Wednesday, October 29, 2008

GRAH!! stupid sports!! hurts ma earz!!!

grr stupid phillies. THEY HAD TO GO AND WIN THE SUPERBOWL, DIDN'T THEY?!?! well i for one am NOT HAPPY about it. my neighbours are so FRIKIN LOUD and i can't sleep!!! and Storm needs her sleep, oh yes she does. otherwise she is NOT happy the following day... and we have envirothon tomorrow. grawr. not that i can sleep anyway... but my insomnia was better when there weren't ignorant people RINGING BELLS and SCREAMING outside!! GRRRR!!!!!!!! how would they react if they suddenly were all hit by lightning. blue lightning. if only because it's cool. i, for one, would be rather OVERJOYED!!! now if only we had lightning... where oh where could we get some of that? any ideas?
oh and now i will respond to comments. my rant is done (for now).
cruz, indeed. i am probably the only one who would make that big of a deal (or a post...) out of insignificant things like that. but LITTLE THINGS MAKE BIG THINGS AND IF YOU DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THE LITTLE THINGS THEY WILL NOT BE HAPPY and they will destroy you. and then they will laugh...
radar, really?! Jett's your... twin? how's that work? we must talk.
oh well i gotta ATTEMPT to sleep now.
maybe after i destroy them... or just make hail the size of minivans FALL ON THEIR HEADS!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


hee, the north wind is blowing the cold air is flowing the north clouds are snowing and Storm has much joy. its cold (for normal people) out and the wind is almost forty miles an hour!! hmm i wonder if i could get it to sixty *smiles to self* ok i'll try later. but yeah. today was... interesting. ok randomest moments:
a girl in my english class (1st period) left her bio book on her desk, and i was the only one that sees her AT ALL in the day, so the teacher asked me to give it to her. yeah i see her at lunch. 8th period. and i already carry my bio book, so i carried TWO for almost 7 PERIODS!!! and those things are HEAVY!!! Sonar will testify. so i try and give it to her and it turns out ITS NOT HERS! i carried around a superheavy book for someone i barely know and ITS NOT FLIPPIN' HERS!!! needless, to say, Storm's not-happy dance came out. you know, that's the one that involves slamming the not-happy-fying object to the floor, preferably out a window, and having it oh-so-sadly (dripping with sarcasm. cruz quote.) being destroyed. painfully. hee i hope that girl didn't need it anytime soon... or that she can read ash. nevermind there's none left! the wind blew it all away!
ok and THEN! yesterday and today there was a new girl on our bus for the ride home. yesterday she sat in Sonar's seat so he sat with a human friend, but today she sat in MY SEAT! my anger from the book-episode was gone (as was the book...), so i just decided to sit with the same human friend who was currently sitting behind Sonar. except since it was cold and raining (i like it, but he didn't... so strange) he asked for a hug! not only me, that would have been semi-okay and he might've gotten one, but first HE ASKS SONAR! i will never forget the look on Sonar's face... i didn't want to hug him, so i just sat with Sonar instead and talked about him. but then he pitched in to the conversation and i (with him. actually it was mostly him) decided that Sonar was cheating on Echo with him. no Echo! don't kill him! it was just a joke! so yeah then he said 'no it's just a one-sided affair' and that got Sonar back into the conversation talking about how it was impossible for him to have a girlfriend (the human. not sonar.) or something like that. Sonar will clarify. 
radar said:
... Jett?

zomg. i think that was it! yeah now i remember! he was nice, always talking to me when the other peoples made fun of me for being different. now what was HIS dna... oh well i gotta keep thinking. but he was nice. we were kept in cages that were next to each other, and one time he broke the barrier between them (with my help) so we could have more room! that was good... until the scientists found out. they tried to separate us, but i bit him! the scientist, not Jett. hmm... come to think of it, i was kinda wolflike even before i met the pack. which probably saved me a lot. yeah i bit alot of people. i gots sharp teef! *taps them, then finger slips and cuts self on canine* stupid teeth... crap i'm bleeding onto my keyboard. i wonder what happened to Jett... he kinda disappeared before i was 'set free'. hmmmm
gotta go i wanna stand on my roof and feel the wind

Monday, October 27, 2008

all is merry and all is bright on this day of gladness

sing and celebrate with delight, goodwill and cheer
goodwill and cheer!
all is merry and BRIIIIIIIIIGT!!!
hee, sorry. HAPYNIZZ: i haz dem.
i finished all my homework and even downloaded a bunch of music onto my laptop! legally, of course 0.O heehee
no seriously. i borrowed like four cds from my human friend and just downloaded the music into itunes. i'm giving the cds back tomorrow. right now i'm listening to 'when i'm gone' by simple plan. i really like them. but if you don't like rock music, don't listen. leetle bit hardcore. 
ooh 'take my hand' just came on. i like this one too... but my favorite songs will always be 'welcome to my life' and 'me against the world,' by them at least. 'dance dance' by fall out boy is pretty good too. and 'poison.' at least by groove coverage. and cascada's really good to. even IF alot of her songs sound alike. sorry. where sonar's ADD about music, i'm just obsessive. i love ALL music. except a lot of rap. but i don't really consider that real music, so yeah. 
apples are good. especially granny smiths. especially when they just came out of the fridge and they're all fresh and crisp... ow. (just bit into one) *looks at apple*
well that's not good. there's blood on it. hmmm.
ok so yeah. rascal flatts is really good too. i love their songs 'cool thing' and 'stand.' both rock a LOT. and that makes me think about a different song, called 'fly away' by sugarland. that's also one of my fave songs. that and 'baby girl,' also by sugarland.
ok i gotta go. i will depart with a song lyric!!
gonna leave this world behind me gonna take what's mine tonight
cause every wasted day becomes a wasted chance (when i'm gone; simple plan)

