Friday, June 27, 2008


Wow, I realized I sounded like a fangirl in my last post. Sorry, that's not really me.
PS-oh YEAH! I'm writing a fanfic, so if anyone has any ideas, just put them in a comment!
oh yeah type of fanfic would probably help. Its a Harry Potter/Inuyasha crossover with a few OC's. If you lot don't know, Inuyasha's a manga/anime, and its actually very good (some violence/language though...) If you don't know what Harry Potter is, get out of my sight. You're not worthy to read this.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Neh, oh well

Oh well, since I have no idea how to put a video on my blog (curse you, Kid with Tail!) I'm just going to direct you to it. Go to youtube and put in Gaara's Jar of Dirt. Pick the first one, with the purple background. Its Hilarious! Ok, if you have no clue who Gaara is, he's a character in a manga/anime called Naruto. If you don't know anything about Naruto, you're not alone. The only reason I know who Gaara is because I saw a pic on the web and thought it was interesting. Even though it looks like a cartoon, it has a good plot, interesting characters, and some great humor (though nothing compared to this vid). If you've ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean 2, its the song version of Jack's mantra. If you haven't, GO SEE IT NOW!!!!
Ok, see ya!

Hi, New Polls! (and some other stuff...)

Hi everyone! Just a few little updates and some other stuff. 
1-NEW POLLS!!!!! Please vote!
2-YAY US!!!!!!!!! Sonar's recent shrinkage has made all of us taller in comparison!
3-how do you add co-authors/authoresses? (i saw Echo's email address and want to try with it)
4-Please make other people read my blog and vote on the polls! all the other blogs have loads of viewers and i'm kinda jealous
5-ummm...oh yeah, I want to put a video in one of my posts like Kid With a Tail. how would I go about doing that?
Ok, Thanks Everyone!!!
See Ya!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Lovebirds' Radar-less Experience

Hi everyone! I just saw Radar's blog and realized there was a bit of a hole in it! You all know, the trip where Echo, Sonar, me, and a few other people went to the human college! Yeah you guys were SO CUTE and comfortable together, I asked a few people and they all said 'they're such a cute couple!'. Stop blushing you know its true. ANYway, were all walking around the campus for a while (i think we were looking for the ice cream, but i can't remember...) and those two NEVER STOPPED TALKING. they were in perpetual conversation or something! so anyway, when we all had dinner in the cafeteria that night, they sat right next to each other (i sat next to echo, by the way) and TALKED MORE! Oh yeah funny thing happened that night (*evil grin in response to Sonar's anguished cry of NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!* at least, when he reads this). we had to wear ID cards on these lanyards (they were kinda long, so i put the cards through the loop at the end and wore that. at least until someone told me i would strangle myself and made me wear them the boring way). oh and they had REALLY good food there, the complete opposite of normal human cafeteria food. they even had barbecue ribs that weren't terrible! so, sonar ordered the ribs with extra sauce, mixed veggies, two cookies (chocolate chip, i believe) and a raspberry lemonade. everything's normal, but when he comes to the table there's a curve of sauce on his shirt and his ID card is covered in sauce too! (yup his cards got in the sauce and swung against his shirt when he was walking). yeah we all had a good laugh at that. except Sonar. he had to wash his shirt in a sink that night. oh and BY THE WAY Sonar, no i have not forgotten what happened next! As you all know, the British are pretty famous for their manners. So at dinner, when I was going to get up, I asked, as I always do, "would anyone like anything while I'm up?". of course the appropriate response is "no thank you, I'm fine for the moment" or something like it. BUT NO (sarcastically) Sonar straightens up (you americans typically have horrible posture), wipes his mouth (ineffectively, I might add), and holds up his glass at me, saying "I'd like another coke." as if I was a waitress at a cheap restaurant! So of course being the lady I am I take his glass and go to get him a coke, but there was no coke! So I go back and tell him this and he nods with an "I know, can I have a pepsi?" He sent me for a beverage that he knew wasn't there! Oh, but that was nothing, NOTHING compared to what happened after that! After dinner there was a presentation in a nearby room, and refreshments in the form of sodas and snacks were provided. Of course Sonar and Echo have to get hyped up on mountain dew before and talk ALL THE WAY through the presentation! If you've never heard Sonar's voice, trust me, its the perfect pitch to be heard across a room.
So that was my trip with the lovebirds, minus Radar
See Ya!
PS-I hold nothing against you guys (except some lingering feelings about the whole waitress thing), I was just telling it how it was. PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!!!!

