seen in years...!! 0.0)

Monday, September 22, 2008


.hack// ROCKS!
To Balmung: Balmung is my fav guy character! My human friend lent me her game once! It was cool! Good choice in name!

To Storm: Awesome poem! Love it!


To Echo: HI ECHO!


Time to Fly,

wheeeeeee (sorry i took your title ray)

Thank you for your comments on my poem. *sniff* you guys are great! *hugs* 
brownies for everyone! except sonar. cause HE WON'T LEND ME ONE FRIKIN BOOK! so mean. thanks balmung, your comment made me feel special. *hugs again* what other mangas do you read? i like basically everything, but my faves have to be Fruits Basket, Prince of Tennis, FMA, Chronicles of a Fallen Vampire, Skip Beat, and a little one on onemanga called 'Dear School Gang Leader'. oh, do you know where i can find 'Girl Got Game'? I heard its really good, so i've been looking EVERYWHERE for it, but its always either stopped or not there! grr. ok venting DONE! 'nother poem! that's kinda like a really obvious riddle!

animals we are, yet fair of form

to attract our prey, beauty is the norm

yet we are beasts, with no hope in sight

we are predators of the night

our visages, pale as moon

are fading, gone all too soon

shunned to shadows, banned from light

yet mortals crave our icy bite

seeking to share our exquisite pain

yet all their efforts die in vain

for our burden is for us alone

young as life, old as stone

crimson mist is flowing fast

growing, hiding all the past

we alone remain unchanged

for us, the future is unarranged

to us, there exist no laws

for we are the crimson mist’s only cause

oh shining moon, take us away

for our sins we daily pay

condemmed as evil, worshipped as god

towards eternal future we endlessly plod

shackled by torment, we cause only strife

we live out a play, an act of life

as varied as you, yet condemned

as the source from which all troubles stemmed

perhaps that is true, but why

is there no grief, no sorrow in your eye

oh god forbid if he is real

these feelings that i think i feel

i fear this, that this it true

i think that i have love for you

oh run away, away you must!

our eyes’ color betrays our lust!

It kinda reminds me of 'Twilight', you know, for Edward.

I HATE YOU SONAR!!!!!!!!!!

promised poem

ok, here's the poem i promised in the last post. BE GRATEFUL. 

What is evil, and what is good?

Are they opposites, or similar?

Moreover, what do they look like?

Is good blameless and sweet?

Is evil dark and menacing?

If you saw them, what would you see?

Would good be an elf child, peering up with innocent eyes?

Would evil be a vampire, hypnotic and darkly appealing?

Or would good and evil switch?

If they switch, good would be a “blessing in disguise”

sent to “teach you a lesson.”

While evil would be “sly trickery”

to “lure you to wickedness.”

Some say that both assume different forms

to complete their work all the better.

While others say that those are merely delegates

sent to perform others’ duties.

If you do not hate evil, is it still evil?

If you do not love good, is it still good?

Are their identities their natures,

Or how people react to them?

If people do good, will they be good?

Or is humanity essentially evil?

Is that why we are obsessed with being good?

And which does intelligence lie under?

Good, for bettering yourself?

Or evil, for challenging what you have been told?

What is the extension of good?

What are the limits of evil?

Do even they understand?

No one knows.