ok i'm not really gone. i suddenly remembered something about the school. i remember whenever they gave me food i would split it with the boy in the cage next to me, then watch him eat it and see if he did anything. they must've tried to poison me A LOT. cause he got sick a lot. hee, one time they gave me candy corn and i didn't want it so i gave it all to him and he ate it all in like ONE BITE and then he almost passed out! guess he didn't have much of a tolerance for sugar... he was really my only friend before i escaped. what was his name.... i think it started with a 'J'.... oh well please comment with suggestions!
thanks, and HAPPY EASTER!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

winter wind, blow the leaves away... autumn cannot stay... winter wind

i suddenly remembered that line from a chorus song. if you wanna know how to sing it, its in major scale and as far as i can tell, its
do mi mi fa
mi fa mi re mi
mi fa mi re mi
(quarter rest)
re do mi
at least that line. 
hee, now i have ANOTHER song stuck in my head. its a different chorus song. man i am chock full of 'em today.
hey sonar, you SHOULD remember. its that one that you said you'd get the boy's solo for but the stupid music teacher eliminated the solos!!
and that is all i will say about that.
heehee here comes another one! (you people better know this)
i see trees of green
red roses too
i see them bloom
for me and you
and i think to my self
what a wonderful world...
i see skies of blue and
clouds of white
the bright, blessed day
the dark, sacred night
and i think to myself
what a wonderful world.
the colors of the rainbow,
so pretty in the sky
are also on the faces
of people, goin' by
i see friends shakin' hands, 
sayin' 'how do you do'
they're really sayin'
'i love you'
i hear babies cry
i watch them grow
they'll learn so much more
than i'll ever know
and i think to myself
what a wonderful world...
yes i think to myself
what a wonderful

god bless us, everyone!

wonderful lovely caramell speedycake remix vids...

(Vild Och Galen MISHEARD!!!!)

Caramelldansen wif kirby and other random person who i have no idea is

Spelar Ingen Roll 

and finally CARAMELL MEGAMIX!!! (its up there^)
i hope you enjoyed my random swedish pop videos!!!
(i made none of these and will happily worship the people who did. well, not WORSHIP, but you get hugs and cookies!!)
you get hugs and cookies for watching anyway!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


no its not a kind of candy. its a song!!!! (well... technically its a genre. BUT WHO CARES!!!!)
caramelldansen!!! i love it so much!! no longer loving people and jess and soichiro just got me back into it, though.
hee i love the adorable chibi dance!!!! and the swedish lyrics!!!
have you seen the metal version on youtube? it's actually not completely pathetic!!!
(by the way, clappen einen handen is swedish for 'clap your hands.' if you needed a translation...)
dance only dance
clappen einen handen
i'm yours only yours
dunno a single dance step
this whole life
people in the club say
NEH thanks for lettin' me CARAMELLDANSEN!!!!
dance only dance
clappen einen handen
i'm yours only yours 
dunno a single dance step!
this whole life
people in the club say
neh thanks for lettin' me CARAMELLDANSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i also like all the speeded-up versions of their songs. the band's called 'caramell' by the way. they're on itunes. I LOVE SUPERGOTT!!!!!!!!!!!
my faves:
caramelldansen (well DUH)
caramell megamix (so wonderful!!)
spelar ingen roll (i love the first like ten seconds! and the rest too of course!)
vild och galen (there's this awesome misheard lyrics vid, i have to post it/a link)
*violently slams head into pillow, 'caramelldansen' coursing through head*


*puts 'supergott' cd in stereo and puts volume all the way up* 
*dances along to awesome swedish speedycake music!!!!*

Friday, October 24, 2008

response to comments and ELABORATION!!

anonymous said: alkatraz closed years ago
that's what they WANT you to think... they reopened it for the really bad criminals. like me!
NLLP- aww, why can't i blow stuff up? its fun... but thank you for your yay! *hug!*
cruz- thank you for trying, but it doesn't work like that. NOT TO FEAR!! i will tell the much easier/more fun way to pray to them later
ok easier method of praying to wellness fairies for balmung:
fill your mouth with candy/cookies/anything else loaded with sugar until you can barely close it, then spin around until you fall over. face the sky and repeat the person's (balmung's) name until the world stops spinning. repeat this as much as you want/can. MUCH EASIER THAN THE OTHER WAY!!!! please everyone try!!
ok ELABORATION from bus! sonar, i was mouthing 'PRISON.... JAIL!' don't go. NOT FUN.
ok elaboration that sonar left to me:
one of the stupid guys in the back called up 'hey brit, is that your boyfriend!' and she points to the busdriver and some other guy, and when he said 'no' she said 'then WHO?!' he said 'the guy you're sitting next to!' and she looked at sonar and was like 'oh him?' then she PUT HER ARM AROUND HIM and starts flirting with him outrageously. then when he was all nervous and pushed her arm off, saying 'i already have a girlfriend', she PERSISTED in flirting with him. no echo... don't kill her. even a little. she got what she deserved from the bus driver... and from me and sonar. well, at least me... she hurt my ears! and SONAR I AM ANGRY AT YOU! YOU LEFT ME WITH THEM!!! grr. GRR MOST!! so ha.
oh, i suppose you want to hear about my new power. its COOL! but you have to have an imagination to use it. sorry sonar. no offense, but yeah. ok it has 2 parts. 
one: remember when i was trying to make a portal in space so i could come from japan? well, now i can! it takes very little imagination, so sonar can come too! all i do is make a portal big enough to walk through and go through it! and other people can come too! we just have to hold on to each other, like grabbing sleeves or something. so YAY! i can also make a little portal and it works like a video phone! (i used this one to get out of jail)
two: MWAHAHA!!! i can go to DIFFERENT WORLDS!!!! only the semi-realistic ones though, like england with harry potter! and people with lots of imagination can come too! but it takes A LOT of imagination, so its kinda hard. but yeah! where do you people want to go?! oh yeah, we have to be asleep to do this one though. you know how 'dreams are portals to different worlds'? well, for me, they really ARE!! yay. and i don't have to go to the realistic ones when i'm alone! i can go ANYWHERE!!!
well, technically, this power takes me to a 'world between worlds.' its like some place and it had different doors that go to different worlds. depending on your imagination, you can go a set distance from the 'this world' door. i think it would be fun to play hide-and-seek in! except only i can bring people to the world between worlds. i just call it 'the glade' though. it looks like a lovely sunny glade with wonderful green grass and wildflowers and everything, but it has all these doors that look like they lead to nowhere until you open one and go through it. the one's closest to the 'this world' door are most like this world. but yeah, anyone can go through the doors, its getting back that takes my power. though it is kind of annoying to have to fall asleep to use it. and when we go back to this world, we're in the exact same place we left! grr. oh well i'm hungry. talk later!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, we are free at last!

