Saturday, August 30, 2008


Thanks m and balmung!!! I love you guys!! *hugs*
sir bobalot can go die. YOU HEAR THAT BOBALOT??!!!! DDDDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm the only one posting... I feel alone... Actually, I am alone. Everyone's out on secret missions...
Please comment everyone!!! It makes me feel like I have friends...
all alone...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hi, Storm here (again). wow two posts in one day. that's uncommon...
Oh, anyway, does anyone know a gentle way to get stains out?

PS- nameless and balmung, thanks for commenting on the last post. any and all feedback (if its nice) is great! if you didn't see the reply, comment, i'm in 10th, and grr nameless. envious.
i like both your pictures... balmung, is that conan i see?


Today was the first day of school!!!!!!!! And Radar and I sat together at lunch!!!!!! And I will bet my last cookie on the fact that Echo and Sonar sat together too!!!! Ok so some details-
1. I have HOMEWORK! can you believe it? on the first day of school! I have to give a 60 second speech about 'myself'. oh I can see that one already. "Hello my name is Storm and I am a mutant freak." Yeah, just get out the torches and pitchforks, everyone!
2. Radar and I sat near some very... interesting people at lunch today. One wouldn't eat the jelly from her sandwich, so she opened it up and scooped all the jelly out with a spoon! And another one brought pocky... yeah, good stuff, pocky. If you haven't had it, its thin cookie sticks coated tith chocolate. She had chocolate and strawberry flavored ones... I took a chocolate.
3. I know NOBODY in any of my classes. Except Sonar in homeroom and Radar in lunch. Its going to be a lonely year...
Ok so I'm done now. I think I'm going to go hit a tennis ball against a wall now.
See Ya!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Oops... sorry about that post. If it scared you: I am deeply sorry. If you liked it: thank you! And if you laughed: dude you have problems... Not that I should be saying anything... I was the one that wrote it... I can be very dark at times... as you could probably tell.
PS- Has anyone seen/heard from Sonar? I think he's dead.
I wonder what killed him?
OHCRAP what did I do after I killed those scientists?!

its done...

hidden from the stars, hidden from the moon and sun. but not from me...
let me paint a picture:
darkness... all is black. You see nothing, hear nothing. But you can smell. The scent that touches your nose, penetrating your brain... is blood. You rub your eyes, they are slowly adjusting to the darkness. You begin to see shapes, shadows on black. The first color, the only color you see... is red. Red all around you, red everywhere. There is movement in the corner of your eye. You turn and try to see something, anything in the black and shadows. It moves again. You stare at that spot, and an image slowly comes into focus, sharpening until you recognize... a girl. Standing alone. She is looking down, so, curious, you mimic her, trying to see what she sees. You gasp in horror, the only sound in the darkness. Around her, there are bodies on the floor. The contrast sharpens, and you can see the looks of terror on the faces of the corpses. The blood is everywhere. Puddling on the floor, dripping down the walls. The girl is covered in it. She lifts her bloody hand up, as if to wipe her face. Her hand stops, hovering near her mouth. It is then you realize that there is blood on her lips. She smiles and runs her tongue down her hand and the dagger in it, tasting the blood of the dead. You look back at the corpses. They didn't all die of the same cause. Some have their throats cut, and are lying on their backs, blood congealing on their cooling skin. Others had their necks broken and are lying in a heap, limp as broken dolls cast aside. More had immense burns all over them, some blackened. You see their expressions of unbearable pain and shudder, they looked like they had been struck by lightning. Then your gaze comes to rest on the last ones. These ones lie at her feet on their fronts, as if paying homage to a goddess. You look closer and recoil. These had their throats not cut, but ripped out. You quickly look back at the girl, who was still smiling, revealing fangs. Her skin, her clothes, her hair, all are drenched in red. Her smile grew, and you could see the blood trickling down her ice-white teeth. She turns around, and you see that she has wings. This is one of your experiments! You look closer, trying to distinguish which one it is. With her face turned away, you turn to other methods. Her wings looked faintly familiar... Oh Dear God. You recognize this experiment. Your crowning achievement, the only one that lived. This is experiment 13. The lost one. The only one. You had tried duplicating the experiment over and over, with all the same results. They all died. Only this one, this little girl, had had the strength to carry on with 3 sets of DNA in her body. And now she was back... The girl leaves, walking out into the blackness of the night. You hear the crash of thunder, see the bright thread of lightning streak across the sky. Surely she wasn't going to fly into this?! Wait, what do you care?! You have to save yourself! You snicker. The others may be dead, but the stupid girl had left everything else, including the documents and vehicles, intact. Your laughter grows in volume. The storm was intensifying, black velvet clouds rolling over the silken midnight sky. The girl walks away from the building, bloody rain cascading down her. She hears the laughter in the building and smiles. She had a special fate in store for this one. She snaps her fingers, and blasts of air slam all the doors shut, locking them from the inside. The clouds begin to come together, converging directly above the cursed place. They start to move, swirling around slowly. The girl turns around, watching the sky. Suddenly, an enormous bolt of lightning, glowing blue, bursts down from the clouds. It lands exactly in the center of the building, ripping through everything in its path. It hits the underground room, where she had ripped the gas line. The whole building erupts in flames, and the girl turns back around. Unfolding her black-and-red stained wings, she flies off into a newly clear sky. She smiles, the laughter was turning to screaming...
blood on steel, smoke on sky... and a smile on the face of the cause of it all...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


