Saturday, January 31, 2009



Sonar found out that he was “created to stop/kill” Radar. But how much of this do YOU think is possible? Come to my blog ( and vote on who YOU think would win the battle.

Personally, I cannot say because unfortunately, both are my friends. However, I believe that the prophecy in Harry Potter “Neither Shall Live While The Other Survives” might prove true here as well.

Let’s see what the readers think the outcome will be. I’m extremely curious on who the readers have more faith in.

Let the voting begin.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Storm's definite last note for a while

hi everyone, it's neko-chan. this'll be a quick post, because i'm technically not supposed to be on the computer (something about me falling asleep on the bus and my neighbor having to wake me up corresponds to lack of sleep corresponds to too much computer time), but i went to storm's today to water her plants and got one more note. it's rather short (especially for storm), so i'll just post the entire thing...
I heard the scientists talking, and this'll be my last note for some time... maybe even ever... but I just wanted to keep you updated, so They'll be putting the chip in my brain on the afternoon of the 28th (just so we don't get confused with dates), locking me up for a day to see how I react to it, and, if all goes well, I'll be in the shuttle for the moon by the evening of the 30th. I just wanted to tell you again how much I love you all and miss you and hope you'll be happy no matter what happens... so, to everyone that likes me, finds me amusing, or looks forward to reading my posts; thank you. my life is changed forever because of you, and if it weren't for you, I don't know what I would be like. For people who hate or dislike me for any reason; I'm sorry. I don't know what I did to offend you or make you unhappy, but I want you to know that I'm sorry for it. So whether it was my annoyingly long posts, severely fluctuating personality, or constant threats to throw people down elevator shafts, I apologize.
Bye everyone, and I want you to know again that I'll always love you, miss you, and remember you. Forever.

just a final FYI from neko-chan, there might be some mistranslations, so i apologize for them. some parts of the note were too tear-stained to read properly... 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

probably the last note from Storm for a while...

hi people... i got another note from Storm... as i said, it's probably going to be the last one for a while... ok here it is:
Hi peoples!! It's Storm!!!! (I said peoples because I know Neko-chan's gonna post this for me) Yeah so, it's just around midnight, and I just heard the scientists talking about stuff, and I just wanted to tell you what they were talking about. Ok, so they were 1: planning on putting a computer chip in my brain so I would unconditionally obey their orders, no matter what, and 2: also planning on sending me to the moon. According to them, there is life on the moon, and they're sending me up to obtain a specimen for them to study. I didn't really hear much about Sonar, but as far as I know, he's getting a chip too. So, um, there it is! Everyone, I love you and miss you! I really hope Balmung's back, I never got to say goodbye...
Ok, well I'll say goodbye now!
Bye everyone, I may never talk to you again, so I wanted you to know that I love you all and miss you and that my life would be so different and boring and dark and like the essence of bad if I had never met you guys. Farewell, and may luck, fortune, and love light your lives like you light mine.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

hi peoples... this is neko-chan with storm update...

ummmm..... hi? i've been looking on the blogs for a while, and they seem kinda... lonely with only Radar, Tilla and Saphire posting fairly recently. so i decided to... fix... it?
yeah. storm visited her house again and left another note, here it is (abridged, actually. storm as you know writes a lot...)
Hi Neko-chan! I was bored, so at around midnight when everyone was asleep (including Sonar. He's fine, by the way. Just FYI for anyone that cares...), I portaled myself over and decided to write you this note. Please tell all my internet-peeps that I lub them, and that I miss them and think about them everyday that I'm not unconscious 'cause the scientists knock me out to do experiments on me. So, um... yeah. Oh, I noticed that the roses in the blue vase were looking a little dry, could you water them a bit more? They like cold water best.
Your Favorite Experiment (or else! X3)
so... yeah. i'll probably be posting later, i wrote a new poem that i'd like your opinions on it...
sorry about all the ...s, i went to my friend's sixteenth birthday yesterday and it was a sleepover. i stayed up 'til four a.m. and i also discovered that i am surprisingly awesome at wii tennis. it was... interesting... we watched 'Bones' and another of my friends got seriously addicted to it and now i have a few new insults added to my repertoire. that, and they all tried to get me to do the musical. according to them, i'm a quote-unquote 'amazing actress' just because i can mimic any facial expression or gesture forever after seeing it once... unfortunately, i have an overly heightened sense of shame (like, if i'm on stage and not in a crowd of fifty people, i start crying uncontrollably). so there XP
ok... bye