as the new name says. MAJOR QUOTAGE!! and yes i did make that word up. so HA! (this will be a VERY long post. just warning you)
ok i'm out of jail. ESCAPE FROM ALKATRAZ!!! and for once, i'm telling the truth. it was alkatraz. man i hope i'm spelling the name right. but who cares! if you want to hear my tale of daring risks and near-misses, i suggest you skip to the part titled PRISON ESCAPE or something like that, because i'm going to rant about school first. BEGIN RANT!!!
send me back to jail!!! i don't like school. i'm going to recount my horrific schedule in lavish detail now...
homeroom: ugh. I HATE MY HOMEROOM TEACHER!!!!!! she's a german teacher, and its apparently oktoberfest in a few days, she wore most HIDEOUS dress today. and she DIDN'T STOP TALKING to us!!!!!
1st period, english: so apparently we weren't 'participating' enough in class, so she had us make index cards with 'i participated' on one side and 'i did not participate' on the other side. once we got called on for something, we were allowed to flip over a card to make it say 'i participated' !!! whooo
2nd period, euro studies: actually wasn't all that bad. i have the STUPIDEST girl EVER that sits diagonal from me, and she can't talk. oh no, she YELLS! you know the conventional 'blonde' jokes? SHE EMBODIES THEM!!!!! we were looking at renaissance art, and she WOULDN'T SHUT UP!!! i was seriously prepared to go back to jail JUST TO KILL HER!!
you get the trend, gym: whoo. gym. my favorite. (sarcasm if you can't tell). yeah we ran suicides. for ten minutes straight. then we did a further 'warm-up' which consisted of lunges/knee-to-chest/hamstring curls halfway across the gym, then jogging the rest. then the gym teacher made us do 'kick-skips' down the entire gym. if you don't know what they are, think 'rockettes' you know the knee-up-knee-down-leg-out-then-again thing? we had to do that IN MOTION. then we played football. gym sucks.
biology: i had to present a stupid thing and i got TERRIFIED and probably ruined my and my partners' grades for the marking period.
math1: ANNOYING. i'm in stupid math because the school hates me, and i was ready to kill someone! i did the worksheet we got in less than five minutes when everyone else asked the teacher for help on the FIRST QUESTION!
lunch: another person joined our table. just for the day, but it took some MAJOR EFFORT to get people to move so Radar could sit down.
math2: also annoying. the worksheet we were supposed to do today in class i finished for homework, so i had 45 minutes of free time.
french: also annoying. we went over the usage of the pronouns 'y' and 'en'
then i went home and all was good.
ESCAPE FROM ALKATRAZ!!!! actually was at about midnight last night. that funny feeling i had was a new power coming!!!! and it's AWESOME!!!! but i will wait to tell you. TOMORROW, I PROMISE!! now, i will rant about the gym locker rooms.
you know that really high-pitched sound that certain things make? like the PA system or a tv when you turn it on? that REALLY annoys me. like, that coupled with the running in gym almost made me pass out. i can't get away from it!! it messes with my sense of balance and coordination and basically everything else needed to play football, and some guy on the opposite team slammed into me! i fell down! and it was only the STUPID NOISE that kept me from destroying him on the spot! now you KNOW that's not normal. normally, i would just trip him the next time he came near me or something. but then the LOCKER ROOM!!! ohmygod. i have a reeally sensitive nose (wolf) and the blast of like EIGHTY different perfumes and deodorants hit me like a brick wall. i literally couldn't breathe in there. and almost passed out AGAIN! probably one of the reasons i screwed up the bio presentation...
ok gotta go. i'm kinda... wanted and have a rather large bounty on my head, so i have to lead people away from my house.
see ya! 
oh wait everyone must pray to the wellness fairies for Balmung!!!! to do this, sit traditional japanese-style facing west and chant the name of who you want to be well until you see three stars appear. if enough people do it, he will DEFINITELY get better faster!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the nargles took my shoes... CONTINUED!!