No one ever will.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

mixed emotions

Ok, i feel two things right now. first and foremost YAY PUPPY FOR RADAR!!!!!!!!!!! HI BALMUNG!!!!!!! you got my comment! oh, and i really like the anime, its called 'case closed'. actually, it was the anime that got me into the manga! what other series do you read? i love basically everything, so if you wanna ask/talk about anything, you know where to find me!
second emotion, and much more prominent:
ugh. who in their RIGHT MIND gets up at 6 O'CLOCK on a SUNDAY?! oh yeah, ME. i went scuba diving today! and since i had to be there at 8AM, i woke up at 6(!), got lost, and showed up at 7:45.
wetsuits suck. well no, its not the wetsuits, its GETTING INTO the wetsuits. and the stupid vests with the hoods that go UNDER the wetsuits. ok, but back to the suits, its not that they're 4MM THICK NEOPRENE (which is basically RUBBER), its that they were DESIGNED FOR GUYS. oh, and GET THIS. i fit into a small, but i was TOO TALL FOR IT. i had to wear a frikin MEDIUM! it was tight and loose in all the wrong places.....
but, i guess it was fun in all. total, i spent about two hours underwater in two dives and went down a max of about 70 ft. it was pretty cool... especially since the place was designed specifically for divers, so there was all sorts of cool stuff that they sunk. i saw a milk truck, a school bus, a fire truck, and a helicopter. even IF the thermocline made everyone want to stay above 40 ft. (thermocline= dramatic decrease in temp at a certain depth). so yeah. i also saw these wild goldfish. one was at least 2 ft long. i swear. and there was another one that was all black and white. it seriously looked like a cow. (i named it 'moo'). so yes. it was pretty fun. even if everyone made fun of me at lunch for being a vegetarian (special connection with animals!) and there were these BIG bass that would swim like 4 INCHES AWAY FROM YOUR FACE because they thought you were gonna feed them. they scared me. oh yeah, and then when i was taking a break to get the gas out of my bloodstream (gotta do that so you don't get the bends) i was alone, and two random Polish dudes come out of nowhere and start eating our food! i was happy to let them eat the meat, but then they started taking the cookies. i wonder if they woke up yet...
so yes. my random day.
'nother poem comin later

Saturday, September 20, 2008

*screams wildly and runs around in circles*

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE POSTING TODAY?!?!?!?!?! oh no.  O.O

Ps- inner storm here. normal storm is... passed out on the floor. sorry about all the posts, we were really bored today. and it doesn't help that storm got starbucks today. 

wheeeeee response (and to nosy anonymous)

yay! how did you like the vid? i love them!
response to nosy-anonymous:
well sonar worked as a camp counseler (i have no need for spelling) and i get money various ways. i part-time during the summer as a blackjack dealer in vegas, and do odd jobs around places. once in a while when we need money we all go to new york or some city and do street performances. if you ever see a group of people, one doing slight-of-hand or illusions (me), one doing fire tricks (radar), one going around the crowd with a hat for collecting money (sonar. we make him), and one looking on amusedly (echo. usually), that's us! i also taught myself pickpocketing and occasionaly do a bit of code-breaking (most banks are surprisingly easy to break into) and just transfer a few thousand from someone who won't miss it's bank account to mine, to be distributed amoungst the group. oh, and if you really want to know, i also do a service-for-hire business, from finding lost things to intimidation to occasional assassination. Silence helps. don't worry, we only do it for those who really need it. oh and if we're REALLY short on cash we go to vegas and i hit the blackjack tables. yeah, having a photographic memory is nice... (and no i do not count cards. i just remember them). radar's good at roulette and echo's poker face is always great! sonar.... well, he's usually pretty lucky at slots. so we take him. so yes. ENOUGH INFO, NOSY-ANONYMOUS?!


Sorry I didn't know what to call the post! lol!

Nice poem Storm! I like it!

To anonymous: Me? I get money from all the scientists that I kill...I also stole my creator's bank account thing hehehehehe I am sooooo good! Also Storm helps out if I'm running low on cash and I can usually get a few hundred out of Silence!

Time to Fly,

'nother post!!

Ok, so i'm actually SUPPOSED to be doing homework now... but who cares! even if i can't do it tomorrow since i'm going scuba diving... BAH WHO CARES?!?!?!
ok, some random poem i decided to write. please comment. nicely.

Spring is the happy season, or so they say
Leaves unfurl, buds cover trees and bushes
Tulips poke their heads out of the soil to greet the day
The wind pulses, bringing April showers
Rain makes the earth smell clean
Cloud’s tears feed the May flowers
Creatures stir in their winter sleep,
Stretch, rub their eyes, and do as tulips do
Coats are put away, shorts and tank tops taken out
Of their closet, aired out on the clothes line
Only to get rained on, and stay out for the day

Summer arrives, the hot-and-sticky months
June comes, school's over,
Children run and play outside in the humid warmth
Everyone goes barefoot on the heat-cracked ground
Get bored of outside, sit in the shade and
Fan themselves with their magazines.
Or sit inside, in the air-conditioned-cool
And play video games or watch TV.
Some go on the computer, e-mail and myspace
Go on vacations, and wish for home