Oh and how do you guys like my new opening message?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello! (and some questions)

Hey everyone! umm...I have a couple questions about the blogs. You guys have had them so long, and yours are so much cooler than mine, I wanted to make mine a little better. So I have some questions:
1-How do you get the opening message? I've tried with Text in Page Elements, but it puts it off to the side!
2-How do I get a picture behind the opening message? You all have them, and I kinda want one! They're cool!
3-What're Lilac and Saphire's blog htmls? I wanna put them on my blog list!
Ok, now that I have sufficiently pestered you, I guess I better sign off.
See Ya!
PS-Where'd Sonar go?
Oh, by the way: two things for the poll. 1-I can have more than one furry friend. 2-remember, with my power and Radar's strength, any animal I have will grow wings (see earlier post)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yay I can do it now! (and some corrections on earlier posts)

Hi everyone! Remember my last post, when I told you about my trip and my tattoo but couldn't show you what it was? Well, with Radar and Echo's help, I finally can! (my computer wouldn't let me put the actual pic in, but I searched on the web and found one that looks almost exactly like it! my tattoo is a little simpler than this...)
Ok corrections on earlier posts:
In my post 'episode of religious fanaticism-now', I kinda forgot to mention that it was Echo and Sonar who found me in the house. I flew with them for a while, re-learning what it was to be human (I only bit them once each! I swear!), but then I left them for Radar's flock. They thought I was just doing it to be mean, but I really just wanted to leave them alone together. It was getting decidedly awkward around those two... And HA it worked!! they're together!!! Yay Storm!!
Ok, sorry about that. must be sleep depravation...
Anyway, See Ya!
(haha, i published this at 12:34. 1234, you get it?)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm BA-ACK!!!!

Hi y'all! Sorry it took me so long to post, but (if you didn't see my earlier post) I was camping! Yeah I wanted to see what the other side of Mars looked like. It was...umm...ok gotta be brutally honest here...dull. Dull to the extreme, actually. But I found a way to amuse myself. As you know, I can control winds (it comes with weather). So I found some ink (no, not in Sonar's pens *looks around twitchily* NO I SWEAR!!!!!!) and put it in a small bottle, which I then attached to a tube. When I put a small, fast wind through the tube, the ink blew out! So, of course, I drew on myself. I believe it is an 'airbrush tattoo' in modern-speak. Oh well, its cool anyway.
Here it is!
*struggles frantically with laptop, gives up and cries*
O-Ok, can't show you, but I have a picture! Could someone tell me how to get pictures on the blog?
See Ya!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Favs

Hi its me again! Yes I know I'm posting a lot today. Well, I'm trying to make up for the 4 days I most likely won't be posting. Ok so My favs and particulars, here they are:
Fav Taste- tart with a little sweet
Fav Color- Indigo (no not aqua. shut up Sonar I know you're laughing)
Fav Power- I'm not sure, I like all of them!
Fav Song- I love basically all music, from classical to metal
Fav Animal- I'd say its a toss-up between wolves, foxes, falcons, and owls (I basically love all animals!)
I'm a vegetarian, but I eat milk and eggs (both of which are in cake. I like cake). I also don't need to sleep much. about 3 hours combined is good for me. I really don't feel extremes in temperature, so I can fly on those really cold winter nights when you can see all the stars. Ah, I love those nights. Oh yeah, and I prefer medieval weapons to modern ones. Now, I know what you're thinking. "how can such a nice/normal seeming avian girl like weapons?" well, I was just saying I prefer them, as in I prefer a bow-and-arrow or sword to a gun. geez. I have a nice bow and a quiver of good arrows (and I'm a pretty fair shot), and two well-made daggers (yes, the ones i filched from the village).
Yeah, so thats about it!
See Ya!