if you were at the sleepover from like three months ago you know what that means. so i was wrong, jail IS fun. when you know what to do... here's a summary of my day:
i was shunted around a lot today. i went to like 8 different cells! seriously. first i was in a lower-security cell, and when someone asked me why i was here, i said 'i'm an assassin' and the warden heard and moved me up a security level! 
so yeah, i got bored in the next few cells, so when someone asked me the same thing, i started quoting 'chicago.' awesome movie by the way, a little racy, but TOTALLY worth it. so my opening always was: 'he was cheating on me. and one day i caught him at it.' and after that i said: 'so he ran into my knife. he ran into my knife ten times.' then 'so i fixed him a drink as usual. you know how some guys can't hold their arsenic.' then 'i fired two warning shots. into his head.' and my last one was 'i guess it really was the difference in how we saw him that drove us apart. he saw himself as alive!' and then- oh crap the warden's coming. its lights out and they won't be happy. i'll post tomorrow!

ok so continuation of post (including today's stuff!)
so every time i said stuff, they moved me up a security level. i ended up in this cell with four scary-looking guys. one takes one look at me and says 'how'd a little girl like you get in here?' so i play it cool and say 'well what'd you do to get in here?' and they all tell me what they did. it kinda reminded me of how in school on the first day they make you stand up and say something about yourself. one was unhappy in his marriage, so he killed his wife and her entire family. the next one killed his business rival and his family, and the third was a serial murder-rapist. he scared me. but then the last one stood up, and i could tell he was the boss. he was a pretty tall guy, about 6', and boy, did he look tough. he was here because he was an assassin. when i said what i did (i just kept it to the assassination), he looked so freaking astonished that i almost killed him right then and there. but i had my revenge in the yard that day. oh yes i did... i set an illusion of a guard RIGHT BEHIND him the entire time, so he couldn't slack off like he normally did! the other guys caught me laughing and they... weren't happy. they attacked me. and so did the assassin-dude. the guards were, to say frankly, pissed. not happy at all. but they put me in solitary today!! wheee! heehee, its not solitary when you can have illusions talk to you! except the guards caught me taking some metal from the bed frame and molding it into a knife, so they put me in a straitjacket. not happy. the only reason i'm posting now is that i escaped from it and managed to sneak my laptop into my cell. ninja skills rock. and NO i will say NOTHING about prison food! i didn't eat any anyway... i don't trust people i don't know. so yeah. that was my day. whoo. i'm planning on escaping tomorrow... i feel funny. radar, what is this?
ok, see ya after i break out of maximum-security prison!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

you know what? jail sucks. never go. not fun.

hey guys. sorry about posting so late, i got... arrested. someone tipped off the authorities about something... not exactly illegal, but frowned upon thing i had scheduled for tomorrow night. but they can't hold me for more than a day, and i think i seriously scared the cops that took me in. they probably thought i had dynamite or something... (i kinda... blew the roof off the car) heehee gunpowder. oh and sonar i'm sorry for picking on your tie, i just am kinda asinine about things like that and needed to be annoyed about something. is lilac better? that comment kinda sounded like her... but yeah. i wonder if they let you do homework in jail? wait, here's a warden, i'm gonna ask her...
she said yeah, and offered to get my backpack for me. such a nice lady... although she probably wants money... i have some ring that a random guy left at his table at a restaurant, is that good enough? it's gold... so it's probably ok. an sonar incase you DO by some freak accident have a picture with me in it, please don't post it. i prefer to remain anonymous... wow that sounded corny. but still, please? thanks. 
hee, i was randomly quoting monty python today and people thought i was a genius. i have... let's see.... 98.25713% of that movie memorized, and the other .85397% i can quote reasonably well. so today there was a silence in english class, and i randomly (no clue why though) say "are you suggesting coconuts migrate?!" and then respond to myself with "NONSENSE! they could be carried." i'm good at having conversations with myself...
ohboy some HUGE inmate's coming towards me. what should i do? use my powers/ninja skills to destroy him, spread my wings and scare him to death, use my ninja-mind-games to drive him insane, or make friends? oh well no time. i pick... USE MY AWESOME STORM-NESS TO SCARE HIM AWAY!!! (in other words, be normal)
see ya i got something to do...

PS- if anyone's wondering... i'm in the max-security section of the state prison. hee, they think i'm dangerous...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

i don't have a title... OH LOOK THERE'S ONE!!!

woah. yesterday was... wow. i will divide it into two parts; before 6:30 and after.
Before 6:30- i had work. bleh. oh well, it was busy... as usual. i work from midnight to about 6pm at the casino, so i had to fly really fast to make it on time. but i did! yay. it was really busy, and like EVERY table was PACKED. good for me (tips+i get payed depending on what the casino won that night), but BAD for the gamblers. they had less of a chance of winning than they usually do! half of me feels bad for them... while the other half yells at them to SPEND MORE! i just smile and deal the cards, blocking both of them. so yeah. there was almost a really close call though. i caught a group of people cheating, and i was the only person who noticed, so i went up and said quietly "i suggest you leave. cheating isn't tolerated here" or something like that to the leader. he pulled out a gun. and pointed it at me. but when he was about to shoot, i kinda... kicked it. so it messed up his shot... by sending the gun fifteen feet in the air. but yeah, so then everyone in the group pulls out weapons (dunno how they got past security. maybe they bribed 'em) of some sort and starts going after me! i... disarmed and knocked out all of them. so yeah. i got a bonus! yay me.
after 6:30 (aka the dance)- wow. music with the bass turned up as high as it goes, yelling, screaming people, jumping to the beat, dancing like no one's there to see you, hearing nothing but the beat of the music... homecoming. the theme was 'rock and roll hall of fame', but they didn't really do anything very rock-ish. it was more pop/rap. at least, what i heard. everyone was so happy... especially the couples. ESPECIALLY one particular couple (*cough*lovebirds*cough*). they DID abandon us, multiple times. but i think radar was angrier than me. scratch that, she was DEFINITELY angrier than me. probably because i'm pretty used to being alone at this kind of thing... actually just alone in general. BAH WHO CARES! back to happy, because happy is yay! (quoting echo). hee, Radar and Echo looked so PRETTY! Radar's sea-green dress really made her hair stand out, and Echo's black dress made her look so sophisticated. i guess i have to say something nice about Sonar now. hmmm.... yeah i got nothin'. sorry, just kidding, Sonar looked nice too. except his tie. it kinda... annoyed me. i mean, who wears a black-and-red tie with a blueish-gray-and-white shirt?! just had to get that out. Sonar looked nice, and he was so happy... Echo was too! they were both grinning ear-to-ear the entire time! i can't even BEGIN to tell you how many people said 'they're so cute together!' or something like that to me. but it was A LOT. and Radar, i think we had a good time! i definitely did... we talked a lot.
i have to get started on homework, so BYEBYE!!
arashi (i'm gonna sign as this now)