Summers over, Autumn arrives
Decked out in her ceremonial scarlet-and-gold
Coolness comes, a welcome relief from summers heat
Leaves, born in Spring, fall to the earth
Only to be raked up into piles and jumped in
Rosy cheeks and apples appear, conforming with the color scheme
School starts again, a new set of rules, a new social jungle
The smell of new books and fresh-sharpened pencils
Paper, warm from the printer, pressed against a cheek
Coats taken out again, light jackets over t-shirts
Jeans and sneakers unearthed, optimists wear shorts and flip-flops

Winter, in stormy grey and snow white, supplants Autumn
Brings cold breezes and chapped lips
Dry cold, the yang to yin’s moist summer heat
Ushers heavy coats and skis out.
artificial snow lends wings to mortals
Real snow comes, in flurries and storms
Arrives in the cold-dark night, vanishes in the suns meager heat by morning
Snow people, snow creatures, snowflakes melting on the tongue
Catching in hair and eyelashes, coupling rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes
The wind blows all the snow away, the warm has returned.
Spring has come again.


YAY IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and by the way, you will need to turn the sound up, its kinda... soft.

one more time!

ok, so i'm trying again. standby...... ok, here it is. PLEASE WORK!!!!

hmmm... what to put for a title.... a mystery... (haru for you furuba fans)

GRR SONAR YOU --- well, GRR! WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING MY BLOG?! does that mean you follow me? STALKER!!!!!!!!
*runs screaming in circles for a while, then takes laptop under bed and resumes typing*
you scare me. 
ok, so since i can't put the vid in my post, i will direct you to it and ORDER you to see it. yes, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!!! if you don't know who the heck they are, its pretty funny, but if you DO know, its... well to put it erin's way... HI-****ING-LARIOUS! sorry. 
ok, so go to youtube and put in the 'search box' 'trying to kill sasuke'. its the first one, by fightingdreamerspro. i LOVE THEIR STUFFF!!!!!!
and erin, please watch teh language on my blog. no-likey! (wow. hypocrite) shut up!
ooh, gotta go

PS- catch, i think you and cain=kawaii! 
shadow, you get hugs and cyberbrownies! or cybertuna, if that's what you prefer.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


noooooooooo. i had a great post, and it all dissappeared! why?! how?! what am i supposed to do?! i guess i'll have to start over.
thanks for the advice, echo, lilac and tilla, (even if i probably screwed it up and deleted my post) yes we are crazy.
anonymous, i refuse to answer your question. my answer will surely be misinterpreted... but i am happy. i have the best friends in the world. ones who understand me, who have seen my weakness and fears, my rage and my tears, and like me anyway. you guys are great. *hugs*. even if sonar persists in calling me a traitor.
echo can have one though. *hands cyberbrownie*
better go. must sleep.
oh and radar, you can have momo, and we'll share kiku. but fuji's mine. (7!)

I tried my best to answer...but hey..

Anonymous said...
its me! interrogation-anonymous! ok so how do you guys live? do you live alone? then how do you get money? houses or apartments? and WHEN WILL STORM HAVE SOMEONE TO LOVE??!!! i mean SERIOUSLY! radar-silence and echo-sonar, but storm has NO ONE! maybe THAT'S why she writes depressing stuff, you EVER THINK ABOUT THAT?!!

How do we live? We live like normal human beings...we breathe and eat and drink and...
OH lol. Well, we live in seperate hideouts that we have created for ourselves...safety reasons you know. Sonar has...had a summer job and Storm has a job and Radar and I kinda...do what we can and they are hideouts which we call houses but are probably considered apartments...

And...Storm...methinks you need to answer that last one...

~Btw Anon. , people don't always write depressing stuff because of their love life. Especially Storm. We've been through more than that but yeah WE HAVGE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT.


~~Um...Lilac...relax...the kids obviously trying to make a point.


Yeah...ignore my crazy friends.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008


ok so i cant upload it. HOW DO I DO IT!!!???!?!L?!?!!??!?!?!?!? GRRRR!!!!!!!