Guess what! I developed a new power, or rather two! If you've kept up to date on Radar's blog, you probably heard about the experimenting and now her animals can fly. yes my two new powers are 1 channeling strength/energy/knoweledge from others, and 2 I can manipulate cellular structure! So, when Radar and I wing-ified her furry friends, I was channeling her strength into my body so I could manipulate the animal's cells. this was completely pain-free, I assure you (well, at least for the animals. It kinda hurts to channel strength from someone, and I had to channel A LOT from Radar. we were exhausted after that, and I actually slept for half an hour at a a time! *see earlier posts*)So HA Sonar how she can keep all her animals!
See Ya!


I'm SOO SOORRYY!!!!! I just realized that to read the posts in chronological order, you have to go to older posts!
Please accept my eternal sorriness.

My Life: Part 3 (religious fanaticism episode-now)

There were no interuptions until about 3 years later. I had wandered too far from the summmer pack-home and got too close to a village. They found me and didn’t know what to do with me, so they took me to the village priest. This man was not a very good man. From my experience with him, I think he took the job because that way he could live off the offerings to the church and wouldn’t have to work. He proclaimed me the devil and said I was to be burned at the stake tomorrow at high noon (according to him, the devil’s weakest time). But before that, I was to be chained and locked up in someone’s cellar and starved. It was then I found out my talent for locks. I quickly escaped my prison and fled to the woods, taking a rather nice set of two daggers, the one human tool I remembered how to use. Of course they searched after me, but by then I was miles away, snuggled up with the pups, in the summer pack-home. That was the only bad time, until one day, about 7 years later, when the pack and I were hunting (it was elk-run and the pups were hungry) and we came across a strange structure. It was like pack-home (a cave/burrow, for those who don’t understand), but above ground! (for those who don’t understand who are reading this, it was a house. Echo’s and Radar’s to be exact) Of course, the pack wanted to stay away, as it smelled like human, but I, with my humanoid curiosity, just had to go in. Then, Echo and everyone found me and my story lies with them. 

The pack and I parted ways. I know what you’re all thinking “oh, so sad! they were for her family for 10 years and they just left!” Well, its different for wolves. To them, I was a pup, and pups need to go out and either join another pack or start a new one. It was only natural. 

And yet, even now, I can look out on clear moonlit nights and hear the pack-song...I-I want to join them...

See Ya! (and yes I still have the dagger)


My Life: Part 2 (forest-sleep)

Ok, so I’m alone in the woods with no clue how to survive and no one to turn to. I wander around and find a (fortunately bear-free) cave and spend a cold, wet, sleepless night. The next day, I was stumbling around looking for some berries or something to eat or drink when I heard a kind of wet-sounding squeaking. I ran towards it and saw a small furry-looking creature drowning in a river. Of course I jumped in to save it and swam with it back to shore. There, it was straining towards a hole/burrow in a nearby hill. I let it go and it ran to its obvious home. When it went into the hole, another creature came out. Now you must remember that when I was little, I didn’t hear those silly fairy tales about wild animals. If I was lucky, one of the kinder scientists would read me one or two pages of an encyclopedia. So I had nothing to fear from this wolf, for a wolf it was. She (I could tell it was female) looked at me, and started down the hill. I did the only thing I could remember about wolves and rolled over on my back, showing my empty belly to the regal creature. She arrived, sniffed me, and started back up the hill, stopping halfway up to look back, almost saying “are you coming or aren’t you?”. I got up on my feet, half expecting her to run away, but she merely looked and kept walking to the burrow. Since that day, I was pack. I ate with the pack, hunted with the pack, and slept with the pack. Now a wolf sleeps differently than a human or human-raised avian. Instead of the 6 hour comatose state your kind seems to think is sleep, a wolf will turn around a few times and curl up, dozing for a maximum of ten to twenty minutes. After that, the cycle is repeated, from moon-high to sunrise. I still sleep like that. It is much more restful, and this method of sleep is ideal for when anyone is on-the-run. Unfortunately, no one else has caught on yet. 