PS- jess, is he really THAT MUCH of a demon? i mean, he's NINE!

Friday, October 17, 2008

blue skies... smilin' at me! nothin' but blue skies... do i seeee

blue birds... singin' a song
nothin' but blue birds... all day long!
sorry, had to get that out of my system.
OK so prezzies:
jewel- onigiri (riceball) plushie! and pink kimono!
silence- REAL ninja stuff! weapons and all! (well, kunai and a few throwing stars. REST IS MINE!)
radar- KATANA!!! its about 3ft long and sharp and shiny!!! and red kimono with gold butterflies on it!!!!
echo- KIMONO!!! (yes again) its a pretty pretty purple silk with gold lilies on it!!! (and a knife in the sheath in the sleeve...)
sonar- HAKAMA!!!!!! (its a jacket-thingamajig that's usually worn over a kimono for formal occasions. but i just kinda thought it fit him) its a darker purple than echo's (you semi-match!) and has gold dragons on it
EVERYONE ELSE!!!! (you were not forgotten!!)- JAPANESE CANDY!!!!!!!!! especially pocky and dango! and jade bracelets for the girls and the joy of seeing the girls happy for the guys!
and for ME- lotsa ninja weapons/my ninja outfit, a katana as tall as me!!, 2 formal kimonos (one's a sapphire blue with silver, and the others a stormy-silvery-grey with blue and gold), a yukata (summer kimono), and LOTSA CANDY!!!!! i kinda... went crazy and spent most of my money on souvenirs/presents, so i have a LOT to carry. good thing i met you guys at the pep rally!
HOMECOMING'S TOMORROW. hooray. yay. whee. whoop-dee-doo. oh well, at least everyone'll be there. let's see... echo&sonar, radar&silence, jewel with furries at home... and storm with no one. *sigh* you know, i'm kinda getting tired of this. BALMUNG WILL YOU GO WITH ME? SHADOW? JESS? ANYONE?!?!?!?!?!
guess not... *sniff* bye... i'm gonna go cry myself to sleep...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

tomorrow, tomorrow; i love ya tomorrow. you're always a DAAAYYY AAAAAAAWWWWWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

hee sorry about that. i am confirmed braindead as of twenty-seven minutes ago. yeah so... SCHOOL (not japan) SCHEDULE TODAY:
homeroom- argued with sonar and helped stupid person who sits behind me with his science... or was that yesterday... oh well nevermind that's what usually happens anyway
english- teacher yelled at us about 'to kill a mockingbird'. i smiled and nodded
eurostudies (ss)- we finished watching monty python and the holy grail. i think i was the only one who actually got the humor, though...
gym- we played arena football in the gym! i had fun running full-speed (to them. it was actually about half-speed to me) at people and watching them try to get away
biology- chapter test. i finished in like 10 minutes, and we weren't allowed to do anything in case we cheated, so i was bored
math1 (i take 2 classes. this is the lower-level one)- sucked. we got into groups of three and the two guys i was paired up with... weren't the brightest. one was nice, i knew him from science last year, but the other... was really annoying. almost as annoying as the envirothon girl! and he got reeally close to me and he smelled TERRIBLE. i nearly died. (though i did gag when he wasn't looking. the other guy laughed. wonder why...)
lunch- guess what? i'm (apparently) going to homecoming this saturday! whee. (sarcasm)
math2- also outstandingly boring. we had a test in that too, so i finished it in 5 minutes and finished a book the rest of the period
french- 'nother test! this one was less easy, but i still did it in less than 10 minutes. life stinks.
BUT I'M COMING BACK TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PREZZIES FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!! i already have all your gifts picked out! i will say what they are tomorrow, but THEY ARE AWESOME. especially the ones i got for myself! heehee.
oh guess what? i found someone else called 'arashi'!! except he's a guy... and he's pure evil. he's the type that is incredibly hot (he is), great at sports, great grades, and is nice to everyone. EXCEPT YOU. and whoop-dee-frikin-doo it's me he hates for no apparent reason. he's really good at violin, the instrument he plays, and he has his own FANCLUB for goodness sake! but nooo, something about me makes him EVIL!
i finished my mission by the way. but i'm still going to the school because it would look really weird if someone transferred out after like two days there. THE CONCERT'S TOMORROW!! so i'll probably get back late at night...
m'kay naito