Ok, so I was bored today, so here's a list of things I did:
1. went on youtube and put in 'ryoma's happy song'. its weird, and not for those of unsound mind or with weak constitution, but if you like humor, and don't mind a little language, its GREAT!
2. i saw a DIFFERENT video in the 'related videos' box, called 'prince of tennis polkarama', so i clicked on that and it was... interesting. i like 2:09-2:20 something. just until the end of that song quote. its funny if you don't know the characters, but if you do its HI-LARIOUS. trust me.
3. then i got bored again and put in 'its raining prince of tennis men' because some stupid human boys at my school were singing 'its raining men' today. don't ask me why. it didn't even rain today.
4. i made brownies. they're in the oven now. sorry sonar no cookies. guess birdboy can't have any... poor kid. i would kill myself if i was allergic to chocolate. radar, will you come to envirothon? you'll get one! 
5. i was bored again, so i went back onto youtube and put in simple plan. if you don't mine semi-heavy rock, they're AMAZING. new favorite band!! ^^ 
my fave songs, in no particular order, are 'welcome to my life', 'i'm just a kid', and 'me against the world'. except the third one's my fave of all time. thats the one i was listening to on the bus, sonar. 
Sonar was mean today!! he ignored me on the bus!! and i can't even remember why!!

PS- if anyone else knows prince of tennis, tell me and i will squee. (squee's a stormism) 

oh PPS- i need a new emotion to write. i already did depressing (city nights), and gory/dark (its done), so what should i write?! sweet/romantic? friendship? betrayal? forbidden love?

oh yeah and i saw this AWESOME vid on youtube. its called- oh wait, i can just put it in my post! one second....
ok i'll put it in the post immediately after this one.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

yay catch!

Hi y'all! Catch (thats what i'm gonna call you now), thanks SO MUCH for replying to my interrogation. sorry, but i REALLY wanted to know you guys more! you seem... interesting! By the way, Shadow your welcome for the compliment. GO FANGS/EARS/TAILS/WINGS!!!!! Hmmm. i wonder if i can get wolf ears...? oh well, better try later.
Oh, Radar, i was looking at some of the older comments and found THIS:

anonymous said...

is it just me or does radar seem a little... TOO teasing of Sonar? me thinks she likes him...

SO NOT GOOD. anonymous... you better start running. not that it does any good. if silence doesn't kill you... radar will. then echo will dig you up and destroy you, with sonar's help. I will also help by using my super-wolf senses to track you down. hey Catch! do you and everyone wanna help destroy someone?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

can you say 'depressing'?

Sorry about that last post, guys. I was in a weird mood and decided to write something sad. Was it sad? Or just weird? Please be honest. Unless you're Sonar. Then you have to be nice and say it was wonderful. Ok so catch/katara: if you don't mind me asking, why are you catch/katara? Is catch a nickname? Or is katara? Just curious, you don't have to respond. GO OZZIE. Emotions are a cool power... kinda like Jasper (Twilight), but advanced! I can kinda control emotions, but only be normal human/bird ways. Like looking pitiful so Radar gives me a cookie. Also, GO WOLF DNA!! In addition to my double-bird DNA, I have a little wolf too (not sure why, but probably from living with the pack for most of my life...) and I can transform into the winged wolf you see on the right. It comes in handy... except now I have stupid fangs that WON'T GO AWAY! Cain sounds cool. Is he cool? Does Shadow (awesome name by the way) control his personal temperature, or the temperature of the air around him? That would be cool... personal air-conditioner! Does he have cat ears and a tail? heehee... kitty boy. No offense of course! I like cats! except for that lion that attacked me at the zoo... i wonder if his teeth ever came back.... Oh, sorry! Nothing to do with the questions. Does Erin have powers? Bats are cool... birds of the night... GO HEART! SUPERSPECIALAWESOME DETECTION POWERS!! that could come in REALLY handy... for the scientists, at least. hee. 
ok, gotta go.
hugs and cookies for everyone!

Friday, September 12, 2008

city nights...