See Ya!


My Life: Part 1 (early life-forest)

Ok so that’s basically all my stats, now for my life story (the abridged version, don’t worry). I, as number 13, was supposed to have my bird DNA added after my birth. I did some research (I was reeally bored), and found the procedure online. Don’t try to find the site, its really well guarded, but codes are like a language!  (see older posts). Ok, so found it online, and read about it. The rough procedure is that right before the baby is supposed to be born (like their supposed birth date) the scientists inject the bird DNA in through the mother into the baby, so the baby’s body accepts the DNA, but absorbs it after birth. Unfortunately, I developed very slowly and was supposed to be born about a month before I was actually born, so I had time to absorb the DNA. After my birth, I was taken to a school, and suffered basically the same fate as everyone else. But I was different.

When I was about 3-4, since I was the only successful one with 2 bird’s DNA, another school in a different country wanted to see/experiment on me. So I was shipped off. Unfortunately, while I was on the plane, I kinda threw a temper tantrum/created complete chaos, and a few (mostly control) wires kinda...snapped. The plane went down into a huge forest. Happily, I got out before the actual explosion, but no one else survived. Oh well, it was only scientists anyway.

See Ya!


My Stats: Weaknesses

Ok, I told you my strengths, so now I know you want to know about my weaknesses. I don’t have anything big, but, since I am technically a defect, I can tell you the little stuff. So here it is: I get distracted really easily. My writing might not reflect it (cause I’m focused) but my attention span is about the equivalent of a (albeit very smart) hamster’s. I also lose control of my powers (big-time) when I feel a strong emotion (so don’t get me mad. I will find you and I will hit you with lightning. ask Sonar. he knows) and oh yeah, I’m extremely emotionally unstable (NOT BIPOLAR!!). I also like shiny things. Like gemstones. And coins. And ancient priceless treasure lost for hundreds/thousands of years and now worth millions. And the chocolate chips on chocolate chip cookies when you just take them out of the oven. yeah.

See Ya!


My Stats: Likes/Dislikes

My likes/dislikes: Ok, likes first; I love singing and playing music (see strengths) so please excuse me in advance for trailing off into lyrics of songs,cooking/baking and having people like it, making artistic-y stuff and having people like it, flying (duh) fast or otherwise, reeally big thunderstorms with lightning, thunder, torrential rain, and the whole deal, flying through said storms, learning new (interesting) things, and reading/writing.

Now dislikes; critics of my art/food, sarcasm in any form, threats in any form, and evil, experimenting-y scientists. also people who think avians are gods/devils/angels/fairies/anything else their stupid minds can create, especially relegious fanatics who think I’m the devil/demon/corrupted angel and try to lock me up or burn me at the stake. that really annoys me.

See Ya!