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'S COMIN BAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! I IS COMING BACK SOOON!!!! i already got presents for everyone!!! except sonar. what to get him... 
ok so i REALLY messed up my mission, so now yo may read of my spectacular failure.
yeah remember how my mission was to protect that guy? well i was supposed to protect him from all his fangirls. oh yeah i forgot to tell you what instrument i play now! its violin!! and he plays violin so it was a good excuse to stay near him. so back to the fangirls. one tried to jump him, and i kinda... flipped on her. i didn't lay a hand on her, but i think she's in the hospital. hee, complete mind-wipes are fun! (don't worry, just temporary!) so he was all "what the heck are you doing?" and i was in battle-mode, so i kinda... almost destroyed him. i think he was scared... well, a brush with death can do that to ya... but yeah. so he flinched and almost fell down an inconveniently-placed staircase. so i saved him. but i wasn't fast enough, so i kinda... subconsciously opened my wings to get there faster. and he saw them. fortunately, he was the only one around, so no one else saw. also good, i was able to convince him of some story about me being a fallen angel (my wings turned black and red, so normal wouldn't work) and having to do good deeds to get back into heaven. he's surprisingly gullible. so that's good. except now i think he... likes me. he always goes all moony-eyed when i'm around and he asked me to go to his concert! well i'm going anyway (its technically a competition, and i entered to perform), so i shrugged and said 'sure'. he was... scarily happy.
hi, illusion storm here. i took the PreSAT's today. contrasting most of my classmates (including Sonar) i actually didn't mind them that much. i got out of gym. so that was good. i'm pretty sure i did good. not like the person who sits behind me. he's a self-confessed moron. well, not really, but he's in the lowest-level classes! Sonar said he did good on the math part, so that was good i guess. but english wasn't good for him. heehee, it was for ME! Sonar speaks better FRENCH than english!!
ooh gotta go. practice for concert!

Monday, October 13, 2008

uh oh... but worth it!!

heehee. hi everyone. i's in trouble! i know what you're thinking: what/who did storm destroy/set on fire/electrocute/anything else not good this time? well, it wasn't that kind of thing. i did my homework on the roof today. (my mission for the past few days involved going to a normal high school. a different one. apparently i have to protect this one guy... oh well). so yeah. I CAN EXPLAIN! i really reeally wanted to go on the roof of the dorms, but the door was locked! so i kinda... tried breaking the door down. then i got bored and juts went outside and jumped/flew up. then the door fell down. heeheeyeah. there was a person on the stairs. the one i'm supposed to protect. that took some quick thinking and a lot of smooth talking to get out of. so i'm not sure what he thinks about me now... but the mission's paying good money, so i really don't care! its some fancy music school and i guess this guy's really important. he plays an instrument and is apparently really good, and someone told me that he has really important concert in a few days. his character has the potential to really piss people off, so i guess he needs me to keep him out of trouble... i miss you guys. YAY RADAR'S COMING BACK!!! AND ECHO'S ALREADY BACK!!!! crap i just realized i probably need to play an instrument to fit in to this place... hmmm which one? violin? flute? nothing big 'cause i wanna carry it around with me, but there're a lot of choices... what do you guys think?
see ya my roomie forced me into a group date tonight. we're going to this karaoke place. hope it's not boring...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

made me cry...

i really love kisa... she's so sweet and vulnerable! and this song, in a way, suits her. not as extreme, but... it does. even if you don't know fruits basket, listen to this song. thanks radar for telling me about this. 
it really makes you think. i mean, sure we had things like this happen to us, but we lived. we were strong and had people to support us. and listening to this song made me think about my support. you. all of you. and the pack. i really do love you guys, if you ever need anything, be it support, advice, or just someone to listen, i want to be there for you. bye...


Catch said:
I can't believe I just deleted my own blog. What the whiskers is wrong with me? Good-bye, blog. 
Took way too much time to post and create anyway, so I am not going to make another one.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. no catch and misfits blog! so sad... byebye everyone! oh wait, you can still COMMENT. YEAH! and guys, i just sent you an email. humor me and reply (please)!!!
storm OUT

PS- sorry about the dark. clues. i haz none!

Friday, October 10, 2008

dun-dun-DUUN!!!! the plot thickens...

hi everyone! how are you? i'm doing fine today. i had another mission! it was just a 3, but i got to be alone in the woods! see this rich lady lost her pet parakeet and payed the school to find it, and i was bored, so sensei told me to. i spent the entire day in the forest... although i found the bird in like ten minutes. japanese animals are nice... at least the pets. very respectful, like the people. the wild animals are the same anywhere. its actually quite refreshing, instead of the bowing and 'dochirahe, arashi-san' it was 'hey, you smell funny. where are you from?' (dochirahe means 'how are you,' by the way). ah, i love the forest. the feel of soft earth under your feet, the small sounds every creature makes, the smells of trees and animals and water and earth... i love it all. especially when you meet one of the larger predators. i met a wild cat today! her name was miyu and i wish i could show you a picture, because she was adorable! i asked her to come back with me, but she had a mate and kits and i couldn't take her from that. so i remain furry-friendless... T.T
oh crap gotta go! its my turn for dinner!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

heehee. (2!)