The wind whips across your face. It washes over you, flowing around your shape and reconnecting beyond. You wish you could be like the wind, flowing over timeless land, ever changing, ever free. But you can't. You are tied. Tied by earthly bounds. The air flow changes, shifting to your back and softly moving towards the other. The only other person here. Standing behind him, you can't see his face. But you don't need that. You can feel his emotions as if they were your own. The tenseness of his shoulders makes him worried, the clench of his fists, afraid. He turns around, looking away from the cityscape and moving his to you. His eyes, colorless in the shadows, find yours. You wait, he must have brought you here for something. He looks down, says tonelessly "I-I can't do it anymore." Looking back up at your face, he continues hopelessly "I'm sorry." He brushes past you, moving towards the door, the door that led to countless stairs down. Away from you. You stiffen up, trying not to show weakness in front of him. The door shuts soundlessly, leaving you alone. Still numb, you walk to the edge of the roof, hanging over the support and looking down. Could those tiny dots really be people? People like you, with lives and feelings? Then it hits you. You're alone. You have nobody, nothing. It all left, left with him. He was all you had, your everything. And you hadn't been enough for him. You sink to your knees, sobbing your heart out. Tears streaming down your face, you struggle to stand up. Stumbling, you smash into the railing and tip crazily over the edge. The colors, the lights, the sounds of the city reach you, but are distorted and bent out of shape through your tears. Suddenly, you stand straight. You want to see this world better. Struggling, you manage to balance on the outside of the rail, hanging on behind you for support. The wind starts again, blowing strands of your hair around your neck in a mockery of a hangman's noose. You smile and close your eyes. 
Then you let go...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hi everyone! wooow, today was weird. and random. and FUN! ok, so to start off, i had gym AGAIN today, and since it wasn't raining, we played tennis outside! i played singles with one of my human friends! and one of the guys on the court next ot us ran into a wall! next (skipping all the boring parts), we had biology, and i got 60 drops of watter on a penny! BEAT THAT! so after that (again, skipping the boring classes), in french, we played this game where you stand back-to-back with someone in front of the class and the teacher says a body part in french and if you hesitate too long or touch the wrong one you're out and I WON! GRAND CHAMPION STORM!!!!! ALL HAIL!!!!!!!! yes.
so then i went to envirothon and it was.... interesting. probably the weirdest, most random part of the day. so it was also the funnest. we got this scenerio where these two elks are walking northeast, then three wolves come from the west and the elks run away. the wolves kill one of the elks and start eating it, but are scared off by a bear that comes from the north-west. then a cayote warily comes (again from the west) and grabs a piece of meat and runs away with it. so we had to draw all the tracks of the animals, and differentiate between walking and running! so I suggest using the smartboard, and we do that. then sonar draws these really lopsided elk tracks, and everyone has a ten minute arguement about how elks walk. heehee, sonar actually TRIED walking the different ways, and it looked like he was dancing! (badly)! so then we have another arguement about the wolf tracks, i enjoy poking the smartboard when sonar is drawing on it, and echo and i split some choco-caramel chex mix. it was good.... oh yeah back to envirothon. so we finally finish that, and go on the computers trying to find pictures of tracks. on of the members (who shall remain anonymous) found seal tracks! then he found toad tracks.... yeah he's a strange one. so then we go to the late bus and get confused about which is echo's and go on the bus and i am sat next to by lila (maybe its her real name, maybe its not), which scares sonar so he sits far away. then lila and another girl talk about an anime convention thats going on in october and i stare off into space. then they're all gone! (i fell asleep).
so i go home, do my homework, and now i'm here!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

after school...

Hi everyone! I'm gonna continue from my post yesterdaynight!
sooo... we didn't have tennis, so i'm kinda glad i didn't bring my tennisbat. it rained..... and we were in the new gym, so for those who don't know, it doesn't have any floors above it and has one wall that's ALL WINDOWS! it was this huge storm, and i could hear the rain ALL throughout the class! there was thunder and lightning too! i could hear everything... so we didn't play tennis. i wish we could, though. i like tennis... and rain. if only it were colder! chillrain is better than warm rain... unless the air is significantly cooler than the rain. i love the wind, too. GRAH i wish i could've just jumped out a window and flew off into the darkbluegrayaqua clouds! except that probably would've drawn a few weird looks from my classmates. i wonder if the rain could've washed my wings? oh, gotta tell you that. since i kinda... went on a killing spree and set fire to things, my wings have been stained smoke-black and blood-red. so sad... ok, so after running around for a while, my class went to the wrestling team's practice room and played one-bounce dodgeball. i stayed in the game... since no one noticed me. it was fun! kinda...
so that was the major event in my day.