DAMMIT!! Had too much fun partying last night... lost the scientists. The pack was tracking them though, so I just need to find them.
Ok, summary of the party:
show up and radar and i are on the computer looking at pictures (hermione's brother is HOT. but he's radar's. NO TOUCHY!)
like an hour later echo shows up... but we don't know until she comes up to radar's room and says something. so of course radar's like "YOU ENTERED MY HOUSE!!!!" and we laughed about that.
after another hour of that, we just go downstairs and start talking and drinking soda. well, i had soda (sprite). i think those two had beer... it definitely looked like beer.
so about ten we start getting hungry, so we put the frozen pizza in the oven and waited 25 minutes til it was SUPPOSED to be done. it came out black.
so after poking it and deciding it was inedible, we ordered pizza from dominoes. I had to call, of course. hee, i have this really polite phone personality that i use, and radar and echo were looking at me like WTF?! yeah so the pizza comes later and echo answers the door. the pizza guy wasn't even a GUY! it was some lady!
ok so we demolish the pizza and drain the last of the three bottles of soda. then its like eleven and the food starts to go to our heads, so we randomly ran outside and started dancing like dorks in the middle of the street. then we got bored so we went to a playground and played on the swings... whee! and jessicapenn (sorry if that's spelled wrong!) challenged a tree! 
so we got bored again and decided to run back. it was like midnight thirty. we had mozzarella sticks. they were good.
so at 1:01 am, we decided to have cake! chocolate cake! it was good too.... then we decided to watch harry potter 2, but it was only on tape and the VCR disappeared! (i think sonar took it). so we couldn't see harry potter. so sad.
by then it was about 2 am so we kinda... collapsed and watched tv until 7. at least, radar and i did. echo was unconscious on the couch. NO! she was asleep! geez!
then at about 7:30, i thing the sugar wore off so i just dozed until 9. so here i am!

inner storm: wow. she's happy. i wonder if she'll be this happy when the scientists are dead......
oh by the way, the pack found them. they're hiding in some underground lab. i wonder if they're afraid of something... can't imagine what.

by midnight tonight, they will all be gone....

PS- thanks SO MUCH for inviting me!!!!!!!!!!! awesomest party ever!!!!! must do it again sometime!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

one more night...

Blood... I smell blood.... blood on their hands... The blood of my family! Of my father, my mother, my baby brother, never to see another sunrise! I found them... and they shall pay. The blood that was spilt will be avenged... oh yes. And I shall be the one to do it! No more hiding, no more running away! This ends here! By this time tomorrow night... they will all be gone. Never to torment us, never to make any more of us! This endless trail of maiming and destruction will end NOW!
They will never see another moon....
tomorrow ends all...

inner storm here. that up there was... normal storm. yes. normal-storm-newly-unwolf. yes. I'm sorry, I can't delete what she typed. she won't like that. don't worry though, she hasn't gone completely insane. she should be back to normal once all the scientists are dead. there's still at least a little humanity left in her... I hope...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

update on storm...