hi peeps. how is everyone? i's very good. just got back from sleepover. many m&ms... there were like six kinds! wait let me name them: normal, dark, peanutbutter, normal peanut, dark peanut, and ALMOND. i like almond. candy is niiiiiiice. so is manga. and anime. oh, speaking of which, i started a new one (manga), called Immortal Rain. it rocks. my favorite's yuca. even if he's emo. actually, he's like the DEFINITION of emo. see, this manga kinda revolves around the idea of a spirit being reborn and living different lives. and yuca apparently remembers all his past lives. so now, he doesn't want to exist anymore, but he knows he'll be reborn. so he's deciding to destroy all life, so that he will never be born again. but he's awesome. and there's this immortal guy, rain (wow. didn't see that coming), who was his best friend in 'yuca' mode (apparently his real name's 'methuselah'. dunno where he got that from, but take a look at the first four letters. coincidence?). 'yuca' made him immortal so he would stop believing in humans. so yeah. rain's kind of... a ditz. but we luvs him! at least i do. anyone else know this manga? hmmm...
heehee. the mission today was FUN. apparently it was me, so i just had to make a illusion and arrest it! except i couldn't have them find out it was an illusion, so i made it look like it was dead. no one wanted to touch the body... of course that could be my fault. i kinda... elaborated a bit with the details. it looked scary... but now i have money! what should i do with it... buy something! what to buy... kimono! yes buy kimono... and presents! yes presents, and kimono=mine! and candy. lots and lots of candy... mwahahaha...
guys, what do you want? i already have money, and i have another mission tomorrow, so anything is ok! PREZZIES FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! especially balmung. *sniff* he hasn't come back.... so sad... NO must not be sad. hyper yes! oh, and according to sensei, i'm now the top-ranked ninja at school! apparently completing a class 2 to1 mission in less than 24 hours calls for some major respect. oh crap. how will everyone react? more people will hate me. which means more challenges. not good. oh well I'M COMING BACK SOON!!!! 
bye-bye! naito!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

happy october 7th!

hi everyone! how are you? i'm pretty good. just finished all my homework. except i gotta read five chapters of 'to kill a mockingbird' by next monday. but that's easy. i already read it twice. (by the way, i will no longer be separating the ninja/real and illusion/normal sayings. we usually think the same anyway.) so that's good. but what's even better, is that i talked to sensei, and i have a mission tomorrow! (the students do usually menial tasks in exchange for money, which supports the school). i've already done a few class 4s (equivalent of D class), and one class 3, but this one's a class 2! i get to investigate a case for this psychic detective. apparently some people have reported sightings of a winged creature, and i have to find it. does anyone know anything? of course, it could be me... i extended my everything-business to japan. gotta make money somehow! anyway, it even has the potential to be a class 1!! heehee, max danger level! of course, it could be me... oh, different note, has anyone seen/heard from balmung? he disappeared. i'm worried. maybe i could organize a mission myself... oh well, YAY HALLOWEEN! costumes/disguises! party! soda! CANDY!!!!!!!!! yay soda please! sprite... hmm what to go as... oh yeah anne boleyn! last year i got the costume off the internet ( and i didn't wear it. it was pretty expensive, so i feel obligated to wear it. oh, and i'm coming back from japan like the day before, so it'll be the real me! 
suddenly i have a strange urge for sprite. and blackjack. but it would take too long to fly to a casino! so sad... i wish i could open wormholes/portals. maybe if it try really hard i can!
gtg, gonna try opening a rift in time and space.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

not good.

hi guys. listen, i know you're all mad right now, but could you just hear me out?
i know we're all different.
i know that under different circumstances we probably never would have been friends.
i know that it was a freak accident that brought us all together.
but haven't our lives been better since then?
i don't know about anyone else, but i would still be living with the pack if you guys hadn't found me.
and i would probably be dead.
i know we all get angry at eachother.
but that just brings us closer together, doesn't it?
we all have flaws.
i'm not afraid to admit mine.
i'm sorry i get angry at the drop of a hat and have outrageously long posts and am childish and do everything in my power to annoy sonar. 
and i know you all know a lot more flaws that aren't here.
but you're all so much more than your flaws!
sonar, you make echo happy. to see her smile, isn't that the best feeling in the world?
echo, i'm taking a stab in the dark here, but don't you love sonar, and want to make him happy too?
radar, you and echo were best friends. you made each other so crazy, but you still have a bond.
and where would jewel and your furries be without you?
heck, where would we be without you?
where would any of us be without any of you?
a lot less insane, but a lot more bored, for one thing.
we all went through terrible experiences, but we're here now
and i know my life has changed for the better for knowing you.
you're all so amazing, you light up my life
even while fighting, you abandon all strife
i love you all. can't you see?
when you all argue, a piece of me
dies, just goes all dark
is lost to shadow, and leaves its mark
but when you smile, oh the glory
the world lights up, the neverending story
continues, racing the sun
outstripping it, touching everyone
and lighting their lives too.