My Stats: Powers

My powers: I can control all types of weather, from fog to hurricanes (this doesn't mean I control all the weather in the world, I just can influence the weather in the area we're in). I also can sit on clouds, like Radar. Don't ask me how I do it, I have no clue. I have a particular talent with animals (I'm not a furnet or anything, they just naturally prefer me over most other people. Except Radar's animals. They're completely devoted to her), and some influence over their moods and what they do. I also have an extremely green thumb (NOT LITERALLY geez). You name a plant, there's a good chance I can grow it! Finally, I seem to have a great talent with languages, codes, and locks. If I hear or see a few words in any language, I can understand/speak and read/write it. Yes, animal languages too, but I have yet to come across a written one. Don’t ask me why, something just clicks in my brain. As for locks and codes, you give me a few minutes with it, I can generally get it open (more complicated codes/locks take up to 10 minutes, depending on my mood/level of focus). Oh yeah, I also have the power to create illusions (and can kinda look in someone’s consiousness/dreams. I’ll tell you how their related), so I can sorta look in someone’s brain and create an illusion of their worst fear (very handy with scientists). I can also create illusions on my appearance and the appearance of others that work on all humans and all avians except Radar and Silence, but Silence has to concentrate because he doesn’t know me well. And I heal quickly (not as fast as Radar or Silence, but almost any injury, short of a broken neck or arterial bleeding, heals in a few hours, or at most a day or two).

See Ya!


My Stats: Strengths (NOT POWERS)

My strengths (not powers, those are later): I am extremely talented in the air, and have the speed and maneuverability of a peregrine falcon, with the silence of an owl (very useful for sneaking up on The Lovebirds. You know who i mean.) I can cook to rival the best, and especially love to bake (but now we don't have time!). I love to sing and play instruments, and have a vocal range of about 7 octaves, so I can sing the higher tenor parts, all the alto parts, all the soprano 2 parts, all of the soprano 1 parts, and some above that (for those of you who don't know music, thats the higher boys to the highest possible). Even the pack said I could out-sing the pups! (oh yeah, see my life story for that). I can also divide my voice into 5 parts max and have them sing different voice parts and words (learned it from the birds). Also, for instruments; you name it, I can play it, and play it pretty good too (except bagpipes. dont like them). I like to draw, paint, sculpt, and do artistic things, and I can make pretty good sculptures out of clouds(see my powers). Oh yeah, and  I can go reeally deep under water and hold my breath for a loong time. very handy when treasure hunting (see my likes/dislikes later). I have a fail-safe sense of direction, and the senses/stamina/instincts of a wolf and a falcon combined (falcon=duh, wolf=find out later).

See Ya!


Hi, some info about next posts

Hi everyone. I was bored last night, so I typed a lot in Word and now I'm going to put it in the blog. This is a ONE TIME THING so I will not post like this again. I was just reeally bored and Radar says no internet after 10 so I typed in Word. So now I'm going to post it all.
See Ya, and sorry about the flood of info,

My Stats: Appearance

Ok, my stats:

I have 3% avian DNA, so yes, I am technically a defect. You will see my defective-ness later. The DNA is 2% peregrine falcon, and 1% snowy owl. I was the first experiment to have two different sets of bird DNA. I am number 13, but no one calls me that (unless I do something really stupid or unlucky). I’m not exactly sure about my age, but I’m pretty sure I’m 15-16 years old. I am 5 foot 7 and my wingspan is 13 feet. My wing appearance is like snowy owl's wings, but with the falcon's shape (for speed!). My human appearance, with no illusions (see my powers later) is: Hair-black, slight curl, a little longer than waist-length; Eyes-green, said to be large; Face-people say I have sharp features, but I don’t know; Body- I already told you I’m 5’7”, and I can tell you I’m quite thin (being on the run does that to ya) the rest is MY BUSINESS SO BUGGER OFF! (sorry, britishness coming out); Ears-pointed. no I have no clue why.

Ok, that's it for now!

See Ya,


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Introducing... Storm!!

Hi everyone! This is Storm, of Radar's flock! I also know Sonar, Echo, Butterfly, and Jewel. (yes I'm one of those, the bird freaks) Like Radar, Echo and everyone, I would also prefer to be an 'avian-american', but sadly I can't be one! (I'm actually British, yes with the accent and everything, but I will type using american spellings. geez) but that won't change my relationship with everyone. Except Sonar makes fun of my accent. Meany. Personally, I think he talks strange. You americans pronounce and spell certain words so weird
Oh well, I'll talk later! See ya!