Now, Mistress Storm will fill everyone's empty heads with wonderful knowledge! Take out your parchment and quills everyone, there will be a test!
The lesson for today will be 'stormisms.'

Now, a 'stormism' is a combination of words that either combines and/or emphasizes each word's individual meaning. They also combine two-word phrases, including names. These combinations, in a sense the ultimate prose, add a sense of either 'familiarity' or 'conscious thought' to the writing they are in. When they are used with colors, stormisms usually convey the image of a color that is usually conveyed in a different method, or a color not usually used. For example, in the paragraph before, the stormism 'darkbluegrayaqua' is used to describe the storm clouds. That sounds strange if simply read, but picture a sky full of storm clouds with the sun shining through them, giving them a blueish tint. The yellow of the sun makes the thinner clouds seem aqua, while the thicker or more distant clouds seem a combination of dark blue and gray. In a different sense, a stormism can be a simple combination of the words in a two- or more- word phrase. Find 'tennisbat' in the preceding paragraph. What image does it convey to your mind? If it was anything but a tennis racket, you, well to put it as normal Storm, either play baseball or are a complete idiot (or are a VERY free thinker, but I know few people THAT out there). But, the term 'tennisbat' either makes one think of a tennis racket, or someone trying to play tennis with a baseball bat, a very interesting picture. Therefore, stormisms are mainly designed to either surmount a barrier that most words cannot, or to inspire joy in the reader.

OK, Mistress Storm go bye-bye now! back to MEEEE!!! 
oh yeah, I made Sonar feel weird today! Yesterday, Sonar talked to me at our lockers (we're like three lockers apart, but no one uses their lockers. besides us.) and said that he thought Radar was mad at him. He asked me to 'calm her down' at lunch if Echo couldn't do it first. Well, I, having no idea what he was talking about, asked Jess about it at lunch and she explained. SONAR!! HOW COULD YOU! I CAN'T BELIE- GEEZ! NO WONDER RADAR WAS MAD! so of course I glare at him on the bus, and he asks 'what?' so I respond 'You know what you did.' and he starts to get frantic. He confessed to a bunch of stuff, but none of it was the right stuff, so I ignored him and glared at him when he talked to me. Then he said 'yellow'. for some reason, i start cracking up and wonderoutloud why it made me laugh. he said 'There are many things connected to yellow.' and I agree. Then i go back to ignoring him, and kinda... fall asleep. so that was good. I should probably start on my homework (ULTIMATE EVIL) now, so 
See Ya!

C'est Moi! Echoness

Anonymous said...
Ok, i have a few questions:why are you guys always talking like you're apart? you live together, right?where exactly DO you live? someone told me mars, but i thought they were kiddingstorm do you have MPD?thanks, and please answer soon!

I wanna answer toooooooo. ok ok ok...
We live NEAR echo other but not together because...well safety reasons. Sometimes we will meet up and sleep at each other's hideouts but you know. And we see each other in school. We live everywhere! Mars is a codename (oops was I suuposed to say that) well we live in a place next to a thing.

And STORM doesn't have MPD.... I DO...seriously. lol. Although one would never know by the way I type. (But, Storm, maybe you DO have it...now that i think about it...lol)

Hola! (yeeheeness)


Monday, September 8, 2008


I just remembered I have gym AGAIN tomorrow. I wonder if I should bring my tennis racket...
I also wonder why I felt the need to tell you this...
oh well.

ok, continue!