Friday, October 3, 2008

oh, hi

so you're here. hi, how are you doing? i'm doing fine. ninja school was... kinda weird. especially since EVERY guy here seems to be flirting with me. its... annoying. i talked to yuri about it and she said it was because the guys that went on the trip with me took pictures at the festival. a few guys also asked about radar and echo... although i'm kinda glad on their part that the school's hidden. (so silence and sonar can't destroy it) but most of them are flirting with ME! so now everyone except yuri seems to hate me. well, the girls (all five of 'em) at least. so yeah. i'm not sure how long i'll be staying in japan. 
oh, but something good happened today! we were doing weapons training (like everyday), and, as you read in an earlier post, i don't have a specific weapon to train with. so i just switch everyday until i find one i like. i like all of them. heehee. so back to the story: so today i had a new weapon and it was AWESOME. i had these special gloves on for training (but masters don't usually wear them), and i had fun with these special superthin superstrong WIRES! they're some special metal, and can cut ANYTHING! i even tried 'em out on a rock and they cut it like butter! except they're practically invisible, so i almost cut myself/other people. so after about ten minutes of me almost killing the people around me, they just moved the wire's length away form me. the ones i was practicing with were about 180cm (or 6') long, but sensei can do ones FIFTEEN feet long! so i'm looking for ones that are thirty feet.... but don't you admit they would be really handy in the air? i mean, just string one of 'em between two trees, and flyboys go SLICE! sorry, that was mean. guess the ninja-bloodlust is infecting me. of course, i was pretty brutal with those scientists... but they made me mad! really mad. and now i'm really mad at that creepy guy. oh by the way, his name (or what i'll call him here) is takashi. wonder what 'takashi' means... probably 'FREAKING ANNOYING' !!!!! >:(
waah, balmung hasn't posted or commented for a while. i need a hug. NOT FROM SONAR! although bfiba (acronym. not her real name) did make him go away... heehee.
that reminds me about school. school was... interesting. and kinda fun. i had gym (again) today, and we're in the soccer unit. except today was COLD so the humans didn't wanna go outside. i'm pretty good at soccer (aggressive sport. pity it doesn't have checks...), and temperature doesn't bother me too much, so i was all for going outside. but the other gym class (11th graders) was also in the gym, so the teachers decided to make us play capture-the-flag inside. it was divided in half, and each side had five miniflags that the other team would try to steal and take to their side. our flags were yellow... oh, and if a person on the opposite team was on your side, you would have to tag them and they would sit down where you tagged them. my NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR was in that gym class! he's really athletic so, to put it his way, 'kicked a$$.' and he did. of course I was the one that got stuck guarding him! so he and i are eye-to-eye and i'm trying to stare him down. i guess it worked, 'cause he started running. except he ran at me. so i go after him and someone TRIPS ME! i fall down and he COMPLETELY ignores my pain and runs right past. i reached out and grabbed his ankle. heehee, that boy (who's actually a year older than me) could fly. not really, but he got some distance.
oh then on the bus home, some ditz was making a racket in the back, so the bus driver makes her sit up front. WITH SONAR AND ME. so she REACHES OVER THE SEAT AND SHAKES MY HAND! and introduces herself. then she does it to EVERYONE within three seats of her. then one of her ditz friends comes up and sits next to one of my- and sonar's human friends and they start YELLING at eachother! they talked so loud it literally hurt my ears! then the first-ditz comes out and says that she's going to sit up front with us EVERY DAY NOW!!!
please kill me. sonar, will you? i know you still consider me a traitor. especally now since i left you alone with those two. (we have different stops, and his is usually before mine, but i got off early today). i'm sorry. oh, and the last two(well, if you count the sentence-and-a-half in the mini one) paragraphs were reported by illusion-storm. we share thoughts now. what? she is practically a figment of my imagination. and powers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

oh, y-you're here... *looks tearfully up, then bursts out crying*

not because of you! don't worry... i'm just sad 'cause i just finished my last day of normal japanese school. now i gotta be a NINJA again! i never thought i would miss after-school cleaning... and the evil fangirls death-glaring at me for talking to the twins... OMG the twins! *sobs uncontrollably. again*
i need a hug...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


oh dear god thou art in heaven. i think i have mpd. one second i'm all happy and hyper, the next i wanna die. oh, news! sake has ALCOHOL in it. 
whee!!! alcohol FUN. like sugar. although i can't remember what happened......... SEE WHAT I MEAN?! heehee. SHUT UP YOU! ok! *wanders off, picking up pretty stuff* please help me. but the festival WAS fun. radar, i LOVED your costume. FIRE NINJA!!! silence looked... oddly comfortable in the ninja outfit. strange.... and jewel looked SO CUUTE in her bear costume! how did i look? man the twins were cool. their costumes were EXACTLY the same, and people kept getting them mixed up! so when I could tell them apart, everyone was like 'wow arashi! you can actually tell them apart?!" and i was like yup. then random people came up to me and asked me about my 'costume'. apparently my ears moved. wonder why.... oh yeah they were real. good thing my wings didn't. that wouldn't have been good. so yes. e-sonar looked.... kinda scary. (in a good way! i promise! don't kill me... I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP! GO FIND SOMETHING SHINY! ooh shiny...) yeah. shadow-echo looked great! love how you made it all... shadowy. 
OH CRAP HERE COME SASU AND YUUKOU! they're gonna look over my shoulder! gotta go for a sec!

ok they're gone. i asked them about the sake, and they said it was non-alcoholic. that was good. SO WHY AM I MPD?!?! oh wait that's just me normally... the excess of sugar, noise, and gunpowder (fireworks. don't worry i no touch!) just made the difference A LOT more dramatic. hey look something shiny! *goes over* ooh its a charm (like for a bracelet). a silver feather. *looks around quickly* well they DID drop it. whoever it was... *looks around again, then shoves in pocket of skirt. walks away, hands behind back, whistling* doodeedoodeedoo.... what? O.O you saw? uh heheh, i was just picking it up to... return it! yes return it yes! did anyone drop the prettyshiny thing?! no? WELL ITS MINE THEN!! O.O what? i told you i'm klepto! (kleptomania)
heehee. gotta go, meeting the twins and their friends later for karaoke. wonder if any ninjas wanna come... BAH WHO CARES?! I DON'T!! THOSE NINJA DUDES ARE WEIRD! anyway, this is my second-to-last day of normal japanese school! after tomorrow, i'm gonna spend every day with 'em anyway.