Hi, Inner Storm here. She's asleep at the moment, so I can type. We're currently deep in the woods with the pack. They're all fine, by the way. Oh and Radar, Orion's here and he's doing fine too. He seems to like the woods... even though the pack thinks he's weird. Its just because he lives with humans, though.
Oh, something pretty interesting happened last night. It was about midnight and we were tracking with the pack. So remember how Storm has the senses and stuff of a wolf? Well she kinda... turned into one. Weird as it sounds, its true. We must have some wolf DNA... that would fit. They bite hard, so blood there, and she bites back, so blood there. Must have been enough to mix... It only works with wolves though. So now she has two forms. The weird thing is, she now has slight fangs in humanoid form and wings in her wolf form. She can fly in both forms. Oh, and powers still work in both forms, so don't worry, no one will see a flying wolf.
Oh crap she's waking up.
More updates later!
Inner Storm

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My name: Storm.
My mission: destroy those who killed my family. alone.
and now... I'm ready.

inner storm- we probably won't be posting for a while. storm's kinda... reverting to animal instinct. we're coming back to the us to find the pack. they know the taint of the scientists. so if there's posts, it'll be me taking control for a few minutes so as not to keep you people in the dark. feel lucky.

I have three days. I must find them in three days.
By twilight on saturday, they will all die...


Ok, i am currently outside my parents' house. i will post (or add to this one) after i meet them. (inner storm- the sugar wore off, we got about ten pounds total, hair's done, and we're so excited/scared we can barely move) wish me luck!

...dead. they're all.... dead. There was a notice on the door, saying this house was 'quarantined.' but they didn't die from disease. there were bullet holes in their backs. i recognize the signature on the bottom of the note. it was the school. i will meet them again. but this time... only one of us will walk away..... 
me against the world (simple plan)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more cookies! (and starbucks!) ^_^

yay! yay! and yay once more! (storm's inner self- sorry everyone, she just ate like two dozen cookies and drank about four cups of coffee) shut up inner self. i like sugar! yes...sugar gooooood! heehee i got my hair stuff! now all i need is some water...and the ability to sit still. that one may be a problem. yay! oh great now everyones staring at me... crap crap crap!!! not good. i, uh, was kinda... levitating... (how to- i just surround myself with a layer of really fast, really controlled air. guess i did it unconsciously... crap again.) not good. at least i'm still in london. they probably think its all an act. hey! maybe i can get money! hmm what to do... i could do magic! yeah! (not all powers, i can do slight-of-hand too!) sorry all my money disappeared... into candy stores and starbucks. and the hair place. maybe i can sing! yeah! now all i need is someone to play an instrument! or an instrument! THAT GUY HAS A GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
(storm's inner self...again- sorry about this. storm is...unable to type at the moment. please come back later. we should be posting after we meet our parents. so about... sometime today. i'm not sure)
See Ya!
GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!! CAFFEINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

YAAYYYY!!!!!!!! (again! again!)

yes, many reasons to yay. 1- party on saturday!!! 2- BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3- i got a cookie!!!! english cookies are good. so is cadbury's chocolate. not the cheapo american stuff though. genuine english chocolate. they're geniuses. they even have these special chocolate bars that have mint or orange candy pieces in em so it tastes like orange/mint chocolate! i love england... oh yeah 4- I FOUND MY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, and yes i'm still in england. and yes i'm still awake. since my laptop's still on your time, with the time diff it should be...about 2 am. thank god for starbucks. (double chocolate frappe!) so, i'm flying over tomorrow. i can't tell you where they live, but its pretty near london (where i am now). maybe i'll take a double-decker bus... and i need to get my hair stuff. i want to shock them. NO I WON'T SHOW THEM MY WINGS/POWERS! geez! i wanna shock them in the human way! ok, i think the lack of sleep/caffeine/sugar have finally gone to my head. maybe i should sleep... hee i just remembered that yesterday i saw 'empire records'. that movie rocks. its a times though. the humor (mainly lucas) is the thing that rocks... aj is cool too. he kinda looks like jesse from tuck everlasting, though... 
ok must sleep.
see ya!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ok, decided!