woooowwwwww. i just read it again at like nine and realized how stupidly/pathetically random it is. kinda like... wanna-be-Storm without the exclamation points. oh, and i just finished a manga called 'cat street' on onemanga. its really good. and kouichi is mine. just so you know. rather shojo, and also with quite a few teary-eye-inducing moments, but nice character development and an original idea. plus its really well-drawn. 
to anyone who cares, or actually reads this post at all (as of now there are... zero comments. it is now 9:06), i just wanted to say; see you. i'm probably not going to be on until later tomorrow, the local ymca's doing a scuba demo with a bunch of boyscouts and i promised i would help.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

reason for storm's lack-of-presence...

hi everyone... sorry, i'm tired. despite the 'from the mixed-up mind of:' thing, it's neko-chan. i hacked into storm's account so i could do this post.
ok so everyone knows how storm's been mysteriously absent since like new years, right? well, a few days ago i went to her house and it was empty. not 'empty' like someone took everything, 'empty' like she wasn't there. it was all clean and appealed perfectly to my OCD. i was looking around and saw her laptop with a note on it, here's what it said:
I know you'll probably be the one to find this (you're the only non-flock person to know where I live and they don't visit that often...) so I'm addressing this to you. You've been on the blog, so I'm pretty sure you know what happened to Sonar. (If you don't he was captured by scientists and taken back to the school). A few days ago, I was bored, so I actually fell asleep (and you know how big a thing that is!). Unfortunately, when I was asleep, I... was captured too. I put up a fight, so the house was pretty much destroyed, but after they drugged me, tied me up, and threw me in the back of a delivery van (it was blue. I remember.), I woke up in the van and remembered how much of a mess I left! So I made one of my portals and went back to the house so I could clean up and write you this note. However, I also remembered how bored I was, so after I'm done I'm going to portal myself back into the truck, re-tie myself back up, and feign unconsciousness so I can have an adventure. As you can see, I don't have my laptop with me, so I'm giving you permission (just this once) to hack into my account on Blogger and post this, so my internet-friends won't think I abandoned them. I could never abandon them... and now they'll know. 
Please water the plants! I've already called work and took my vacation, so they won't be looking for me.
Storm X3

so there it is! ummmm... and that's all i have to say!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

so cliche... but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and so, we usher in another year, toasting the one that has passed. i for one will drink my sparkling cranberry juice to these things:
to a (so far) good school year, with minimal IQ-loss over break
to school break (time to party and act like idiots, but just enough left over for homework!)
to basically the world itself, its wonderful right now.
to the internet, cell phones and basically technology, so i can talk to everyone over break
to the creator of apples to apples, for making such a FREAKIN' AWESOME game
to neko-chan, who invited me over to celebrate the new year and to watch the first sunrise and sunset of the year
to sugar, our source of endless entertainment (and alternative to drugs... seriously can you picture US on drugs? scaryscaryscary...)
to, for letting me meet all of you
and finally TO all of you! i know i've said this already, but you guys are really my best friends. i know we have our differences and really know very little about eachother personal-info-wise(well, at least i do), but our friendship is proof that no matter where or who they are, even someone like me can make friends. and awesome friends like you at that!! and i believe that our friendship will remain, strong and constant, supporting, at least me, but i hope everyone. here- *hands out champagne flutes filled with sparkling cranberry juice*- i say we all toast. toast, not only to an amazing year behind us, where i'm pretty sure we all met and our relationships grew from casual online friendship to such a wonderful thing as this in the space so short of less than 365 days. let's toast to the new year ahead of us, and may it bring as much happiness and joy as this one!
and now i have 'seasons of love' going through my head. it's a good new-year song.
ok i have to go, but i love you all and best of luck in the new year!!!!!
oh, and i just edited my greeting message, i know it's hard to read, but please look!