That was a nice shower. Ok, so I have eurostudies second period, and the teacher assigned us a project last week. we had to pick a european country and do a poster on it. I, being original, decided to pick andorra. (look it up in wikipedia. its a REALLy small country between france and spain). so, sunday night i work frantically and finish the poster, map, flag, facts, and all. I bring it into class today and ask the teacher to look over it and ITS ALL WRONG. completely, utterly wrong. so i have to rip off everything (and i used GLUE) and put my desecrated poster back in my backpack, no longer resplendent and shiny. so after that, i have GYM. i hate gym. i think it must be the combination of the changing rooms (YOU ever tried to hide a giant pair of wings when you know any illusion won't work!?), the noxious air (honestly, forty different perfumes mixed with fifty different deodorants plus a wolf's nose does NOT a happy Storm make!) and the EXCERCISE! although we played tennis today. i like tennis. i was paired with a couple of my human friends (who... let us say, are NOT especially talented in the tennis branch of education) and we practically played on two courts. i ran around a lot and tried not to spread my wings. it was hard. so we get TWO MINUTES to get back to the building and change, and my next class, biology, is on the THIRD FLOOR! And on the other side of the school! so we barely make it there on time and we do the most UTTERLY BORING thing on the planet. we adjusted the microscopes. course adjustment knob. whee.
so after THAT, i have math class, which is down ANOTHER two flights of stairs and across the building. i was seriously contemplating jumping out the window. but after math i have lunch with Radar, so that's ok. there was no pocky today though... oh well. 
after math #2 and french, we all go to the busses, and i sit, as per the usual, in the front seat behind the driver. Sonar (as always) sits across from me, and one of his human friends sits behind him. Sonar and i engage in either a completely random (usually because of me) conversation or have a very serious argument about a very important topic. such as the pronunciation of the word 'aura' (is it 'ah-ra' or 'oh-rah'?) or the merits of different shades of yellow. Sonar hates yellow, but not gold. I challenged that (gold's just shiny yellow, right?) , and we spring into a half-hour debate about it. yeah good times... so i fall asleep on the bus and almost miss my stop. then i fall asleep again, do my homework, eat dinner, and now this!

what was the last part? oh yeah, teaching you guys. y'all better consider yourselves lucky, because my hands are tired and my sugar high is wearing off. i will instruct you tomorrow.
y'all better call me 'Master Storm' or 'Professor Storm'. 


Hellew everyone! Today I will be doing three things: answering anonymous's questions (be grateful!), summarizing my day, and teaching y'all something! (stop groaning its cool!)
Ok, so first, answer questions, anonymous said: 
Ok, i have a few questions:
why are you guys always talking like you're apart? you live together, right?
where exactly DO you live? someone told me mars, but i thought they were kidding
storm do you have MPD?
thanks, and please answer soon

in response to this, i will let everyone else put in their own answers. and NO I DO NOT HAVE MPD!! at least i think i dont...
you do trust me.

second, outline my day:
ok, so i have second period european studies, and i have a project due 

I will continue later, i'm gonna get a shower. i wonder if walking outside in the rain counts...
squid! (and dont feel left out if you dont get this, a lot of people dont!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ok, happy now!!

Hi y'all! (sorry about the weird font, my stupid computer had a momentary-malfunction) Wow. this font makes me wanna type real proper, you know, 'British-like'!
Ok, restart:

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well? Now that people comment, spiral downward into eternal darkness has been halted. Although I will never again be the same...
Ok, back to posting. Radar, in answer to your question about the job, yes. My boss emailed me to see if I wanted the hours, but I am going to politely refuse after I finish this post. Don't worry, I will also lavishly praise your positive qualities, of which there are plenty, so to be rude: Shut up Sonar.
Now that unpleasant episode is over, I wish to extend my greetings and friendship to the Misfits. Y'all rock!
Oh, sorry about that. I temporarily lost control of my fingers! I really love your pictures and your comments, they are so hyper and fun! Where did you get the pictures, by the way; some are really cute!
Oh, Katara, I read a comment on ,I think it was Radar's blog, about your controlling lightning? I must say a few things, so bear with me.
1- Rock on girl!
2-Finally, someone other than Sonar that can control lightning! (Even though I do it better than him)
3-What are your other powers? What DNAs do you have? Please, everyone answer!

YESS I GOT CONTROL OF THE KEYBOARD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, its normal Storm here, so if any o' y'all gots a problem with how i type, y'all better get the heck of the computer, because it will explode in three.... two..... one!