Hi y'all! Right now I'm listening to 'cowboy take me away' by the Dixie Chicks. i just finished listening to 'baby girl' by Sugarland. both are awesome.
Oh, i decided on my hair! its going to be the same length and everything, but silver. the red's going to be in two places: the bottom three inches of all my hair, and also... well, you know how my hair parts in the middle? I'm going to take two pieces, one from either side of the part, and cut them about half the length of the rest of my hair (so a little longer than shoulder-length), and dye them completely red. 
I am currently sitting outside Margaret's House in England. If you don't know, it contains the birth records, death records, change-of-name records, and everything else of everyone in England. I'm hoping to track down my parents. Fortunately, they have an online database (don't try getting it. I had to break four codes and steal someone's password to get in). Unfortunately, I have absolutely no information to go on. Oh well, better get started.
See Ya!
PS- Echo and Radar, you know how on your vacation you saw a lot of cute guys? They must have come to England cause I have too! I wonder if any of them are gold falcons? I am a red-and-silver wolf.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

tell me somethin' i don't know

I'm a red-and-silver wolf too... Kinda fits... The pack will be proud... maybe i'll dye my hair silver with red highlights...that would be kinda cool...what color should my eyes be?
oh, i got my computer back! yay! I gave up on the sailing-to-England thing though. I'm currently sitting in Sherwood forest. The big tree. I'm at the top. I flew to England instead, and aside from dropping my laptop onto some manned aircraft carrier and having to retrieve it under fire from the british navy, (just kidding i went into stealth mode and got it when they were all asleep...those guards were easy to nock out...) it was pretty uneventful. I met some dolphins, though. They were so playful and cute!
oh, for great quizzes, go to, it rocks!
(i'm a full-blood vampire, red wine, add/schizo, and a ninja)
duh, vampire quiz, what drink quiz, crazy test, and pirate vs ninja quiz. oh, and i'm NOT a loser (loser quiz) and i'm semi-emo (do i even need to say it?)
ok, see ya!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


hmmmmm what to write.......OH YEAH! I LIKE COOKIES!!!...But sadly....I have no cookies....tear tear.....WHY?! WHY MUST THERE BE NO COOKIES!?!?!

Time to Fly,

P.S. I need more cookies!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

stupid natives...

Hi everyone. I'm not happy. 'Why?' you ask? Because the stupid natives that think I'm a goddess are doing a stupid ritual. I'm taken out to a neighboring island (full of cannibals), dumped in the water, and made to survive on my own for six days! (something lunar happens then I think...) No problem for the wolf/bird chick, right? WRONG! Oh, the surviving thing is fine, but THEY'RE TAKING AWAY MY LAPTOP!!!! MORONS!!!!! And I can't even destroy them because they have my boat! grr. Ok, so I'm probably not going to be on until like friday, so don't worry, I'm not dead...but they might be...
Goddess Audraena (ah-DRAY-nuh) 
that's what they call me. Audraena means 'storm'.


Hi everyone! Its Radar! I'm back from vacation! HOORAY!!!!

Time to Fly,

Saturday, August 2, 2008

some good news... that wasn't actually so good...

Yeah hi. You remember the land I was talking about in my last post? Well, the people came out in canoes to meet me, but I didn't see them until...they saw my wings. Oh, about my wings. You know how they look like snowy owls' wings? I just noticed that the brown spot-crescent things turned silver and gold! Its really cool! Apparently the canoe-people thought so too. They escorted me to their island and treated me really nice. I thought that they must be really friendly. Until I heard enough of their language and could understand it. *buries head in hands* THEY THOUGHT I WAS A FREAKIN GODDESS!!!!! Apparently their ancestors were taught about the 'way of the jungle' as they call it, by a mystical winged being. And she looks just like me! They're all treating me, well, like a goddess, and they like pray to me and stuff too. Its REALLY creepy. Although their food is nice...lotsa plants in the rainforest...yes I'm vegetarian.
Oh well, gotta put the laptop away before they find out and worship IT too,